WisDumb – Unlearn and Unleash

The perfection of your childhood gets incinerated by the dragon that is time.  As the mind is robbed by thoughts and  society inspired layers of ego, time chews upon your dreams getting you involved in a phantom game of thrones, which you are destined to lose.

This WisDumb grows on you, setting you up to seek stability and  respect as per social norms,  crippling your natural fragrance in the process. Leaving you like an underdeveloped robot waiting to be replaced.

But not before making you miserable.

This article urges you to unlearn and unleash you authentic self in order to chase the riches even death won’t be able to part you with. Adobe_Post_20190403_122416

The Purse Suit of Happiness

The problem about this rat race is, even if you win, you still remain a rat.  That’s why aimlessly chasing cheese will devoid you from enjoying the is-ness of the moment.  The chase is endless like a pitless hole, greed has a cancerous growth, it will never let you be satisfied. That’s why as you grow old, conscious attempts to unlearn  influences and deconditioning yourself are essential.

The same is preached by all religious and spiritual practices, silencing the mind, inner peace, thoughtlessness and focus, all are ways of silencing the ego inspired mind, so as to rekindle the flame of your inner child.  The one you lost in the process of justifying yourself to everyone around.

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Chasing Consequences

The society forces you to chase consequences, something which is never in your hands. Just like Doctor Strange sees infinite possibilities for the future to pan out, similarly your vision of the future is just a possibility but the present moment is a reality.

As you get so engrossed in envisioning a better tomorrow you most certainly overlook the magic of the moment in hand. Not contributing your full self to this moment is a recipe for an unfulfilled future.


Who is to Blame?

Brands and media play a major role in establishing what you consider happiness, by conditioning you sub consciously. The need to unlearn the brand derived definitions is now more than ever. Otherwise you are bound to become hollow inside while endlessly  chasing outer luxuries

Even parents are to be blamed for this , as their own unfulfilled aspirations are enforced upon their children. Children these days are born with a to do checklist. Its unfair to enforce these without understanding the natural flair of the children.  This is why so many children fail at being a good doctor and engineer, while they could have really changed the world by doing something they really loved.

Thirdly every influencer  or celebrity, who partakes in advertisement to earn money irresponsibly, without having a true connection with what they sell is  to Blame.

Unlearn and Unleash


There are two ways of combating this, one is to prevent the conditioning from childhood or to unlearn and decondition your mind later on in life.

This is for all the adults who have elevated their understandings to gauge their entrapment. It’s time to dissolve your ego, whichever way you want,  unlearn and unleash your true potential.

The maximum you will achieve with  your WisDumb is a mirage of stability and some money, which never guarantees happiness.

But, if you unlearn socially derived habits and welcome back your inner authentic self, you will be able to be paid for something you call play.

You will be able to etch your own niche is history and change the world with the genuine expression of your soul.

If you can just kill fear and silence the society to believe in the beauty of your dreams, you will be supported by all the energies  of this cosmos and the wealth of rewards you will unlock are unimaginable.

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