How to Breathe with a mask on the soul..

The failure to recognise and embody your Magnificent Wholeness leaves you Gasping for breath even in an environment of abundance even when you know how to breathe.


Although it is a necessity and although I don’t hate many aspects of this blissful life. But I hate wearing a mask as it hampers my direct and natural interaction with the surroundings. Your breath is the most intimate you can get with the world around you, that’s why most spiritual practices focus on how to breathe efficiently.


How to Breathe through a soul mask? 

The pandemic is a great exhibit of how limiting a mask is when clean, fresh air is all around you, of not breathing wholly even when you know how to breathe (autonomously).


It is a reference to going through a prosperous life wearing a mask of fear, not living wholly even after knowing how to live.

This invisible mask everyone wears is either deflated fear conditioned lack, inadequacy, or inflated self importance and entitlement.

Experiencing, Engaging and Exchanging with reality through this mask of limiting beliefs is detrimental for the respiration of your soul. The soul which at the begining was clearly aware on how to breathe on its own.

Self unworthiness and self doubt, are major consequences when your soul is not allowed it’s full exposure to life. When the mask of a limiting mind hampers every moment you are inefficient in all your interactions with life.

How to Breathe with a mask on in the physical sense?

Please keep the mask on in public places. Avoid public places to stay unmasked for longer.

Even when you can’t avoid wearing masks, make sure you take breaks from public eye, go to an isolated place and do some deep breathing without a mask for 2-3 mins.

Spend some time just as you wake up and before going to sleep to Intentionally practice deep breathing. This will be beautiful for respiratory function and also balance Life Force(Qi, Prana).

How to Breathe with a soul mask- the unmasking of the spirit?

These are picked up from a beautiful book and will provide excellent explorations of your mask of conditioned lack inadequacy.

Just shining the light of your attention on these will answer your question of how to breathe with a soul mask and make you connect to your highest spirit beyond the limitations of a separate identity.

1. Know in your heart of hearts that you lack nothing. Any story about being wounded, broken, or not good enough is simply not true. As these stories arise, stop engaging with them. Keep returning to presence, over and over.

2. Reflect on the ways you behave that don’t serve you. Can you see how these patterns are driven by a sense of lack? Take away the content of the story, and feel the sensations in your body, just as they appear. Let them come out of hiding! Meet them with the deepest acceptance.

3. Recognize that you’re aware, and stand squarely as awareness.

Is awareness bothered by any story?

When you stand as awareness, is anything lacking?

This is who you really are.

4. When you feel hurt, insulted, or rejected, challenge the story that grips you. Know that it doesn’t actually define who you are. Lose interest in the story, and directly experience what remains. Be present as the timeless now for whatever arises.

The physical mask is a big revelation as it helps understand how I have been loving with a metaphysical mask all my life. A mask which limits me from fulfilling my potential and makes me inefficient.

I am sure knowing how to breathe physically and metaphysically will help you as much as it has helped me.





5 Simple and Easy Tips on How to Overcome Fear?

Although there are many people talking about ways in which Fear paralyses growth few offer practical, ready-to-do ways on how to overcome fear.

It is essential for you to learn how to overcome fear, now more than ever, as fear doesn’t only prevent you from doing the major things, it has become an exploitable part of your psychology as it paralyses your mind from functioning to support you and makes it go against you.

How to overcome fear

If you can give yourself a few moments away from the conditioning of fear, you will be able to observe. Fear is the reason why a common cold, or flu takes the form of life threatening disease. Fear is the reason why little breathless can turn into a lung issue. Fear is the reason why your worries cloud you from seeing life as it is, and make mountainous issues out of petty miseries.

Some Quotes

“All problems are driven by fear, a sense of inadequacy, or both.”

“Whenever you look deeply into the reality of human suffering, you’ll find fear hiding out—behind the flood of thoughts, inside your tense muscles, in the midst of your edgy mood.”

“Don’t be seduced by the fearful mind, and you are open to what is actually here, living in the unknown because that’s what’s true.”

“When we attach our survival or contentment to temporary objects such as our body— or someone else’s body—we live in fear of their dissolution.”

How to Overcome Fear? 


Now that we have realigned with the fact that fear cripples life and decision making, and in the modern world directly leads to death, let’s attend to how to overcome fear.  They will require a certain level of faith and going beyond your mind, which is one of the main culprits when it comes to preventing you from overcoming fear.

1. Be a Welcoming Presence

Set Some Unplanned Time for yourself.

Tough as it maybe, the mind doesn’t want you to think you can exist without its planning, try to keep a part of your morning or evening unplanned. Allow yourself to flow directly with life’s experience in absolute Spontaneity. Don’t try to move life, allow life to move you.

2. Understand The Language of Fear

Get to know how fear speaks in you.

Reflect on these questions:

  • What does fear tell you about the future?
  • What does it tell you about yourself and your abilities?
  • If you feel limited in any way, what is fear telling you?

Now shift your attention away from these thoughts. Recognize that all of this mental activity arises in awareness. What happens if you don’t pay attention to these thoughts and rest as simply being aware?

3. Body Scanning

Practice in peace so that you are able to recognise when the body starts getting stiff because of fear. This is super difficult as over a period of time, you have naturalised this bodily stiffness that comes with certain emotions. When you practice through Body Scans, you tend to rebuild your mind-emotion-body connection.

This way you are better equipped to become aware of the physical sensations that you label as fear. And you can allow yourself to let these labels go and experience the sensations directly as they are.

4. Dissolving the Separate Self

The core of all spiritual teachings aligns with the one conciousness of which all are a part. Contemplate living without a sense of the separate, defended self. Nothing is separate from anything, including you. You’re fearless—because everything is you. Try it on! See what it’s like to live in the world without fear. What would you do? How would you feel?

5. Meditate to Subtract Time from Reality

When you meditate, sit focusing on your breath, shut your eyes and try to at first Intentionally subtract the sense of time from reality. Timelessness is a great builder of fearlessness as Fear, just like any sensation, requires time to build up. As you practice more, you will be able to realise yourself as a formless being in the timeless now.

Once you have understood and embodied how to overcome fear, you will see a major shift in your view of life. You will find no reason to defend, or be vigilant, you will a deep sense of relief as the effort required to sustain a false self identity drops.

You will find yourself overflowing in every moment as life itself, celebrating life, and even becoming a more efficient with your functional self as you lose your attatchement with it.

This is the beginning of truly living. Fear no longer stifles the natural, unconditioned expression of you in the world of form. Hope you can effortlessly receive this gift of how to overcome fear and share it with someone who might need it.



The Law of Attraction Works but….

The law of attraction works but it requires an efficient engine to work (mind, body and soul) first. An engine which will fire you from the inertia of rest, beyond the drag of self limitations and into the orbit of your dream life.

Therefore before releasing your rockets of desire you need to ensure the engine is efficient and there is maximum unopposed momentum, otherwise your dreams will crash faster than the stock you invest on.

The Trap of Conditioned Contradictions

Yes it is a trap, of humanity on humans. It is so stupid that you will not believe it until you believe it. You come in the way if your own dreams, yes, you are your biggest opponent, and this is even before the rocket of your desire takes off.

The conditioning of Contradicting what you want through limiting beliefs is a big hole in releasing your rocket of desires with full momentum. These self made holes leak out most of your energy before the law of attraction begins to work it’s magic. Here are some common contradictions in what you want and what you do, which prevents you from making the law of attraction work.

Law of attraction

A Content Engine(harmonious and self serving mind,body and soul) reduces the drag of contradictions and creates propulsion, creating perfect momentum for the law of attraction to bring your most amazing desires.

The conditioned Contradictions prevent you from tapping into the vibrational abundance within. Which is is the most Magnificent fuel, which keeps you in sync with the creative laws of the universe, tuning you into god frequency and setting you up to launch the rocket of your desires with efficiency.

So Before the Law of Attraction works you need to..

Manage your Contradictions and align with the pure natural energy available to you at all moments but camouflaged behind thought and feelings. This pure energy keeps expanding and so do you when you stop doubting, limiting and contracting your beliefs.

This unshackling of self leads to many gross and subtle energy changes. Changes on both the metaphysical and observational levels of your being, which transmits outwards into you surroundings.

Objectively you open up to observe hints of progress towards your visions, you are content on the journey towards your dreams knowing they have no chance not to be manifested, the fact that your desires originate from a place of love, happiness and joy is proof of its ultimate fulfillment.

Pursue these desires from a space of unflinching and undoubtedness as that puts you in alignment with source energy.

Vague Dreams Vague Achievement

Not recognising the Vibrational Worth of your inner being and waiting for objective worth to be satisfied first limits you from any achievement and puts you off your natural worth and self esteem.

Dream Specificity, faith and joy and gratitude in pursuit are the fuels that help you achieve your crystal clean dreams in crystal clean way.

At most times the law of attraction is abused and criticized when people pursue it vaguely. The lack of inner work, tending to your engine of your being, never allows the rocket if your desires to take off.

All dreams which come to you from a place of purity are already true, that’s why they have come to you, their realisation on earth is assured, only if you don’t come in your own way.

The law of attraction works but for it you have to lay a foundation of mind, body and soul alignement, just like you have to set up the rocket to fire the rocket.


Corona Lockdown, Anxiety, Social Media – The Business of Disease

The rich get Richer and the poor realise their inconsequentiality and a few get enlightened through Storms such as the corona lockdown .

While on one side, the corona lockdown has produced new born billionaires in the Pharmaceutical and Medical department, with quarterly profits as big as a country’s GDP, on the other the common people are victims of anxiety and panick creating techniques through the social media, of negative influence of traditional media which passes by unmonitored as information, and are almost forced to treat even common illnesses with special expensive solutions.

If anyone understands how the Business of hospitals works, you know that 95% of the time just spending a day in a hospital makes your negativity about self and belief in being diseased increase by 105%, add to this the mental terror that is being created for free on social media through corona lockdown and going to the hospital becomes even more dangerous.

The health department might do it’s best to help people but as observed throughout the lockdown, anxiety, negativity and psychological illness has worsened physical health conditions.

So when you sahre something on social media be mindful, there is no policing on the news agencies and how they go about spreading negativity, if the pre corona lockdown figures of people dying worldwide from road accidents were displayed on screens, the sale of cars and people driving would have significantly decreased long back.

Yes there is a covid 19 virus, and it may have mutants, humans have to honor that irrespective of the conspiracy theories around, but that doesn’t mean that fear and worry is spread as easily, knowing the billions on the line in the business of testing agencies, for vaccines, booster doses, medicines and other businesses associated with a common instinct in all humans, the fear of death.

The anxiety and fear of death is more fatal than any Covid 19 virus, I know through the Corona lockdown many people have upgraded their knowledge about medicine, healing and energy. I am sure all know that the human mind is capable of making potion out of a sugar pill, placebo effect, and poison out of water,(if you were told you were bitten by a venomous snake while sleeping and you were poked twice by a pin on your hand, to represent tha fangs) you would automatically create the toxic postions just thinking about it.

Now keeping the above in mind, just understand that you have the capacity to either help all the potions, cures, vaccinations,  in their healing abilities or make them useless. In the former case you will be fit and fine after taking the vaccines in the latter no matter how many boosters you take, medicines you eat, you will never be fine even if Covid 19 and the corona lockdown passes by.

So before falling for any traps, unshackle yourself from your own mental trap, follow the protocols, stay hygenic, wear masks, maintain social distancing, but don’t allow any business of death to take away your life force. Be positive, spread life energy and go through the corona lockdown with honour. Be mindful while using social media and don’t be anxious.



How to pause and relax? How to fall asleep ? – Casper and Bumblebee

How to Sleep without trying

Casper the Alien and Bumblebee the Ghost had teleported to the Blue Mountains in Jamaica by now.

Love for coffee, Janga, Dance Hall and Ras Kitchen had made them migrate the cold Himalayan valley for warmer pastures. We join them having some Ackee and Plantain with some VYBZ Kartel playing in the background.

BumbleBee:  Blessed day today. These vibes are so relaxing. When I was alive I never understood the real meaning of relaxation the way I do now.

Casper: Well it’s impossibly hard for you humans to really relax, when your society promotes action the way it does. What do they say: “Empty mind is the Devils workshop”. Bambooclat!!!!

BumbleBee: Since Birth I have been fed on that Crap. So activity became second nature to me, I couldn’t imagine life without activity. I was called Lazy, Lethargy, no good, if I wanted to give up on being active, till it became a part of me……. Funny part is I used to consider sleep as an activity too. something I need to achieve…

Casper: Ya man! The stupid human ego, never lets you guys rest, relax, be calm, sleep. Even your God’s are misinterpreted by the religious dealers. Imagine how many shops will shut if man recognises the real meaning of relaxation. The stupid urge to keep doing, achieving, hoarding with no reason is what keeps businesses running.

Bumblebee: Well the animals are better. Their unintelligence helps them trust the universe more. As a Human, I was always coming in my own way. I used to keep doubting, try to enforce myself on life as if I could change anything.

Casper: Well the fault is not yours Brother. That was fed to your consciousness when you were growing up. These impressions were made in the depth of your mind when you were very fragile. It’s impossible to escape.

BumbleBee: Well I never realised this till my time was done. Everyone around me was always in a race, but when my life ended I could see the foolishness of it all. Everyone was on a different track, trying to beat each other.

Casper: Well in Rat Races even if you win you remain a Rat Rat Rat. But tell me how do you feel about it now. If you had the chance to live again how would you pause and relax? How to fall asleep if you are human?

How To Fall Asleep if you are a Human

BumbleBee: Well there is no method to it, there can’t be, I used to read so many books, did 23 types of different asanas, meditated in multiple ways, used all the essential oils, changed mattresses, but nothing worked. The more I tried to silence my mind and fall asleep, the more my mind became activive. You can’t beat activity with more activity.

Casper: That’s a shitty situation. So how to Fall Asleep then?

BumbleBee: How to fall asleep should not be the question. The people who realise the difference between action and activity are good in choosing the former and letting go off the latter just by being mindful(realising).

Casper: What is the difference between Action and Activity?

Bumblebee: Action comes naturally, for eg, if a human feels hungry he eats, activity happens as a result of the EGO and inner disturbances. Action is when your response is demanded by the situation, Activity is when the situation doesn’t matter, it is an exhibition of inner restlessness, not a response.

Casper: Interesting. So actually its not just about how to fall asleep, it’s also about how you stay awake. As you carry your mind, consciously or subconsciously with you all the time, while awake or asleep.

Bumblebee: Yes. Actions come out of a silent mind and activities out of a restless one. Actions are spontaneous and relevant activity is irrelevant and usually a pouring of your restlessness that you have been carrying from the past.

Sadly on Earth, wars have become mental, restlessness has been induced on humans through overload of news and information, the internet, digital media has trapped people in a loop of excitation.

Casper: Yes we are aware, our research displayed shocking results. Humans excitability index has gone up, earlier humans were more sensitive, after the internet, humans have become used to absorbing a lot of data, the new default is really disturbing, the human mind has become used to always processing and never resting.

BumbleBee: Yes so imagine, on one side humans are unconsciously being trained to think and keep thinking through this subtle schemes and on the other side fake gurus are selling sleep programs to temporary silence minds. Which is never possible, the human is a whole organic entity. You cant hack your way into all this.

Casper: The humans are the only race we have noticed who are capable of magic but also the only one hell bent on destroying itself. So how does the reailsatiton of action and activity help?

BumbleBee: It makes us humans more mindful, it helps us seek less excitement, it is the perfect antidote to the data loaded digital world. As those who recognise the difference between the two, value their energy more, they are not jumping from one thing to the other, on the contrary, being wise in choosing the information they want to relate with and absorb. Free will is being put to use in a good way,

Casper: Well absolutely right. We learnt mindfulness as a single applicable teaching hidden behind all human religions.  They call it different things, but it is the art of focusing on the present moment action, the here and now. Only if humans were wise enough to recognise this instead of wasting their lives on superficialities.

BumbleBee: Well everyone has their own way of recognising the value of being totally and absolutely present.  That is the gateway to recognising and separating action and activity, only after understanding what action is, can it be dropped in order to answer your question of how to pause and relax, and how to fall asleep.

Casper: Ahh! So you are saying that being mindful to how you are delegating your energy helps you identify what is necessary action and restless activity, which in turn helps you conserve the energy and also learn to drop activity and eventually action as well so that you can rest.

BumbleBee: Well its not about how to fall asleep, its all about how to properly stay awake.


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