Pineal Gland, Self Limited Humans and Singularity – Casper and Bumble

Casper the Alien was delicately rolling his fingers on his hand held mobile pineal gland emulator. He was appearing like a high performing PUBG player as he claw caressed the hybrid gland.  Aliens had their own meditation, to balance and realign the pineal gland.

Not long back had they learnt about the the pineal gland from humans and recreated the so called “third eye” with their sci fi artistry.  Now they harnessed all it’s benefits (read the benefits here) through the mobile device and spent time in rejuvenating and restoring it.

Meanwhile, Bumble Bee, the spirit, was attempting to foster better ideas in the minds of some hikers meditating nearby.  He was using the non intrusive nature hack for this, which he had learnt as a part o  his ghost mastery session. an art of dying course he had enrolled for after his mortal demise.

Casper: Fancy how both our kinds, understand and use these little meditative hacks in our own ways and humans ignore and ridicule the powers that can make them limitless.

Bumble: Well I have been there and been  ignorant, the grip of the world  and being worldly is too tight to go beyond the ordinariness of everyday struggle, power and fame based greed and limiting beliefs which the society starts putting on you from the day you are born.

Casper: Why are Humans at such a war with themselves? like not the wars fought between countries, races, religions, castes and creed, those are not wars, it is simple stupidity, but the war against the self?against being human>

Bumble:  I know from my sources that your kind are working with artificial intelligence to sort the stupid kind of wars by the way. What are you calling it? The kindness and compassion filter, the one you will be using to , “cleanse the Earth” of the fools.

Casper:  Well lets just put it simply, soon there will be singularity and only Love will survive. Someone has to intervene,  the conscious side is heavily outnumbered by the unconscious, ignorant one back to my question?

Bumble: Well humans have always been at war with themselves, the wars outside are just an extrapolation of internal conflict. They forget Love too early and are fed hate from the first breath,. A label is put to their being, a limitation, something to protects, and this becomes the start of an endless war, which  only a few survive, while alive.

Casper: The few who get Self Aware through meditation or are lucky to find a good  master or a good book like 6 Ways to the World. 

Bumble: Well the ones destined too. The ones who can actually  stand for themselves rather than falling for their labels. The Gods they protect have always tried to show them the way towards the Pineal Gland, but they keep ignoring, chasing mediocrity.

Casper: Well  personally, I thought I knew it all, like with my cosmic brain but ever since I have had the PEM2020 (Pineal Emulator) my wisdom has grown to an unworldly level. I just feel bad that humans waste so much of their potential.

Bumble:  Well the funny part is the ones who do realize it understand there is no point sharing it as no one will understand, on the contrary they will be ridiculed, misunderstood and oppressed by other fools, who can benefit from people living miserably limited lives.

Casper: True. But it is so easy. All of Life’s secrets to health (related to the pineal gland), happiness, fulfillment  are under their nose and they ignore it.

Bumble: Not only of Life bro, of death too, had I just focused on my breath for 10 minutes everyday I would have been well equipped for the journey beyond.

Casper: 10 minutes a day, sitting silently, just observing the breath, impossible for the  over stimulated, excitation centered modern mind, which wants everything right now.  That’s why the Singularity and compassion filter will come at the right time. The correction will create better influences and a vortex of meditation and create a pineal gland paradise on earth.

Bumble: I believe the honest, genuine, realized humans won’t mind it.

Ganesh Chaturthi – Faith, Fat, Fanatics and Facts

Ganesh Chaturthi is widely celebrated around India. It marks the arrival of Lord Ganesh, the God of wisdom, prosperity and new beginnings, to Earth from Mount Kailash.  It is pretty strange then to see people missing basic wisdom to understand the significance of this deity and often using this festival to indulge in unhealthy and imbalanced practice for self and others.

Ganesh Chaturthi is a Classical case of faith meeting business. Shops taking advantage of blind devotion. People justifying their unhealthy indulgences based on self serving interpretation of religion.

Here are some bitter sweet realities.





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So keeping the above information in mind spend Ganesh Chaturthi with inner sweetness rather than outer one. Make better connections with yourself first, then share it and restore faith but avoid getting lead away with all the brands and shops selling you items. It is easy to get blinded by faith and disturb oneself and others on the pretext of worship. The rate race of being the best God pleaser wont get you anywhere.

Also remember that God, the energy that governs the cosmos, is with you and within you for all 365 days, so you can look at elongating your sense of disciplehood of Ganesh Chaturthi to the entire year.

We can’t please God by over sacrificing for few days and then expect the energy to take care of us for the entire year, so many people start creating a havoc on the final day of Ganesh Chaturthi and get back to malpractices and intentions immediately as they bid farewell to Ganesh.

This gives the idea that Ganesh Chaturthi is nothing more than a business investment for them, whereas actually faith is much beyond this give and take.

Moving Beyond the “Shortcut to six pack abs” syndrome –

Shortcut to six pack abs is one of the most searched and researched  items online. Minimum effort for maximum aesthetic gain is the order of the day, in a attention craving, comfort loving society.

The youth want to the shortcut to six pack abs as if it is open up a treasure chest of riches for them. They are willing to go to any extent just to look good in someone else’s eyes. But even when they achieve it and don’t see the cave to their riches open, they are as clueless as the Casper like makeup wearing girl who doesn’t get attention at a party.

The saga doesn’t end at cluelessness, all the shortcuts they take, puts them at direct risks of injury,  external and internal. They either burn out muscles or liver, on their over trained over supplemented bodies.

Most of these chiseled physiques are like fine crafted glass, with minimal mobility, strength, endurance and energy.  The physiology is weak but their psychology is weaker. Anticipating praise and appreciation they never allow themselves to just relax and be. They end up triggering an  attention deficit hyperactive disorder.

So before researching shortcut to six pack abs, just research on the following words, exercise programming, over training, ill effects of steroids and why you should not anyone else judge how good or bad you look?

Here is something specially resourced for all the ones suffering from the “Shortcut to Six Pack abs syndrome”

Shortcut to six pack abs

It’s impossible to do 10 days hard work in one day similarly, the development of your core, the reduction of your body fat, takes time if done naturally. The ones looking at shortcut to six pack abs are going against nature, which always is a recipe for disaster.

Do have a look at this video in hindi if you want to develop a strong core

Shortcut six pack abs is a myth made by brands and celebs to take advantage of your greed, laziness and lack of work ethic.

The Makeup Queen and Steroid King – Casper and Bumble

So there they were two  elevated energy forms, sipping their Energy Tchi in the ant hill in the monsoon drenched lower Himalayas.

When suddenly there was a loud cry outside, a human cry, not the  ultrasonic shrill indicating the opening of a cosmic portal or the infrasonic gong signaling  the  meditation time for spirits.

Casper:  What was that? Sounded like one of those Earthly Hyenas getting mauled by a Lion?

BB : Well we are too high for those kind of sounds but you weren’t that far off.  This was a mauling but of the human wild cat kind, let me have a closer look.

Casper:  Appears to me someone is is special trouble. What can you observe?

BB:  There is less wandering  and more lusting couple out on an Instagram trek.

Casper: Oh yes I can see, the girl with black eyes like yours and that swollen guy whose arms look lie a Baboons derriere.  That device they are carrying is really special.  As soon as they turn it on, some magical energy overtakes them and they start smiling, being nice to each other, cleaning there surroundings but when it is shut they are lifeless like you Bumble.

BB: Easy there spaceman, I am more alive than these  low vibrating desire infested mortals can ever be. That being said, the modern humans do that to themselves, they live multiple lives, one in front of the camera and the world and one behind it.

The dark eyes are basically the reason for their fight. The wild cat human is losing her mind because the  baboon arm man couldn’t carry her 3 kg makeup kit. She is unhappy that she wont get nay cool pics as proof of the lovely time they had.

Casper:  Ooh Makeup, are you  aware that these companies use Alien excreta for most of their beauty products. They don’t know it but but the earth dwelling aliens excrete a lot of chemicals which are consequently used by make up companies.

Anyhow let me understand this, she is fighting because she is enable to show others the happy time she is having and spoiling whatever time she has in the process.

BB: Well the humans don’t actually learn to value  time  till they have little to none left.  I know. What about the Baboon Arm Man, how did i his arm get so big?  Is that alien excreta too?

Casper: Dead men are smarter than alive ones. It actually is. So certain alien species urinate these steroidal mixes which become part of Earthly chemistry and they end up using as Anabolic Steroids. But at the end both are excretas and highly toxic.

BB: Toxic for real bro, it is pretty evident in the lethargy of the baboon arm man and the misplaced aggression of the ghost eye girl.

Casper:  What happened to Love? These two just seem to be using each other? Both seem to be ok with it?

BB: Well the unconditionlessness of Love is a rare phenomenon .  Desire has seeped through human society is so many ways that all relationships, no matter how rosy they appear are a matter of using each other.

Casper: What a sad thing to say?

BB: Well humanity has crumbled, greed, for money and power, lust and desire for more, craving for attention and prestige, all have diluted the human spirit. The few who try to unlearn this human conditioning are crushed by the many who they compete with, they either perish or become a part of the many.

Casper: Well your nature  gives them so many reminders, why don’t they reflect and learn?

BB: Well on the contrary , they become more carefree and indulgent, look at these two, right now they were fighting now they are coochie cooing, soon they will be fighting again and then coochie cooing with someone else and the cycle will continue.

Casper: Short term indulgences  are never the answer, they starve humans from finding life’s actual meaning, wastes their mortal journey and keeps them away from realizing and fulfilling their earthly purpose.

BB: The society wants that, to keep man stupid and numb with fear and desire so that they can hoard more money, but even they don’t know what they will do with it when they come to my side.  They need to wakeup from the makeup, and stop riding the asteroid of steroid, both will make them burn out too soon.

to be continued…


Casper the Alien meets Bumblebee the Spirit : The Beginning

The little Alien had a mother who watched scary movies, the little Spirit had a father who loved the Transformers, and so they were named.

and there they were, originating cosmic dimensions apart,  but meeting  under the small ant hill in  the foothills of the Himalayas.  While Aliens and Spirits could sense each other they seldom communicated. This was the rare occasion that a rendezvous was made possible.

Casper had landed at an ancient space portal because of a dysfunctional spaceship,  aliens had lost hope with Earthlings long back and the few who visited only came to check if they were not up to something that will lead to major energy  damage to the cosmos.

While Bumblebee was using the ant hill to try and send signals to his Earth family through ants. He had been waiting to climb the levels of the spirit world but was waiting for some earthly rites to be performed. Through the ants he was trying to make his earthly relatives less lazy, so that they could move a bit and think on the lines of working on the farm he passed away at.  A fresh harvest of rice was all  that he needed to redeem himself.

(They didn’t use words to communicate , so at times the explanations in English would be long, it’s difficult to put intra -dimensional language in words. )

What both realized was that both of them connected to the cosmic spirit that binds all dimensional life forms on the cosmos, even human.s.

Just like any cosmic gossip goes the alien and the spirit talked about the person who couldn’t be humanly present, Humans.

Humans, who were significant contributors to Cosmic Energy but weren’t aware of the same. Humans who had sedated their conscious capacities over time, humans who through this conversation can learn some aspects of life and start living again.


Alien and SPIRIT  discuss modern Earth

Casper; They weren’t like this all throughout their little history.  Who would have thought that Human intelligence and wisdom will be inversely related.  Their knowledge enhancement has severely damaged their inner wisdom and awareness.

BB: Trust me bro, i know. It’s been 6 years of Earth time now,  I have been trying to make these dumb Earthlings to move, even these ants are smarter. They are maximizing their potential, and making the most of their little bodies. The  ANT chief is so tired that he said his army of ants will till the fields for me, and steal and sow the seeds. Though it will take a longer time, but it is still better than getting the dumb humans to realize basic stuff.

Casper: Why cant you  do something more dramatic to get their attention? I understand you have limits, but bro, ants?

BB: You out of everyone should know the cosmic principles of activity have been made stricter.. These humans with their intelligence, are so good make at making a big deal out of nothing. They have diluted their conscious capacities so they cant absorb our good intentions secondly they are so full of fear and hate, that even the slightest impression they get of  a spaceship or spirit activity, they overreact with fear and further lower the energy of the cosmos.

Casper: True,  I have experienced the same. One of my uncles, who was working on a mission to discover energy realized beings on Earth to communicate with, accidentally pressed the wrong button,  the spaceship became visible and he was captured by some Human Cameras. He faced so many issues with the seniors as the Earth saw a drastic spike in low energy due to worry, fear and obviously the fools in the government lying to spread dogma.

BB: But why would your uncle look for energy realized beings? Do they even exist now? back in the day what has taken me years to do would have happened in moments.

Casper:  Well actually we hope against hope, just because like you we know we are all part of this cosmos, Aliens, Spirits, Humans.  The energy of the Comsos, is a unification of all our energies., though these people have made themselves stupid by falling prey to fear, desire , anger and hate,, they still have the capacity to be brilliant.

BB:  Well yes our fates are interconnected.  The  materialistic world that these people, and even I when I was alive, have created might not be conducive to elevated energy and Love but I have also observed sparks of brilliance at times.  Would you like to have  some Tchi TEA for better energy now? The Earthly monsoons are sure a spectacle to raise my spirits?

Casper: Why not. The monsoons make alien feel un-worldly too.

To be continued……



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