Living a Life of Ultimate Freedom

When you actually appreciate yourself you don’t need permission to be inspired, you see through self imposed restrictions, and finally give yourself the freedomg from self sabotage, to express unconditionally, absolutely and to grow without limits.

As you live an inspired life through this shift in paradigm, you dissolve your need for external validation and through this realisation also provide others freedom from judgment, so that they can express themselves without fear


The Path to Freedom

There might be some divine intervention, some major suffering which will lead to this shift but you can intentionally create the same, in this moment, just like in any moment, you are free to accept and let go of any belief life might have made you accept in the past.

The inability for a human to grow out of beliefs is because one’s limited conditioning is so deep that it feels it needs someone’s permissions to change, and validation to endorse change.
But who is the someone? This someone actually represent the mind made social authority which has the narrowest, limited vision, which may or may not exist.

So most decision making for an individual is based on approval from a phantom authority which can’t think beyond the fear and lack conditioned beliefs of mind. Good luck trying to impress that and good luck trying to release yourself from this imaginary cage.

The Chain of Freedom

Once you see through the hollowness of a validating authority, you never make decisions to seek external validations yet make them with unhindered freedom. You allow your absolute being to unfurl to its truest potential, you allow yourself to be the effortless expression of cosmic intelligence, an instrument of God.

You also do the society a major favour by releasing those around your from your judgement and unconciously empowering them with a sense of freedom, and the chain of freedom continues.

This sense of freedom is contagious, and is conveyed through being, rather than words. Being around an aligned person automatically aligns everyone around, renders them free, whole and realised.

Why you Lie to your Coach but a Good Coach still helps you

“My Goal needs to be socially valid, looking like a cherry blossom, possessing a yatch, a private jet, having a supermodel wife, a superman husband who understands, earning 7 figures per month, getting the best paying job, becoming famous, having mental peace of a Himalayan Monk” these are the common initial goals most clients come up with, they are common cause they are all sourced from the same social influences.

This main reasons all initial goals that you tell your coach are lies is because they are picked up from your surroundings. These are determined by social influences and not inner reflection. Try writing down 100 things you want from your life, see yourself quickly scribble down the first 30, then see yourself gradually enhance suffering as you introspect deeply to write down the remaining.

Most people are unconsciously living someone else’s dreams, or accomplishing someone else’s goals. Most people unconsciously hope that when they finally achieve their goals, they will finally feel the love or respect they craved as a child.

The secret is you will never get satisfied even when you achieve what you don’t actually want. As a result even after working their way towards these borrowed dreams, name, fame, money, power, luxury, people don’t feel their cravings satisfied.


A Good Coach helps people fulfil their goals, dreams and wants. A great coach dives deeper, even if it means temporarily discomforting for the client. A good Coach makes it his/her job to surface all of their clients’ deeper needs and desires. 

If a coach simply accepts what their client says they want, instead of exploring what they really need, they risk missing out on emotional needs, needs for love and connection, spiritual needs,  need for contribution, or need for growth.

Some clients have a need for deep reflection, some have a need for things to stay the same, others have more of a need for risk and adventure.

So before walking the path towards dream fulfillment, which in itself is a mind blowing journey to make, a coach ensures a deep dive with their probable clients. A deep dive which reveals deeper needs and desires beyond the outer socially polished ones.

The good coach knows about all socially acquired goals and sees through them and makes the client deeply introspect, align with deeper self through self awareness practices, so that the client realizes those deeper needs that get lost in the worldly noise.

Once these needs are unearthed, the path to accomplish them starts. through a journey which involves:

  1. Upliftment of daily habits, tactics and techniques
  2. Which are in alignment with long term strategy to evolve mindset
  3. With the intention to align identity or state of being to the path which makes goals fulfillment effortless.

Merely realignment of environment and spending time with a coach, is a great step towards enhancing the quality of your company, your company shapes you in direct and indirect ways.

This leads to ritualization of customized holistic health practices, through explorative, reflective questioning , diagnosis and prescription of mind and muscle practices and and accountability.

With time the fertile base of a coach’s unconditional love and rituals setup orchestrates self realizations. interpreting these becomes easier with a coach, and realigning practices as the being evolves helps in setting up newer belief systems.

As these percolate deeper, habit changes are embodied, beliefs becomes states, but this time the ones which are in alignment with well introspected life purposes.

From here all choices are made based on this new state in line with deeper life purpose.

So that you can self reflect and unearth some of your deeper goals I posted a video on Youtube which might help. 

With a clarity of wants you can turn up to a good coach with deeper goals.

Here it is :


This will end your urge to knowingly or unknowingly lie to your good coach and make the coach’s role easier in empowering you towards your purpose.


Intentional Surrender – Faith to Start and to Let Go

Only those who are fortunate to suffer at the hands of life,

Only those who are blessed with embarrassments, heartbreaks, losses, scams repetitively (the mind is a resilient fellow, it doesn’t give up easily)

Will get to taste life’s sweetest nectar, a life of absolute faith and presence.

But prior to faith. comes surrender, which is the most difficult challenge of a thinking mind, only after repetitive suffering does it break open, it takes many break downs for this break through.

But there is another painless way. to go about it.

Most of my words will be wasted as it is only experience of suffering that opens a being up. but still I try to nudge a few seekers, who might want to make it easier for themselves, to be illuminated without walking the fire.

Intentional Surrender

So in the case that you have carried on reading, I see a seeker, and I am grateful to have a come across one. You are the kind of human I like having my hot americanos with.

You are willing to use your human free will to elevate your human experience, you have managed to raise your self awareness beyond worldly distractions and taken yourself beyond blame and complain.

Now for what you can do to cross over to a life of faith and presence.

Die while you’re still alive.

Ok lets mild the dose.

Practice dying while you’re still alive, everyday.

Ok lets elaborate.

You have to intentionally kill your identifications, tendencies and beliefs for some portion of the day.

And see life from a fresh perspective of a blank slate.

I know it is difficult, but just give yourself 10 mins to start with.

10 mins of going beneath or beyond all your roles.

Just 10 mins of ego death as a ritual.

10 mins of surrendering your mind and all associated logics.

These 10 mins will have a massive impact on your perspective and decision making throughout the day.

And if you can be consistent with it there will be a cumulative impact which will be tremendous.

10 mins everyday will take away years of suffering, loss, misery, cluelessness.


What to do in the 10 mins?

Nothing. If you want you can observe your breathe, but don’t expect any miracles. The greatest miracle is to find yourself thoughtless. In Zazen, there is no striving for achievement, there is just observing and allowing thoughts to come and go till you are black, same goes for a lot Vedantic and Yogic meditations or mindfulness based meditations.

Leap of Faiths and Surrender to Faith

Both initiations and letting go are acts of faith.

If you have observed there is a clueless component to every awesome plan, a divine gap in every perfect scheme, all of it is stuck together so perfectly through some mystical energy, call it Faith.

If you want to flow with life, wu wei, you have to let go and have faith, if you want to attain samadhi in being, again faith, if you want to be in oneness with God energy, the bridge utilized , irrespective of the religion, is Faith.

99.99999999 % of the time faith comes to you, but .00000001% can cultivate it through the practice of intentional surrender,










The End of Seeking – The Hollowness of Material and Spiritual Chases

Modern Spiritual gurus, especially those who haven’t experienced the summit of materiality and thus carry subtle material desire within, get engaged in a lot of status games with people who are doing well in the material world.


Even Buddha went out to seek Nirvana after he had experienced and seen through the emptiness of all the material desire, so people who directly jump on the bandwagon of over Disciplined spiritual seeking, mostly hide some deep desires and sense of lack.

There seeking is not self empowering but as a reaction to others who appear happy because of material success. Their ego compels them to chose a path of spirituality to mask the innate sense of inadequacy in comparison to the wordly rich rather than absolute acceptance.

So their version of spiritual seeking is just a reactive status game, and keeps them in an endless chase of feeling inadequate as that’s how it originates, from lack.

The Hollowness of Material and Spiritual Chases

When Jim Carry says, ” It is really essential for people to fulfill all their dreams to realise it is not enough.”, he elaborates on something that everyone rich, famous and succesful knows. Material world success is never enough and wildly exaggerated and overhyped through social media.

With a world renowned mega star indicating the hollowness of material success as a medium of contentment, it’s pretty evident all material chases are not enough.

But even spiritual chases are just different versions of material chases. As mentioned above, it is a reactive status game, the ones who are materially unsuccessful play to show superiority over the materially wealthy.

Observe deeply the games the human mind plays, and see through the futility of all chases, they severely burden you with lack, and keep you in the hampster treadmill of inadequacy.

As Jeff Foster says
“You see, everything exists in perfect harmony with everything else, and that includes the whole spiritual search, the endless seeking of the mind, and perhaps, finally, the falling away of that seeking, and an effortless resting with what is.”

Try to look through all chases and find peace in being present to the here and now, that’s where all of life is, where all the spiritual and material chases end.




Himalayan Zen – Climbing The Mountain of Wholeness

Inner peace is available to you at every moment. Yet clouds of conditioning often blur the clarity of the sky, which might hide, but can never leave you.

Himalayan Zen is an effortless way to shed all these clouds, to reconnect with your inner wholeness.

In the ideal situation, climbing the mountain of wholeness is as simple and effortless as just being.

But in the modern world with a mind which is conditioned for survival, fear, lack and inadequacy, humans make it difficult to discover the bliss and joy which is their inherent nature.

This is the reason going against the effortless principles of Himalayan Zen, for the modern human, a journey of wholeness has to be made. But where is the mountain of wholeness?

Where to Look for wholeness?

People try to look outside for other people, experiences, objects, methods, which might relieve them of their overthinking and make them feel the eternal bliss and joy, which they once felt, which got hidden over time. But all such external attempts are temporary at their best and a waste of life energy at their worst.

So Climbing the mountain of wholeness is a journey inside. A journey which requires commitment, persistence, dedication, and the ability to navigate any circumstances that might arise.

The Himalayan Zen Way to Inner Peace

The Himalayan Zen Way requires you to dare to go beyond your mind. If it is not testing your faith, your predetermined way if being then it will do you know good.

Climbing the mountain of Wholeness requires a certain level of Openness, Curiousity, Kindness and Dedication. These traits help you move and sustain your journey towards climing the mountain of wholeness, if it was easy, everybody would do it.

The mind always seeks familiarity in thinking patterns, this might appear comforting even if it might is depleting to your life condition and life energy. To break these shackles you need summon your inner energy, take a leap of fait beyond fear and…

  1. Explore your inner experience,
  2. Challenge your assumptions about yourself and the world
  3. Experiment with behaviors that are outside your comfort zone.
  4. Relieve yourself from the accepted negative bias towards life.
  5. Expand beyond the socially acceptable conditioned way of living.
  6. Free yourself from Confining Ideas about yourself and the world.
  7. Turn towards every new Experience with a freshness and no previous perspective baggage.

A Rebirth to Joyful Spontaneity

The Himalayan zen way is not just another process to make life less difficult. It is not anothe self help method to carry old patterns of thinking in a new way.

It is more revolutionary, to the extent that it requires the death of the old you, to ressurect as a new you. Now let’s deconstruct that heavy statement.

The mind with its conditioned patterns, identifications, and separate entity and ego, will always protect itself, and any attempts at transcending normal thought process will be made to appear like death.

That’s why many people keep clinging on to thought processes which don’t serve them, even when they are aware about their issues and bad habits. Letting go of this negative pattern of thought is made to appear like death by the same mind, which tries to protect itself.

So it stays alive, but this aliveness comes at a cost. It costs you your peace of mind, your frwoth and Ultimate liberation.

This is the reason why the Himalayan Zen way helps you climb the mountain of wholeness, makes you reconnect with who you are beyond your roles, and from their let go of limiting beliefs and traumas and fears and live a life of Joyful Spontaneity.





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