The Inner Avengers – The Infinity War of Self-Improvement

With the much anticipated, Avengers – Infinity War due to release  on 27th April, most people will have that temporary superhero  movement. That feeling of saving the world and doing something incredible.

But instead of  relishing this temporary feeling why don’t you decide to make yourself a real avenger. And instead of temporarily saving the world permanently save yourself by fighting the infinity war of self improvement.

No Thanos will never attack earth and you will never get a call from Nick Fury. No you will never have a magical plant which will give you superpowers or have the ability to develop superhuman strength if you get angry. But you can still be your own Avenger and fight the infinity war of self improvement against your own lazy  and comfortable self.  You can develop character traits which will  prepare you for success and make you more than a mortal who is simply dying to die.

The Infinity War Within

No matter who you are your scope of improvement will never be over.  Your capacity for improvement is infinite. And the only person stopping you is You.  If you can recognize this basic fact, then you will be well placed to learn the necessary steps to move forward.

We all have two voices in our heads, just like the forces in the movie, the good, avengers, and the evil,  Thanos and Black order.  While one wants you to be happy, hopeful, progressive,  helpful and responsible the other comes in the way of your success in the form of anger, jealousy, laziness, doubt and fear.

Recognizing your Limitlessness

You have to recognize that you are born limitless, the only limits that you impose on yourself is because of these evil voice inside you. Your success depends on your ability to make your own self empowering (good)voice win against the self doubting(evil) one.

I have compiled certain tools and tricks inspired by your favorite avengers to  empower your good voice and make you win the infinity war of improvement. You are born without any  limits,

Learning from the Avengers

So every one of your favorite Avengers has something to teach you. This will equip you to win the infinity war within and maximize your potential. Here are some pointers:

  1. Be meditative and aware like Doctor Strange    
  2. Learn to Channel Your Rage like Hulk
  3. Lead your mind like Captain America
  4. Use Technology to your Advantage like Ironman
  5. Guard the doorway of your thoughts like Heimdall and hammer out your flaws like Thor
  6. Stick to your dreams like Spiderman
  7. Protect your brain from doubters with a Vibranium like value system the Black Panther
  8. Always have a clear vision for yourself so that you can plan accordingly like Vision
  9. Have fun while winning like Star Lord

When you manage to do all the above you will definitely win the infinity war of improvement. So although the movie will be amazing and have brilliant special effects.I hope that it has a special effect on your inner being and makes you fight and win the Infinity war of Self Improvement just like your favorite Avengers,

P.S. I must  also tell you that the only time you can be Thanos is at the gym, when you get a chance to kill Iron Man.

The Duty and Reward of Discovering your GIft

If you are wondering if you possess any gift at all to go ahead with discovering your gift, let me first remind you how special you are just to be alive.

There are 1 in 4 trillion chances of you being  born on Earth, a planet in a small corner of the milkyway Galaxy, which in turn is a micro niche in the Universe, with the perfect conditions to support life.

You are even luckier to be born at a relatively peaceful time to have survived thus far, with relatively lesser wars, diseases and natural calamities. You are even luckier if you are able to read this right now, as you are among those few who are away from war torn regions and educated to make sense of these symbols. And if you can afford a phone or a computer, I am sure you lucky enough to have daily food on the plate to sustain the life that you are living.

The numbers of conditions which so seamlessly synchronize to make and sustain your life possible, makes it obvious that you are someone special, who has some special reason for existing.

The energies that govern our cosmos have always had a specific purpose for every human who was and is born. It can be something major like inventing something that changes the way life is perceived, eg. Thomas Edison, Graham bell, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, or merely contributing to the proper oxygen exchange like the microorganisms which were present at the beginning of life on earth.

Even microorganisms living only for 12 hour had a gift

The very first microorganism gave out Co2 which as we know is used by plants to prepare food. As more plants developed the  oxygen levels increased and the organism giving out CO2 gained started developing further through evolution.  Slowly and steady more and more CO2 was given and the plants started developing rapidly and consequently sustaining life.

This took millions of years, but had the little organism not contributed the CO2 in their short span of existence of a few hours life would not have been possible as it is now. They also had a reason for existence.

The DUTY- Discovering your Gift and Contribute 

If you don’t spend time discovering your gift and then nourish it, you not only limit your own potential but also waste this ultimate gift of intelligent life. If you find and work on your gift, you will manage to influence lives and lifestyles around you in one way or the other.  Which is a part of your duty of being a participant of this world.

Even if you have the simplest of gifts, but once you realize and work on it you will do it with an effortless grace which will add to this planets wealth and at the same time , it will provide  you ultimate fulfillment beyond all the riches you can have. Which is your reward for investing in yourself .

Hope that day comes soon for all of you.

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The Reward- Digital World Has made discovering your gift profitable 

As the world has progressed, through people, who used their gifts well to pave the  way for others to pursue their own gifts as well. This is the best era to be alive, as you can not only work on your gift but also sustain yourself through it. You no longer need to be a another man’s slave doing a job you don’t want just to earn your living.

Once you discover your gift you pursue it with such passion and dedication that work becomes play and your scope of progressing in it becomes limitless. You become that artist who discovers his Palette of colors, using which he can paint on the blank Canvas of this planet.

Be smooth in your own shoes

Why do you think some people are so smooth in their own shoes , your favorite sportsperson, actor or modern day social media influencers, because they have discovered their gift.  You don’t have to copy their gifts or their way of being, you have to use them as templates to discover your gift and move forward with it.


Once you do, you will have something big to aim at. You will have a dream to die for. You will have something to give it your all, cause thats what it will take.  And once you work on your gift, you will do it in  a way no one else can. It might be the most ordinary of task, yet you will be poetic while doing it.

This will be visible to everyone around you, it will spark some magic in the cosmos as you will be working in alignment with it. You will find luck , destiny and everything magical working in your favor.

But the only thing you have to do for it is discover your gift.

Fitness Motivation – Failure is Important

It’s not even me, there is a voice deep within,

Which makes some dance and makes others sing.

And when the time is ripe, it  makes me type.

The tools of fitness motivation have to be learnt so that it can become intrinsic.  When it becomes intrinsic it seeps into other parts of your life. The patience, resilience, and dedication  which you learn at the fitness arena can be recruited throughout your life in every sphere.

One of the tools of fitness motivation is being comfortable with failing.  Only someones who has the bitter taste of failure will push himself beyond and do whatever it takes to succeed.

Fitness Motivation – The Critical Crowd

Trying all the complex movements which I do have taught me that the people around you will always laugh.  First at you, then at themselves and then with you.

There are people around you who are too afraid to try anything new. Fear has crippled their lives into empty existence.  All they can do is  play the role of an audience. An audience doubts and laughs at others who try  something new, but when these people get better, the audience starts applauding and cheering them on.

The critical crowd will eventually be proud, till that time allow let their abuses to be mute and their cheering to be loud.

Stretch yourself beyond mediocrity into greatness.

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Fitness Motivation – Fail early

The earlier you fail in life the better it is. You will understand that after a while everything become alright. You adapt, learn your lessons and get better at the thing you failed at.

However if you live your life avoiding failures and risks you will prevent yourself from  growing and live a crippled life. Even with your fitness goals, if you don’t focus on progression and try different things fearing failure, you will never leave your comfort zone.

Failure teaches you humbleness, makes you resilient, dedicated and patient. Along with this failure fills you with the necessary fire required to surpass your previous attempts. The earlier this mentality develops, the better it is.

Fail Forward

In the fitness motivation video below you will see how I kept trying and eventually put in a good skipping routine, Although I failed many times, if I had stopped, been embarrassed or quit, I would never have been able to do it.

Belief over Doubt

So once you discover what you are after in the gym or in life, shut your eyes and ears to the doubters. Only be around ones who will fill you with confidence to chase your goals.

Most people don’t have it in them to leave their comfort zone so they impose their fear on the people around them.  Sad part is, that it can be your parents, your partner and your friends. But you have to make tough decisions in life to fulfill your human potential.  So  silence everyone who saps your belief although it might cause you temporary grief.

Don’t read or see things which make you doubt or spread, do things which make you believe.

My purpose is to spread fitness motivation and from there let it percolate to all parts of your life. I see potential in everyone, don’t restrict yourself by what others think about you and reach the zenith of your potential.

Sleep Shortcuts – Why and how to sleep better?

After years and years of research on health and wellness, mostly through the night, I came to the understanding that I should be doing most of my research through the day and focus more on how to sleep better.

Sleeping better is one of the pillars of  a healthy lifestlye along with exercising and healthy eating.  As of this moment, it is elevated to the most important pillar as google rates the search for “how to sleep better” very high.

Text Overlay iPhone Layout

Everyone wants to know how to sleep better without even understanding the actual benefits or hazards of sleeping habits. As the west started getting into sleep hygiene, India went into nightlife pollution.

But this article will help throw light on why your ignored sleep cycle is the secret behind many of your physical and mental ailments.

I have summarized some shortcuts which can fast track your sleep hygiene. The shortcuts mentioned below our explained in the article in detail.

How to sleep better

Why and How to sleep better?

The digital disco plays the best beats when you are about to sleep.  Cyber black holes suck you in as soon as you pick up your phone right before sleeping and soon what was supposed to be 15 minutes becomes 3 hours.

I think all of you who have found the topic of this article interesting can relate to the statement above. Many might argue that even if they sleep at 3 a.m. they can complete their sleep by waking up late or sleeping during the afternoon or covering up on the weekend.

But it is essential to establish optimized circadian rhythm, sleep cycle, throughout your life to ensure proper hormonal function which are essential for disease prevention, determine your mood, optimizing body temperature and ensure quality rest.

Here are some good and bad impacts of sleep cycle which will tell you why you should learn how  to sleep better.

how to sleep better


Ensuring Optimal Sleep Cycles

Optimal sleep cycles based on research ensure proper hormonal secretion. The best time for quality sleep  based on hormone secretion is between 10 p.m. to 2 a.m.

It is impossible for modern lifestyles to make sense of this timeline. But the rates at which stress, depression and substance abuse are going up, we need to backtrack a little on  modern lifestyle if we have to live better.

You can either look at this video for in-depth discussions on why and how to sleep better or look at the summary below to find out how to sleep better.


  1. Digital Curfew – Set a curfew beyond which no technology should be used, avoid screens and engage in more human activities.
  2. Use technology well– Download flux for windows, Twilight for android and use the blue light filter on your iPhones if you have to use your phones late at night.
  3. Bedroom should be a sleep sanctuary– Make your bedroom into a sleep zone, don’t use it for everything else, that way you will condition your minds neural framework to relate the rooms ambiance only to sleep.
  4. Lower Room temperatures– Ideally between 16-20 degree Celsius.  Take a warm bath before bedtime, use socks if you feel cold.
  5. Get more sunlight– Between 6 am to 10 am  in the morning for 10 to 15 mins is enough to reset cortisol rhythm.
  6. Ensure darkness– Make your bed room devoid of any lights when you sleep as even your skin has photo receptors which can sense even less light.
  7. Workout in the morning–  Resets your cortisol rhythm ensures proper sleep cycles and lower blood pressure in the evening.
  8. Meditate- Let Buddha sing you a lullaby.

For more about circadian rhythm by  reading the book Sleep Smarter by Shawn Stevenson  and follow him on social media and youtube to know more. If you learn how to sleep better you will  not only do good to yourself but the environment around you.

Spring Season : The Micro Universe in my Garden

The spring season brings with it the festival of colors. As butterflies dance around the micro universe in my garden, blooming flowers bring every pigment in the spectrum to life.  The freshness of the spring season captivates your vision, leaving no hue to the imagination. The flowers impart lessons along with  pheromone tingling fragrances which set the soul alight.

Ever spec of nature has amazing stories to tell,

Deluded friend, you need to align yourself well,

To decipher cosmic whispers from earthly yells,

To discover heaven on earth and paradise even in hell.

Its a matter of Perspective

To the awakened mind, peace and bliss walk hand in hand, from inside out.

As the awakened mind has a higher conscious level, to see through the material camouflage of life.  We are all looking at similar things with different perspectives. The awakened ones find much more on a morning walk in the spring season than others do throughout their lives.

The micro universe in my garden depicts life in the most beautiful way.


Our universe is a combination of many micro universe’s. Every individual lives in his own universe, every habitat is a universe in itself. In the spring season my garden represents one such micro universe, which has all the fundamental of the supreme universe but is a micro representation.


spring season

On the one hand we see life blossoming in its different stages, these represent the different levels of your awareness leading up to maturity to awakeninlg, which is the ultimate blossoming into your individual magnificent form.

On the other, we see  people falling from the helm of life into lifelessness. This fall might be in the form of death or death in life, when people fall prey to the rat race of doing things just for the skae of earning money and fame.

Friends and Family

spring season

The ones connected to their roots always stay grounded and humble, even when they stumble, they are quick to realign  and find themselves in the urban jungle.

Real friends and family don’t move away from difficult or weak flowers. They are always together through thick and thin, and this defines their beauty.


Enchanting Rendezvous

Just like the spring season life is ephemeral.  That is why it is best to relish by staying detached.

This is displayed in every aspect of life, even with relationships. Where you have the enchanting experience of meeting someone new, the adaptive process of aligning yourself to their lifestyle, the magical symbiotic purple match before you finally depart.

Once you understand this cycle you enjoy each phase without being attached to any of it.


The spring season, when the butterflies sparkle and birds chirp for no reason,

When both the sun and snow are testing and teasing,

When the cluster of green leaves allow only the milder breeze in,

A spectacle of colors, ephemerality, its only treason.

The spring season brings hope and color after the freezing winter. It paves the way for a brighter summer. The lessons it carries are tremendously profound, yet none more profound than the ephemeral nature of life. So enjoy this season till it lasts and then enjoy what comes after.





Empower Enrich Enhance

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