Winning the War Within

At times common flu’s can last for weeks and  chronic illness’s cure in a day,

Ever wondered why some wounds heal easily while others leave you perpetually plagued,

Ever thought while some people can go the extra mile without feeling pain,

Or seen people progress with lesser effort than others when they train,

This world is full of miracles beyond reason and science which will surprise you in different ways,

But you can only avail these when you are winning the war within every day.

Winning the war Within

Most of what you are is a direct outcome of what you believe in. Perception has a magical influence on reality, most of what you go through is an outcome of what and how you think.

We live in a world where everyone is extra careful about their health, most people try to cocoon themselves to ward off illness’s, they waste no time in taking recommended chemicals or indulge in expensive health care at the earliest signs of an illness.

Although these medical elixirs are essential at times, but usually people look up to them as the only source of cure and healing. Same is the case at gyms, people are so dependent on supplements that they end up believing that there is no other way of growing muscle or burning fat.

Whereas if you can just muster up the courage within you, ignite the belief which lies dormant under the pressures of modern day struggles and use your will power instead of the medical bill power,  you will snot only stay healthier and recover faster but also become stronger and fitter.


The power of Belief

The quality of your life  mostly depends on what you believe in. It might appear odd because most people follow the crowd, which is influenced by marketing schemes from hospitals, chemists and health centers, but how you view your problems, goes a long way in determining how fast and well you get rid off them.

Here are a few ways to keep your belief up so that you can utilize this energy to recover or develop naturally:

1. Meditate– Spending time in absolute silence activates parts of your brain which lie dormant otherwise. If you can just sit peacefully for 5 mins every morning for a few days you will discover the latent energy of your being.

2. Celebrate– Life can either be a trail of complains or a celebration. Look for the smallest reasons to celebrate. When you look for happiness in every thing you tend to remain happier and healthier than the ones who worry and complain about what they cannot control in this world.

3. Participate–  Make your spirit dance, sing from your soul. don’t just be a spectator of life waiting to cure the impending illness or recover from the unpredictable accident. The illness, accidents, sorrow and pain all are a part of life you cant avoid. Don’t let the fear of these block you from participating in life.

4. Motivate– The best way to stay motivated and keep your energy levels up, making yourself bullet proof to illness’s and stresses’s is by finding ways to motivate others. When you live your life in order to inspire others towards greatness you automatically live an ideal life.

These are not mere points but they reflect a way of life. A way of life where people spend more time in doing things they want to and lesser time doing things they have to.

The only way of winning the war within is by empowering yourselves
with these tools and create a way of life where your belief system keeps you free for illness and sorrow, where it enhances the effects of any medicine you have to take, where your body responds better to exercise and proper nutrition and gives you results faster.



Time has made you dependent on chemicals now your bodies out of your control,

Too fascinated by medicines you are getting sucked into the marketing hole,

Medicines are just a part its the power of your belief that helps you cure,

So revive your latent energy,  more than a medical pharmacy you need a pharmacy for  the soul.


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