wonderful vibes

Weekend Wellness- Witnessing Wonderful Vibes

Life exists between the past and the future. Yet you often overlook the presents of present. Either lost in memories or chasing dreams you forget to relish the nectar of the moments that pass you by. In your struggles you become ignorant to the wonderful vibes around you. But when you allow yourself to be a witness to the magical moments, the wonderful vibes reveal themselves to you and put you in a flux of happiness.

Over the weekend I was lucky enough to partake in another soul enriching experience. My good friend and international DJ, Prerna Singh, created the perfect environment for people to witness the mesmeric meditative powers of music at Blue Frog in Pune. Just like it takes a full cup to overflow similarly only a spirit full of wonderful vibes and share it with the rest. Prerna being one such spirit effortlessly made even the most reticent of us, dance to her tunes.

Wonderul Vibes of Music

They say music has the unique ability to make you feel connected with existence, to lose yourself to the present, transcend the boundaries of time and space and relate to the moment at hand. But only those who are aware and make themselves a witness to the enriching powers of sound actually feel its magic.

Though most of you listen to music but you never manage to harness its true powers and decode the wonderful vibes it camouflages. You use music to sedate the pain of the past or motivate you to a better tomorrow. At times you enjoy it just to be a part of the crowd. Very few get to the point where music, rather than being a separate entity, envelopes you in its cloud of magnificence, and rather than flowing to it, you flow with it.

Defying world order so that you can find your own

It is a task to relieve yourself from worldly mandates and instill self awareness to erase the boundaries between your own vibration and the wonderful vibrations of music. It is impossible for those who are consciously seeking  to find this harmonic resonance with music. The ones chasing fun never discover it in its absolute form.

The charm of any activity you participate in goes when you have to make an effort. By just being a witness to music, you enjoy it effortlessly, you feel a sense of oneness with it, you let your body move unperturbed, your mind becomes unclogged and aligned, and your soul emits a brilliance which illuminates the surroundings, you find yourself in complete FLOW.

wonderful vibes
Calm your sense, meditate, flow with vibe, levitate.

People are too busy exiting existence to value the power of the wonderful vibes that music creates. The energy produced by the ones who can relate to the vibes is palpable. Imagine how it must  feel like to be a part of the united energy of so many happy souls vibrating in unison.

Yes every person witnessing and aligning himself with these wonderful vibes add to the cloud of energy, every participant gets to feel the collective energy of everyone connected to this alignment and add to it at the same time.

So next time when you are at a gathering with music around, just make yourself witness these wonderful vibes rather than changing your identity because of social pressures and the need to have fun You will see how fun will come to you. And once you are in perfect harmony you will share this vibe with the entire room who are witnessing this happy feeling with you.

Again it takes a philanthropist with a big heart to create such a happy event. The purpose of such events is much more than merely making money, this I realised by personally getting a chance to see how the entire process works.  So big thumbs up to the ones investing their invaluable time and energy in creating these wonderful vibes for all of us to relish.

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