Weekend wandering- Listening to nature speak


The trickling streams of an untouched mountain tell you stories beyond the realms of audibility. These stories defy logic and fill your hearts with gratitude, not allowing your mind to resist.

The roads less traveled always hold a mesmerism to themselves. The anticipation for nature to unfold something new from its box of infinite wilderness has an allurement which dwarfs most other attractions. As your cup of awe overflows on such exploratory excursions, you are confused whether to tell others about this magnificent mysticism or let nature be in its natural form.

I happened to spend the Sunday,seeking some respite in the comforts of the most captivating landscapes the lower Himalayas have to offer. As we went higher, it appeared as I was transcending a new plane of understanding. Till a point when nature itself started to speak. Or rather I could hear it as I got a hold of the super frequency of the cosmos.

Here are some things I heard nature speak:

1. Contribute, don’t be too full of yourself– The center of the universe for most of you lies within the confinement of your physiological self. At the base of these colossal mountains, with river beds wider than the eye could see, I realized we are nothing but the trickles of water coming from different sides of the mountain. We might have our own paths down the mountain, but all of us contribute to the same big river. Thus, the center of the universe is not within us because the universe is capable of going on without us. We can just contribute to it in our own little ways.

The universal river bed we all trickle into

2. Flow,there is a way around everything– The streams gently trickled along their own path. Dodging huge boulders, avoiding fallen trees, making a path of its own. Though it might be capable of taking everything with it in all its fury but it avoids this situation till extremities arise. Hearing a gentle stream trickle down an untouched mountain soothens the soul and renders a calming effect on your identities. It shows the easy by which one can avoid all conflicts by just flowing.

Making its own way.

3. Focus, the task at hand is paramount– As I went further up the mountains, my primordial teachers divulged more knowledge. A cloud cover engulfed the entire valley. Initially I was a little irritated as it obstructed the beautiful view. Then the relevance of the task at hand dawned upon me. Instead of being distracted you should focus on inhabiting the moment. If you are too busy enjoying the view, you overlook the task at hand. Temporary satisfaction might help you float but it wont keep your boat up for too long.

The clouds come down upon us


Sooner or later, your lack of focus would prevent you from reaching the very peak, where the actual treasure or satisfaction lies. So do take a break and enjoy where you have reached, but don’t lose focus, because the real prize always lies ahead. Don’t be disheartened by the clouds which hide the view(problems which camouflage happiness), just keep going because at the peak lies the real prize.

4. Be friendly, nature does respond– All natural calamities are a response not an action. Greed conquers us all. We build dams, pollute sea and land, blast mountains for lime, hunt animals and as a result we see delayed responses from the universe. We initiate the imbalance and then blame someone else for it. If you go into the wild with an open mind and a considerate heart, it will always respond positively, and spell bind you with its awesomeness.

Bissu the bodyguard
Bissu the bodyguard


I happened to be fortunate to meet “Bissu” (Biss means 20 in hindi, it was named Bissu because of its 20 nails, considered as a local mark of a well bred dog) an Indian mastiff who took up the responsibility of our body guard/guide. A cosmic body guard is one for the MARVELS, but it is what it is.

5. Appreciating the insignificant makes us enormous– Nature instills in you a stillness to acknowledge its beauty and be grateful for the little things. These things often go unnoticed when you are busy occupying your office space or other portions of the cemented cosmos. You as big as you can notice. Trivial tasks can be learnt by repetition, but it takes a lot to go out of the way and notice the apparently insignificant things and gestures. But these minute things are the ones which actually make you stand out of the crowd.

Capture the little things

Natures ability to make you open our eyes to the tiny things keeps you in good stead in your daily lives. You notice and deduce more from the same scenario keeping you ahead of common though patterns and mundane perceptions.

6. Breathe, you will be inspired– True inspiration lies in absolute solitude. My rendition of solitude is, in oneness with the self and nature. With no other mind to hinder your thought process, you will be inspired to achieve beyond you think you can. Embracing nature in its purest form guides you in ways you cant even imagine. All you need to do is to leave your stress at the base of the mountain, and let the roads take you higher, both in body and thought.

Savor the stillness
Savor the stillness

You are grander than you can imagine

Although you are dwarfed by the infinity of the cosmos, yet the fact that you are a small part of something so huge is awe inspiring. If you embrace this feeling and strive to stay in unison with the elements, you will be empowered and energized to face anything that life brings your way.

Embrace the infinite

You would not only be a spec in the vastness but a spec capable of making a difference. Share knowledge, inspire who you can, help the needy, respect what supports you.

Have a Good Day.



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