The Law of Attraction Works but….

The law of attraction works but it requires an efficient engine to work (mind, body and soul) first. An engine which will fire you from the inertia of rest, beyond the drag of self limitations and into the orbit of your dream life.

Therefore before releasing your rockets of desire you need to ensure the engine is efficient and there is maximum unopposed momentum, otherwise your dreams will crash faster than the stock you invest on.

The Trap of Conditioned Contradictions

Yes it is a trap, of humanity on humans. It is so stupid that you will not believe it until you believe it. You come in the way if your own dreams, yes, you are your biggest opponent, and this is even before the rocket of your desire takes off.

The conditioning of Contradicting what you want through limiting beliefs is a big hole in releasing your rocket of desires with full momentum. These self made holes leak out most of your energy before the law of attraction begins to work it’s magic. Here are some common contradictions in what you want and what you do, which prevents you from making the law of attraction work.

Law of attraction

A Content Engine(harmonious and self serving mind,body and soul) reduces the drag of contradictions and creates propulsion, creating perfect momentum for the law of attraction to bring your most amazing desires.

The conditioned Contradictions prevent you from tapping into the vibrational abundance within. Which is is the most Magnificent fuel, which keeps you in sync with the creative laws of the universe, tuning you into god frequency and setting you up to launch the rocket of your desires with efficiency.

So Before the Law of Attraction works you need to..

Manage your Contradictions and align with the pure natural energy available to you at all moments but camouflaged behind thought and feelings. This pure energy keeps expanding and so do you when you stop doubting, limiting and contracting your beliefs.

This unshackling of self leads to many gross and subtle energy changes. Changes on both the metaphysical and observational levels of your being, which transmits outwards into you surroundings.

Objectively you open up to observe hints of progress towards your visions, you are content on the journey towards your dreams knowing they have no chance not to be manifested, the fact that your desires originate from a place of love, happiness and joy is proof of its ultimate fulfillment.

Pursue these desires from a space of unflinching and undoubtedness as that puts you in alignment with source energy.

Vague Dreams Vague Achievement

Not recognising the Vibrational Worth of your inner being and waiting for objective worth to be satisfied first limits you from any achievement and puts you off your natural worth and self esteem.

Dream Specificity, faith and joy and gratitude in pursuit are the fuels that help you achieve your crystal clean dreams in crystal clean way.

At most times the law of attraction is abused and criticized when people pursue it vaguely. The lack of inner work, tending to your engine of your being, never allows the rocket if your desires to take off.

All dreams which come to you from a place of purity are already true, that’s why they have come to you, their realisation on earth is assured, only if you don’t come in your own way.

The law of attraction works but for it you have to lay a foundation of mind, body and soul alignement, just like you have to set up the rocket to fire the rocket.


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