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The Inner Avengers – The Infinity War of Self-Improvement

With the much anticipated, Avengers – Infinity War due to release  on 27th April, most people will have that temporary superhero  movement. That feeling of saving the world and doing something incredible.

But instead of  relishing this temporary feeling why don’t you decide to make yourself a real avenger. And instead of temporarily saving the world permanently save yourself by fighting the infinity war of self improvement.

No Thanos will never attack earth and you will never get a call from Nick Fury. No you will never have a magical plant which will give you superpowers or have the ability to develop superhuman strength if you get angry. But you can still be your own Avenger and fight the infinity war of self improvement against your own lazy  and comfortable self.  You can develop character traits which will  prepare you for success and make you more than a mortal who is simply dying to die.

The Infinity War Within

No matter who you are your scope of improvement will never be over.  Your capacity for improvement is infinite. And the only person stopping you is You.  If you can recognize this basic fact, then you will be well placed to learn the necessary steps to move forward.

We all have two voices in our heads, just like the forces in the movie, the good, avengers, and the evil,  Thanos and Black order.  While one wants you to be happy, hopeful, progressive,  helpful and responsible the other comes in the way of your success in the form of anger, jealousy, laziness, doubt and fear.

Recognizing your Limitlessness

You have to recognize that you are born limitless, the only limits that you impose on yourself is because of these evil voice inside you. Your success depends on your ability to make your own self empowering (good)voice win against the self doubting(evil) one.

I have compiled certain tools and tricks inspired by your favorite avengers to  empower your good voice and make you win the infinity war of improvement. You are born without any  limits,

Learning from the Avengers

So every one of your favorite Avengers has something to teach you. This will equip you to win the infinity war within and maximize your potential. Here are some pointers:

  1. Be meditative and aware like Doctor Strange    
  2. Learn to Channel Your Rage like Hulk
  3. Lead your mind like Captain America
  4. Use Technology to your Advantage like Ironman
  5. Guard the doorway of your thoughts like Heimdall and hammer out your flaws like Thor
  6. Stick to your dreams like Spiderman
  7. Protect your brain from doubters with a Vibranium like value system the Black Panther
  8. Always have a clear vision for yourself so that you can plan accordingly like Vision
  9. Have fun while winning like Star Lord

When you manage to do all the above you will definitely win the infinity war of improvement. So although the movie will be amazing and have brilliant special effects.I hope that it has a special effect on your inner being and makes you fight and win the Infinity war of Self Improvement just like your favorite Avengers,

P.S. I must  also tell you that the only time you can be Thanos is at the gym, when you get a chance to kill Iron Man.

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