The End of Seeking – The Hollowness of Material and Spiritual Chases

Modern Spiritual gurus, especially those who haven’t experienced the summit of materiality and thus carry subtle material desire within, get engaged in a lot of status games with people who are doing well in the material world.


Even Buddha went out to seek Nirvana after he had experienced and seen through the emptiness of all the material desire, so people who directly jump on the bandwagon of over Disciplined spiritual seeking, mostly hide some deep desires and sense of lack.

There seeking is not self empowering but as a reaction to others who appear happy because of material success. Their ego compels them to chose a path of spirituality to mask the innate sense of inadequacy in comparison to the wordly rich rather than absolute acceptance.

So their version of spiritual seeking is just a reactive status game, and keeps them in an endless chase of feeling inadequate as that’s how it originates, from lack.

The Hollowness of Material and Spiritual Chases

When Jim Carry says, ” It is really essential for people to fulfill all their dreams to realise it is not enough.”, he elaborates on something that everyone rich, famous and succesful knows. Material world success is never enough and wildly exaggerated and overhyped through social media.

With a world renowned mega star indicating the hollowness of material success as a medium of contentment, it’s pretty evident all material chases are not enough.

But even spiritual chases are just different versions of material chases. As mentioned above, it is a reactive status game, the ones who are materially unsuccessful play to show superiority over the materially wealthy.

Observe deeply the games the human mind plays, and see through the futility of all chases, they severely burden you with lack, and keep you in the hampster treadmill of inadequacy.

As Jeff Foster says
“You see, everything exists in perfect harmony with everything else, and that includes the whole spiritual search, the endless seeking of the mind, and perhaps, finally, the falling away of that seeking, and an effortless resting with what is.”

Try to look through all chases and find peace in being present to the here and now, that’s where all of life is, where all the spiritual and material chases end.




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