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Being Human- Choosing people over places

ImageResources have to be made available for people to learn to adapt to them. In the past, people traveled by foot to major cities to get their hands on better seeds and fertilizers. The ones who took the pains, fared way better than the ones who dint, even if they ploughed their fields better and worked harder.

As progression refined us, we started moving to bigger cities for learning our trade with complicated machines, which guaranteed better jobs. The ones who stayed back in their smaller hometowns had fewer opportunities and hence lesser development.

As technology expands the digital dance floor, participants from the remotest of places are presented with an opportunity to boogie with the big league. Technology has essentially balanced the playing field by providing a ready-made stage for each and every one of us. Small towns no longer need to lose their resources to the big city lights as technology has brought everything to our doorstep.

Men have been travelling for better food and facilities since ages. A wandering lifestyle has been harsh and led to instability. The trend continues with talented professionals having to leave their houses for better prospects, without realizing how badly the instability induced by frequently changing co-ordinates has eroded their working efficiency. The process of travelling and adapting to an alien city has multiple implications, both conscious and sub-conscious (these would need another blog or two to cover).

By bringing latest resources to smaller towns humans have helped themselves in more ways than one. Firstly, resources are now available for those dedicated and passionate people whose skills were being wasted because of the lack of proper infrastructure. Secondly, the stress and time wastage on travel and traffic in a bigger city can only be explained by someone who has lived through the horror. A smaller town is considerably immune to these evils; this lets the workforce focus their attentions on actual work. People who travel to bigger cities leave behind a trail of friend, family, worries and insecurities in their hometown. This leads to overall anxiety, which Is nullified if they are provided with similar facilities in their homecity.

A valley with a variety of talent

Dehradun is the capital of Uttrakhand, which is dubbed the land of Gods. It is the coming together of varied geographies and psychologies. The intermixing of the holy Himalayas and the flourish fields of the plains is in coherence with amalgamation of the respective traits, imbibed in the personalities of residents of this region. We find a distinct calmness rendered to us by the shadow of the Himalayas and strict professional discipline gifted to us by our farming forefathers. The freshness and purity of the surrounding is also reflected in the clarity of thought that ‘Doonites’ posses.


George Harrison signified the mentality of the residents of our town in his song title Dehradun “See them move along the road in search of life divine. Beggars in a goldmine”.  Dehradun boasts of being one of the top primary education cities in one of the top primary education country. As a result our town churns out invaluable resources of intellectual and creative talent every year. This coupled with the aesthetic serenity and natural clarity of thought makes it a goldmine. Till now the talent pool found the platform of a suburban town too small to display their skills and felt that they were beggars as compared to people in bigger cities. But, as technology erases borders, your co-ordinates become irrelevant as compared to your guile and skill. The outreach of technology has helped large companies engage intellectual resources from remote places.

In-sync with the Calming surroundings

Life, after running a full circle, has become human centric again. Now big cities don’t guarantee professionalism and efficient work. People from small cities carry bigger dreams; they have larger appetites and are more willing to sacrifice in order to succeed.

Technological progress offers local talent opportunities to accomplish their dreams from the comforts of their own nests. This has lead to a more efficient workforce for local companies. This has not gone unnoticed with the Government offering support to companies in small cities like Dehradun.

 Image“While big cities reach saturation, the lack of innovation indicates that they are bound to crash with a thud,

Unexpectedly small towns springing with technological support, offer new hope, like lotus’s growing in the mud. “

Do let me know what you feel about the role of technology in propagating small towns and how small towns are contributing to this domain as well?

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