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Realigning your awesome

You inspired awe when you were born, and as time flew by so did your aura of awe.  There was no right and wrong at that time, no good or bad, your instincts were appreciated and allowed to exhibit themselves in the most natural way. There was no self editing, self judgement and you just flowed in the most natural way.

As you grew up you were moderated and controlled, told to do the right things, corrected at every step by structures of our society, families, religions and governments all seemed to know whats right for you. These structures of society dictated your actions and their lessons, which you were better without, seeped through to your sub conscious. Thereby developing a self editing software which crippled your awesomeness. The same has been going on from generation to generation.


The social prison, which cages your thoughts, limits your natural genius, forcing you to relinquish your instincts and choose a mechanical life instead. The things which you notice least are the biggest influencing factors here. Religion, family, governments all impose restrictions on your free spirit. They make you believe social acceptance and long term stability are the actual purpose of your life rather than creativity and imagination,

The blueprint of your life is designed by someone else even before you can make sense of the world properly.  By the time you understand how the word works, you have already gone too far on the path of mediocrity to take a step back.

But there is always freewill and choice. At any point of time in your existence you can decide to realign your life and get in touch with your own awesomeness once again. There will be sacrifices, fights, feuds and misunderstandings, but all are a small price to pay in order realign with your awesomeness.

Realigning with your Awesome

Weed out the society induced stresses from your brain. There are methods ad ways to observe yourself, to find whether you are in tune with your own awesomeness and working on passions or your alignment is off, and you base your life on fear.

If you are in alignment with your awesome self, you will work on faith rather than on fear.

Here are some ways of recognizing and re aligning with your awesomeness:

  1. Pause: The first and most difficult aspect of realigning with your awesomeness is to take a break from whatever you are engaged in. Yes, the task demands you and it would be impossible for you to get away from it, but your life is more important than all the money you make.
  2. Silence Logic- Your socially conditioned brain will talk you out of all your attempts of realigning with your awesomeness, so observe these thoughts and let them pass till they get muted by themselves. Meditation or just sitting alone with oneself will be effective in doing this.
  3. Identify Bliss- It is not selfish to do whats best for you. After silencing the mind, it will be easy to identify things which make you feel blissful. These are the things you are genuinely passionate about. Things which you can work on endlessly, without expecting rewards.
  4. Flow- Once you attain this blissful picture, just let your spirit flow in this direction. Observe the resistance that you will face but do whatever it takes to overcome it to let your spirit flow.

This is how you will realign with your awesomeness. A state of mind with effortless execution of all tasks, a belief system fueled by faith not fear. This state will help you follow passionate pursuits and empower you with a relentless obsession which will help you fulfill your purpose on the planet.

We are not occupying Earth to spend most of our lives behind desks and jobs to ensure weekly and monthly sustenance. We are not here to spectate events, news, shows and the lives of those around us. We are here to contribute, and an awesome mindset will definitely contribute.  My book 6 ways to the world elaborates on other ways of realigning with your awesome, read it now.

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Slimpossible- Some core workouts

You might be at different levels of fitness, some of you might look at exercise as a remedial method to years of lethargy and bad eating habits, others would look at core workouts as another way to get popular, but then the few who are serious about fitness should understand that it is a way of life.

Some people exist in utter stagnancy without realizing it while others take every moment as an opportunity to learn, grow and get better at whatever they do. Some people need external idols and motivation while for others self improvement is enough motivation.

The approach matters

If you enter the gym with self improvement as your main agenda, you win against others who are looking at short cuts to look better.

You can always put on a show for the crowd but not the expense of your own improvement, don’t squander your talents in cheap exhibitionism.

It took me 6 years of core workout to put my first videos online, nowadays I see first timers focusing more on their smart phone cameras than the weights.

Here are a few core workouts that might help the ones who are serious about improving themselves:


You can perform most of these at home. Focus on form before getting too excited.

Dont be fooled by trainers trying to sell you their services. You can manage most workouts by yourself.


Try this without weights first before pushing yourself further.

Learn the rules of the game and then learn how to break them. You have to be patient at the onset and focus on repeating the same thing again and again till you become strong enough to try variations.

Ultimately you will learn to customize your core workout and make up your own exercises. Till then try doing these.

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The inevitableness of suffering

Wie viel ist aufzuleiden! (How much suffering there is to get through!)” These lines by Rillke highlight a painful truth about of life. It is impossible to avoid suffering, even the ones who live too carefully in order to protect themselves from life’s suffering , suffer from the anxiety of impending death.

Your vacation on this planet comes with a distinct set of sufferings that you have to go through irrespective of who you are. As life slowly reveals its true colors to you, you find out that there is more to it than the cartoons, a fragment which you never account for as a child, and out of nowhere you find yourselves in soups you had never imagined.

There is no king, no beggar, no monk, no murderer who can escape suffering. Suffering is omnipresent, like the air we breathe, the water we drink, the happiness we relish and the love we share. You might run and hide from it, but you will ultimately have to suffer the quota dedicated to you in order to learn your lessons and find your meaning.

The education associated with both the mental and physical suffering is a vital component for an individual trespassing this planet. With this being said it becomes vital as to how you react to suffering.

Willing yourself on

Yes most people think that they are targets for mystical forces playing paint ball. They are so overawed by the slightest of sufferings that they lose their head, forgetting the generic nature of suffering.


Yes there is some honor in suffering, you can either become a rebel , making life difficult for people around you, or accept your share of sorrow and move on.

It is essential to accept the struggles, sadness, sorrow and suffering as you enjoy the ecstasy, enjoyment,  excitement and entertainment that life has to offer. Once you learn to accept this reality you learn to accommodate instead of questioning it, bear the pain rather than complain.

Share the load, life’s burdens will appear lighter

Once you have stopped questioning as to why one suffers, you will start looking for ways to adapt to the suffering.

As an  individual you have to find a why to bear the pain, to survive the storms, it can be a solitary purpose, an ambition or a relationship, family and friends. Once you find a why you will survive anyhow.

But usually people look for external supports and end up overcompensating in order to avoid suffering. This is the reason several religious offices are running idol worship centers like corporate houses.

A better way to do this is by sharing each others burden irrespective of status, class and religion. When suffering is common to all then people should unite and share the load as a whole, irrespective of man made socioeconomic differences.

Understanding the rules of the cosmos to your advantage

There are certain absolutes of this universe which we cant fight, only accept and adapt to. Suffering being one of them has to be treated similarly. 

The earlier you accept these laws f the universe the faster you can adapt and save yourself from falling into stress and depression. Learn to embrace the suffering just like you embrace the pleasures. Life is bitter sweet.





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Nurturing thoughts to set your mind free

The digital escalation has left few independent minds. Ever since the reign of the Radios, through the tyranny of the television to the domination of the digital web, the human mind has seldom been left alone.  It has always been kept engaged by captivating ads and entertainment which have nibbled away on individualistic thinking and freedom.

Your garden of thoughts has been bathed with persuasions, some not as fruitful as others. These have molded the pattern of your perception, inculcating limiting beliefs, mostly guiding you to a collective social stupor.

Demystifying the Mass Hypnosis

Most people think alike, not because they were born that way, but because they are in a pattern of similarity. The digital world feeds them with the same news and updates, the same ads and depictions. Even the best brains cant keep themselves away from these subliminal thought guides.

The modern person finds himself inhaling a guided train of thoughts. Even if you are not directly smoking on the digital cigarette you are passively up-taking most of the influential content from those around you.  The sheer number of these digital zombies prevent you from channelizing your minds and thinking as an individual.

Although man is a social creature but when most of what society feeds you is being guided by what is viral online or what the owners of big companies want you to hear, then you have to make a specific effort to escape it.


Nurture your thoughts carefully

Generic patterns of thought have created a vacuum for individuality. So high is the number of influenced thinkers that the ones daring to free their minds are relegated to being bohemians and outkasts.

Some have realized the need to realign thought so as to cultivate unhindered perception. They have taken to meditation and mindfulness to allow themselves  enough time away from the influence of generic thought to attain blissful freedom. But most are unaware of the mass hypnosis that they are under.

Seeing baseless advertisements selling Colas, chips, motor bikes and cars, I was appalled at the lack of respect that the creative teams of these adverts have for the audiences. They are so sure that people will be influenced just seeing an over hyped star in the ad that they forgot to make a script which makes sense.

Rather than being herded like sheep by the digital world you are better off taking your time to reflect, analyse and create your own thought process so as to set your mind free.

Overcoming generic thinking

You will never be allowed  to overcome the daily race for money and power. When you are constantly fed by news, ads, movies, programs relating to all the evils in the world, it is impossible to remain unhindered. All of these sum up to making you stressful without you realizing.

Your conditioned perception doesn’t allow you to think about anything other than what everyone else does. Hence you are consumed by wordly affairs of hate, complain, greed and warfare.

If only you take a moment to realize that your perception defines the world rather than vice versa, you will be filled with wonder and transmit this to the people around you.


Here are some tips which might assist you and set you on a path of nurturing your beautiful brain:

  1. Feed yourself with affirmations and positive thought, this will make you less dependent on external resources for contentment.
  2. Meditate and look within to find confidence and solidarity in your own opinion.
  3. Be mindful of what you filter to your brain, don’t aimlessly slide with the masses.
  4. Find your own freedom, don’t let anyone dictate what is fun to you.
  5. Refrain from over indulging in the useless aspects of digital media, they impair receptivity.
  6. Seek the best in whatever you set your eyes on,

Fulfillment comes from within

Allow yourself the luxury of independent thinking.  In this world full of ironies, its very hard to find the space and time to foster individual thought and setting yourself free. You are raised on limiting social and spiritual beliefs and as you grow older persuaded by digital devices to act in uniformity with society, buy similar things, study similar courses, seek satisfaction in similar jobs.

The only way then to find fulfillment is to learn to sit still and inculcate receptivity without being influenced. The individual needs to persistently monitor his thoughts and dreams, by consciously setting digital filters to avoid being just  another brick in the wall.

You will find your magic if you lose your influential demons, and rather than imitating others, will have the confidence of being an original. Tend to your garden of thoughts as it will make you more than just a cheap imitation, nourish your brain with mindfulness and meditation, and once you awaken all your senses and set yourself free, help someone else do the same.




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6 healthy changes to improve your life

Chasing stability you destabilize different facets of your life. You don’t even realize your ignorance till you are jolted with an impending consequence. Strokes, cancer, obesity, undernourishment, weakness, stress, depression  don’t just happen overnight. They are the result of years and years of ignorance.

Though the medical domain is well equipped to provide immediate solutions but these short term remedies are mere eye and pocket washes. The problem lies in your mindset, and if you are not willing to alter it you are bound to have a relapse.

Man chooses to forsake his most important responsibilities, taking care of himself, partly because the society promotes a blind chase for security and partly because he thinks these things will take care of themselves.

The viscous circle ends when all of his collected wealth and resources amount to nothing in front of the medical bill and even when he has the wealth he is not left with the health of body and mind to enjoy it.

I was introduced to this cycle very early in life, the hospital became a second home because of the deteriorating health of my parents. Years of genuine hard work, wasted on medicines, travel, fees and most of all the stress which cant be valued in money. Even after insurance covers the amounts you give away to chronic illnesses in cash and kind are more than the biggest fortunes.

So instead of living a stressful life to earn superfluous money which you will eventually spend to remove this piled up stress, and take more stress in the process, why not be a little mindful in undertaking everyday tasks. Why not live each day to the fullest, spend time maintaining a balanced lifestyle, taking care of the little things along with the larger ones, giving time to your health and happiness?

In lieu with this here are 6 healthy things you can do each day to ensure a balanced life:

1. Treat a bottle of water like your smart phone

water healthy
Water is the potion

What do you look at when you get up or just before sleeping? What is the one thing you never want to lose sight of? Well your smart phone offers you temporary distraction from reality but water offers your permanent solutions to ailments. You don’t have to use google to find out the benefits of water, for the ones with trust issues, you can go ahead, what you will see is that water is utilized in almost all of the bodies functions.

Water forms 60% of your body, if you take a sip of water every other minute you will be able to increase your water intake to up to 4.5 litres, which is much more than the requirement for the entire day.

20 ml sip * 15 times in an hour * 15 waking hours in day= 4.5 litres of water

Add this to the water you drink in the morning and night and that makes it much more than the required amount.

2. Lemons-aids


When life gives you lemons squeeze one into your glass of water in the morning and the other 2 into your bottle of water

Other than helping in digestion and developing immunityby providing vitamin C lemons help maintain your body pH. This means that they help control the damage that eating food does to your body. Lemons have a very mild citric acid which balances the Hcl in the body, reducing the acidity. There are many Benefits of a balanced body pH.

3. Sameness is lameness

Enjoy nuts and oats as much as you enjoy eating fish and goats, Your kitchen is much more than just mutton and chicken.

Variety is the spice of life. Most working people seldom have a choice of eating what they like, the ones who do are too hurried to care about what they eat. Modern day food is usually outsourced, but in all cases it has little to no variation to the previous day.

healthy food
sameness is lameness

Do yourself a favor and try to include a variety in your meals, meat eaters understand the relevance of roughage and carbohydrates, give fruits, oats and green veggies a chance. Vegetarians try to find sources of proteins like, sprouts, tofu, cheese. Ensure that you eat a well rounded diet comprising of fats, carbs and proteins throughout so that you don’t have to make reservations later.

4. Timing is everything

Everyone has a unique schedule in their lives, most of which is controlled by how and where they work. The 3 meal a day pattern offers no flexibility and leads to starvation and over eating at different times of the day. You should be more flexible with your eating schedule. Try to eat as many small meals during the day. This will not only lead to better digestion, but prevent you from over eating in the later half of the day.

Breakfast is served

Your breakfast should be the biggest meal of the day, divide the rest of your day as per your schedule to take around 4-5 more meals. Ensure that your dinner is the lightest so that you don’t sleep feeling heavy.

Following heavily marketed dieting plans and eating super foods is a waste of time. They are too expensive to sustain for too long and people tend to think that they can temporary quit their fast paced lifestyle to detox. False, detoxification wont be require if you watch you eat from the start and time it properly.

5. Angels and demons

Here is a list of things you can avoid, the demons, they wont kill you immediately but regular and uncontrolled intake of these things will lead to ailments in the future. The demons you need to control include sugar, salt, simple carbohydrates, most saturated and unsaturated oils, spirits, smokes among others. The angels will keep you healthy and add to your health, honey, mono saturated oils( olive oil, canola oil), nuts ( Walnut, almonds), oats, complex carbohydrates(Oat meal), lean meat, lemon, fruits and green vegetables. This along with reading and researching to find out things by yourself so as to make your exclusive health plan form the angels.


6. Meditate, condition yourself to care

Mankind has reached a stage of evolution where he needs to re-learn the art of caring for himself. Your brains are so consumed with thinking that you seldom get a break to reassess your lives. So rather than waiting for the bomb to drop, spend at least 5 minutes every morning to shut your eyes and empty your mind. Once your mind is free from worldly worries you would find that you will start caring about the finer things in life like loving yourself and spreading happiness by adding to the lives of others.

Although it is very easy to make a list of things and very hard to follow it, these simple things can be easily followed. Prevention for sure as hell is better than cure. So please give yourself a chance to make a pit stop in this rar race to understand that even if you win the race you will remain a rat.

Stay happy, stay healthy, have a good day.



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