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Money Mindset – The Valueless Rupee

Its not the the Rupee that is suffering it is you. If you believe only money makes you significant you are valueless. At some stage, sooner or later, everyone who is driven will make enough money, whatever be the currency.

Everyone  who is passionate and focused will achieve financial success, but solely measuring success based on money is not justified. There is no currency for how someone makes you feel and also impacts the world through compassion and selflessness.


In the process of making oneself rich, one loses their true identity and integrity,  letting go of their real self to put up a mask of greed to earn more, but if one  digs deep down inside to recognize their true passion and works on it, eventually they will be wealthier than everyone around them ,  Its all a matter of patience,  but even when you forego greed and are patient, people around you wont be.


The problem with the people around you is that they look at you  with a vision of how the society looks at you. The society only looks at tangible aspects, they are happy seeing someone as rich who owns a 50,00,000 worth car without noticing the 50,00,00,000 debt they have to pay and easily ignore the people working on causes which can impact 50,00,00,000 lives just because they have no financed car to show for it. A really high stress burden to bear just for showing off to a society which will always find a loophole.


Pic source https://brokenbelievers.com/2016/03/14/the-corrosiveness-of-social-anxiety/

It is to be noted that if everyone goes the way, of the crowd especially in India, where humans are conditioned to slavery, no  man/woman can stand out,chase his dream and be successful without being the odd sheep. Social resistance feeds on your dreams indirectly through the people who care for you.  It is the bitter truth but the most detrimental people for your dreams, are your father, mother, brother, sister or partners.

Their fear is draped in care. But it is not even their fear, it is the fear of the society which speaks through them.


In my own experience the ones who are used to expensive borrowed toys wont ever understand the value of high frequency souls who vibrate to uplift energies around them . On the contrary they will try to use  the energy of these people to  harvest resources or shut them down because of their lack of vision, integrity and values.

So if you have hopes out of your bosses at work, recalibrate these hopes upon yourself.  You are your best bet, and till the time you truly internalize this you wont dig deep down and find your purpose on this planet, and design an action plan to fulfill the purpose.  The fulfillment of your purpose will coincide with the universal energies blessing you with  wealth beyond your imagination. Even if it is not  as tangible as an expensive vacation on black money, you will be able to get more fulfillment out of it because of your intangible wealth, your values.


A Case for Money

Imagine making all the money in the world and acquiring all the beautiful things you desire, what next?

The endless pit of your desires cant only be satiated with money. as easy money brings with a lack of value. Though it might be important for sustaining oneself but it is not worth sacrificing your values for.  Yes, money tends to make people forego many traits that make them human. On their paper chase at most times they end up sacrificing traits that make them human. This is the main problem with the majority, otherwise people pursuing purposes will always end up with enough money at the end of the day.

The ones making a case for money and tangible wealth should understand I am not against it but it should not be the end all of life.  What are crores of rupees with bad health ? What are 20 jaguars in the parking lot with constant stress of work? What is a vacation to the moon with a disgruntled partner?

Spend 20% of your energy for sustaining yourself and 80% on realizing and actualizing your true potential. You will see the cumulative contentment in your and the lives of those around you will multiply manifold. Along with your coffers are bound to grow, not immediately but eventually.


Pic Courtesy http://www.gcmtechnology.com/difference-between-rich-wealthy-people/

Never serve money, never be owned by the rupee, value yourself, let it serve you.

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