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6 ways of burning out the burn out

Everyone is tested, the strongest go through phases of weakness, the fittest fall ill, the optimists fall victims of doubt, lovers become haters and the helpful become helpless. Burn outs are an unavoidable part of the modern lifestyle, it is then imperative to prepare oneself for the impending burn out rather than be dumbfounded when it hits you.

Life has the unique ability of testing your resolve, irrespective of how big, strong, happy and rich you are. Even the most contended hearts, stable minds, fit bodies and effervescent souls aren’t immune to the tests of time. No matter who you are you will have that one miserable day, how you respond to it will define the rest of your life.

I have been keeping myself fit for more than 7 years now, and rarely have I missed my training schedule at the gym or spared myself from a no nonsense diet over this phase. Yet last Wednesday, I was lying in bed neither fully asleep nor fully awake, my body in perpetual pain and mind in unrest. I was developing a new symptom of illness every other hour. It started from the throat, went to the muscles and skin to swelling on my fingers and finally to my head and spirit.

I usually consider myself quite inspired but I couldn’t find the inspiration to leave my room or look for remedies. This BURN OUT had burnt me out, and I was too dispirited to get out of it. So I kept sliding, my health went from bad to worse and my thoughts followed suit. After 5 days of suffering, I realized the only way of surviving the burn out is to burn it out.

I thought it would be great to use my experience as a springboard to help others who face burn outs in different aspects of their lives.

Here are 6 ways of dealing with any kind of burn out, it could be stress, illness, depression or anything that pulls you back from enveloping yourself in joy and happiness:

1. Understand that Burnouts are a part of our lives

Life is a trick so at times you might stumble, you got to go through some pain in order to become you.

It is OK to feel a little off color at times. You cant work at a 100% efficient 24/7. Take the burn out in your stride and try to stick to your routine as much as possible. No one is excused from pain and suffering because thats what makes you appreciate normal life. .

2. Filter and moderate what comes your way

Yes you are gifted with wings, but you cant perpetually flutter,

When you just let things slide, you are headed for the gutter.

The modern world throws endless bits of information your way. Your mind processes at least 10000 more information than your grand father’s used to and even he had problems. With all this bombardment on your sub conscious,you are bound to feel perplexed even if you don’t recognize it consciously. Your responses to all the information overdose balls up till it divulges itself as a burnout. Be sure to filter the information you expose yourself to.

Burn out

3. Survive to fight another day

You wont be immortalized as a warrior when you fight a battle you are set to lose,

Sometimes surrendering in order to live to fight another day is your best move.

Yes we keep struggling till we have nothing left, we reach a stage when the burn out cripples are soul and every thing we see appears negative, it is better to recognize the signs of the storm and prepare rather than wait for it to hit you. Survive by assessing your state of being on a constant basis, don’t let yourself get carried away by the burn out because it is better prevented than cured.

4. Swallow the bitterness as you savor the sweetness

Good wont be good if it weren’t for the bad,

You got the gift of life, you enjoy when the ride is smooth, try to withstand when it drags.

You are lucky to be alive and be granted the opportunity to experience all the wonders of being alive. Keeping that in mind you should stand tall when the bad weather comes and don’t curse fate and time, because the same fate and time is responsible for making you experience this blissful life.

5. Build a repertoire of goodness for the bad times

The Love and care which roots from you comes back to you when you most need it.

By selflessly helping others in their time of need you can be rest assured that you wont be facing your burnout alone. There will be someone to take care of you if you have managed to be there for someone at sometime. Spread goodness and joy and you will be surprised at how the universe will come to your aid when you most need it, in the form of a friend, a message or a subtle change around you, enough for you to burn out the burn out.

6. Fighting fire with fire

At times when you think all is lost you got to fight fire with fire, its all about assimilating the spark of your soul, with the strong will of your brain and your hopeful heart full of desire.

Burn out

You wont get out of the rut until you want to. Burn outs compel you to submit to life’s miseries till you are completely destroyed. They are capable of altering your perception and damaging common thought process turning you against yourself, so the most useful trick for me while facing a burn out is to burn it out before it burns you out.

Be stubborn and strong when it seems all wrong, see the opportunity to add to your persona in the time of stress and depression, don’t let the burnout bog you down and make you miss out on the things you like to do.

Burn out the burn out before it burns you out.







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