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Inspire – Add the extra to the ordinary

In barbaric times, when war was fought with swords rather than thoughts, some men were able to uplift ordinary men and turn them into immortal warriors.

Some men had the capability to inspire and empower those around to them to go beyond their established dispositions and surpass their expectations of themselves.

Wars weren’t always won by well trained soldiers but by common men who were inspired to believe in their unlimited potential. The empowered souls inspired by the potential seen in them went beyond their normal capabilities and ended up accomplishing much more than they had thought of themselves before.

Here is an example from the movie Troy where Achilles stirs ordinary soldiers and expects them to be lions. This gives the common soldiers a potential to justify which they eventually do when a handful of them decimate hundreds of Trojan soldiers to conquer the beach at troy. The battle was won before it stated, in the inspired heads.

Inspiration in the post barbaric era 

In the modern world, where no swords are drawn and most battles are mental, where individuals seem to be at war with themselves, where people around you are waiting for an opportunity to criticize you at the slightest failure,  you are bound to live an uninspired and therefore uninspiring lifestyle.

Fear compels you to always take the safer route and the society compels you to aim for stability and not success,

The generic thought perception has stagnated and people are averse to thinking beyond the bubble that the society confines them to. As a result they have stopped believing in their own individual capabilities.

This necessitates agents who inspire,  who see the best in people and help them recognize and consequently realize their actual potential.


Inspire In modern social circles people accept each other as they are because everyone has similar limiting beliefs and confidencelessness. So most people use each other for whiling away time without adding anything to each others identities.

One needs to push people around him beyond their limiting bubble of beliefs and show them their true potential.

You only have to kindle the light in a dormant heart, soon the long lost passion takes over and sets ablaze repressed potential into a ball of fire, greatness in then achieved.

The magic in every soul 

There is some amount of magic in every soul which trespasses this realm. Time seems to have shut your dreams away. It is up to us then to help each other discover our long lost magic, instead of wasting time sharing news, seeking empty appreciation and just being a witness to life events.

The meanest person might have a soft spot, the greediest miser might have a hidden talent, the slimiest dealer might have a unique skill, it depends on noticing these things and pointing it out to give these people a chance to improve.

Everyone has the ability to inspire people around them, add a little extra to their ordinary lives,  but it all boils down to who cares enough to relinquish selfish endeavors and follow selfless ones.

Have a Good Day.


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The Altrusitic Avenger- A modern day superhero

Its a sin to quit and no one wants to be average. Everyone has that secret aspiration of being a superhero. But in a world devoid of super powers and unearthly talents, it is almost impossible to imitate the Godliness of your fictitious idols.

Your idea of a superhero is derived from the stories you have heard. But if you look closely you will find out most of these stories omit the obstacles and challenges these heroes faced.

It might have taken a Herculean obstacle to thwart Hercules, but even Hercules tumbled and fell. Even Achilles had an Achilles heel.Even Zeus was distracted by beauty They were not as indomitable as you think they were, they were just glorified in the tales you heard. Tales told by their PR agents to create a God like aura around them, to increase followers and demoralize enemies.

Over glorifying Chinese whispers

Most superheroes tickle your imagination with their indestructive nature. You are awe struck by how they overpowered every calamity or beast that came their way. They might amaze you by their immunity to mood swings, diseases and other common mortal disorders. But then it will be foolish to glamorize a demigod by singing songs about his stress or chanting praises about his pain or disclosing details about his diarrhea.In short tales of trouble wont make for a good reading.

modern day superhero

So, what you aspire to be is a glorified protagonist from a semi fictitious tale which has been augmented from ear to ear, just like a game of Chinese whispers among overtly optimistic people. In reality every one has weaknesses. everyone goes through the same kind of life laced with stress, disease and misfortune.In the modern world a super hero can be defined as a common man, who has the courage to fight his own battles and the concern to help out others fight their’s.

Reality- A land away from Comic Books  

altruistic avenger

In a land far away from comics and mythical tales, you can see people struggling with the reality of their lives. As man sets off on his journey in this modern world his thoughts are shaped by the complexity of the world which he has created for himself. A digital world laden with luxuries, pampered with pleasures and draped with distractions. It is hard to keep focus with all the nuances around let alone find time and energy to be a superhero.

But when reality hits you, and if you are lucky enough to rid yourself from the blindfolds of guilty pleasures and take the first steps away from mediocrity, you feel the heat from the sun in a way you have never felt before. Many burn out before actualizing their dreams, many bow down to the real problems of the real world.

Only the ones who find their feet get the chance to fall, so when life trips you, dust yourself off and stand tall, and if you think you cant, don’t waste time crying just start to crawl.

Success is a matter of more than a few tries and quitting is always unwise, so keep your eyes on the prize and sooner or later you will see yourself rise.

You wont see the troubles at the start, but time will test your body, soul and heart.

And when you rise above the realms of mediocrity they will see you as there guiding light, living similar lives but with perspective poles apart.

The altrusitic avenger- The Modern Day Superhero


Its very easy to be the Hulk of SUlk, or be the Spidey who gets caught in the web of his own negativism, so stop living your life poisoning others life like a Black widow, be focused on your goals, see them through a Hawk’s eye, hammer down on your obstacles like Thor and Iron out your flaws like a man. This will allow you to be the Captain of your destiny and make your life much more than a spectacle to Marvel. When you overcome the obstacles and achieve your dreams you become an example for everyone around you. This along with an ounce of empathy and compassion will make you the altruistic avenger, and ideal modern day super hero who can not only save himself but lead everyone to a better future.



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The power of your dreams

Unjustified potential is the most widespread disease creeping the world. The fear of failure enervates the youth and makes them tread the obvious path. Hence they fail to realize their natural gifts and belie their potential. The society obfuscates young minds into believing that they are born to serve the society instead of offering something new to it. So to avoid the social chagrin that comes as a result of failure, you fail to try at all. Hence our current system is churning out sycophants who claw their way up a channel of professional servants.

While some parts of the world lavish, our prudence prevents us from going after the bigger fish, hence we are too busy struggling and competing for necessities. Disillusioned by the deceptive munificence of the ones ruling the world, we are like the big fish in small ponds. Happy in small victories because we are afraid to swim in higher tides.

But with better connectivity, people are not as deprived of information as they were before. A storm brews, the silent indignation wont be muted for too long. Some will be enlightened and will take it upon themselves to empower people around them.

Nature gives all of us a fair chance to blossom into the best that we can be, till the time we realize that anarchical despots have limited our potential boundary.

Our bondage is not about chains anymore, methods of bondage have evolved with time too, its our minds that our being controlled, we are subliminally enslaved, and we don’t even have a clue.

How can we think right when our very social system has been debauched to its very core, While the ruling powers are busy competing  for the big fish, we fight among ourselves to decide who will be keeping score.

They took centuries to dent our realities and rob us of our values and culture, Now they soar the sky with the loot, still monitoring our downfall from the top, like ravenous vultures.

Our insecurities reflect the miserable state of our minds, we are perpetually afraid because of the system they gave us, It wont happen overnight, it would take centuries of thought refinement to save us.

Although the journey is long and the destination unseen, we can play our little parts by realizing the ineffable power of our dreams.

You might not be able to sing the right songs or dance the right dance, but by believing in yourself you surely give yourself a fair chance.

As it is better to try and fail than to not try at all, At one end lies success, the other lessons from the fall.

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A bystanders view of more than a jillion hues

Enumerable gifts and curses come complimentary to the ones having a wide attention span. Some of us our endowed with the bandwidth of paradigm to notice beyond the obvious, the ones who can see the sparkle in the sky when its just abyssal darkness for the others, the ones who can relate to the shapes the clouds take up and the palliative potential of a roaring river,  the ones who can notice the sadness in smiles and the treachery in tears,the ones who can marvel with rapture the aesthetic vista and the pristine rumble of the jungle, belong to this category. But on the flip-side the same gifted ones endure the wrath that inflated perspicacity endows.


Some of us go through those inglorious days wherein life seems to trap you in a byzantine maze through its incredulous ways, you feel out of place like cadavers out of graves, the more you fight the feeling the longer it stays. While the majority is illiterate to the ludicrous games life plays, the enchanted solemnly embrace what ever is served on their trays.
The benighted ones hold just this one advantage over the enlightened, the luxury of not realizing universal allusions because their state of awareness isn’t heightened.

But the ones who are impaired of looking beyond the obvious, cozing in their comfort zones, oblivious , Are actually dwelling in a void, incapable of savouring the subtleties of little moments, so precious.

Meanwhile the bystander attempts in vain to balance his superfluous perceptional potential to juice the brilliance out of the momentary view, But this is his curse, the white comes with the black, and he cant help but notice the full spectrum of hues.

Widen your paradigm, start observing the enumerable pixels in your frame of vision, and you will soon come to realize, You are auto-empowered to bare with the grotesque so that you can gape at the grandeur of this funny thing called life.

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