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The Journey Within – Stages of Meditation

Meditation – The Journey Within

You use and abuse your brain every living moment. You are either  observing, creating, resolving, inspiring or worrying, cursing, cribbing, plotting, planning. Have you ever tried to understand the intelligence behind your brain which makes all this possible?

This intelligence, which you often take for granted, is nothing but the cosmic divinity exhibiting itself through you.  Not many have the power of evoking this intelligence, as it requires you to make the most tedious of journey’s. A journey which doesn’t involve moving  a million miles but sitting still.


A journey which requires you to activate your divine elements like calmness, concentration and intuition through yoga and meditation and use them to take a walk with your soul in the garden of universal bliss.

Meditation: From Body to Soul to Spirit

Meditation is the transcendence from bodily sense consciousness to super consciousness of the soul and further to the cosmic consciousness, the ultimate spirit( energy) governing our cosmos.

Only the ones who defeat the resisting restlessness of the senses and overcome delusions of the material world,through regular and effective meditation, can look within and carry forward on their journey to experience inner ecstasy.

To get in touch with the paradise within you have to forego the sensory disturbances outside. Only then can you make the connection from body to soul and consequently to the universal spirit.


This connection occurs through different stages of meditation. Here is a brief about the stages of meditation.

The Stages of Meditation 

  1. Restlessness of sensory consciousness- The delusion of sense consciousness are the most difficult to overcome. The responsiveness to your sense of taste, sight, touch, smell, and sound are heightened when you try to sit still and meditate. The first stage of Meditation is to observe this restless aspect within you and overcome it through calmness, concentration and persistence. It is a battle between the soul forces of calmness and intuition and your senses preventing you to sit still.
  2. Realization of Super Consciousness- The few of you who outlast restlessness are awakened to the super consciousness within you. You understand that you possess subtle divine perceptions along with gross sense perceptions which work against each other. This realization is also referred to as middle point. You are exactly in the middle of the divine elements pushing you towards the spirit and the sensory elements pulling you back towards the physical world. .  In this state you can , from time to time, taste the sweet nectar of the cosmic consciousness and feel deep peace.
  3. Cosmic Closure – With constant practice you empower the divine elements further, thereby reducing the powers of the restlessness causing sense elements and opening the doors to cosmic consciousness. The more divine fuel you add to your super consciousness the closer you get to the divine element(cosmic consciousness). You start feeling this deep blissful feeling of oneness with the everything around you, yet the unrelenting  forces of desire and sensory temptation are omnipresent waiting for your concentration to slip.
  4. Samadhi(ONENESS)– You align yourself perfectly with the (GOD entity)cosmic consciousness. In oneness with the very root of the cosmos you either drown yourself in yourself or find yourself in yourself. Desires and sensory temptations have little or no hold on you at all.

CONNECT meditationThese four stages of meditation are stated in numerous ancient scripts of wisdom.  Although the words and languages might be different but in the end the concept is the same. Facilitating an inner connection of the soul with soul of the universe is the underlying motive of most ancient scripts.

Modern world distractions have made it increasingly difficult for this to happen. In a material and desire driven societies, very few have the time to look inside. With ready made virtual rewards on your fingertips why would someone make all the effort to silence senses and look inside in the first place.

Yet this bubble is on the verge of bursting as more and more people seek salvation beyond substance, meditation beyond limitation, and fulfillment beyond desires.  Discover ways of aligning and moving beyond material desires by reading 6 Ways to The World. It will help you in understanding and connecting with yourself.



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Finding peace through breathing

There is no doubting the fact that you and your surrounding are similar in composition. The same Carbon, Hydrogen, Oxygen, Nitrogen and water which constitutes the cosmos makes up your body. You uptake these elements both tangibly through food and intangibly through breathing. As a result finding peace depends on your ability to be conscious about this exchange and regulating it mindfully.

The scope of science is limited to gases but in actuality you and your surroundings are an absolute unity. Separated by your body and united by the process of breathing. When you inhale you take in a part of the cosmos and  while exhaling you give out a part of yourself. There is a perpetual flow of energy between the individual and what surrounds us, but most often we are too busy to be mindful of this fact.

Breathing on Autopilot

Try holding your nose with your mouth shut for 45 seconds. No, actually try it. This is how important breathing is to life. 45 seconds without it will make you feel worse than when you fall from a flight of steps. Yet you never value it enough as to do it mindfully.

Most people are so engrossed in the process of life that they take the vital aspect of breathing for granted. In 75 years of living you breathe approx. 47,30,40,000 times. But no one consciously notices it until a respiratory malfunction. You never understand the significance of something until it is taken away from you.  You take it for granted, and leave it on auto pilot.

Benefits of breathing

Being mindful of your breathing even for a little time daily can work wonders for you. When you spend time breathing consciously, you will  not only improve your physical health, but the way you see the world will change.  Among other things it:

Fills you with Gratitude– Makes you realize that being alive is a prize.

Helps you stay grounded– Every human being, no matter of their caste, creed, color, strata or religion is united by the basic process of breathing.

Increases Self Awareness – While noticing your own breath, you are introduced to your inner self, this helps you in finding peace by making you aware of the actual person beyond your daily routine.

Increase perceptiblilty– Once you start being mindful of your breath, you start seeing the world with more perceptive eyes. As your awareness of basic processes enhances, it is also duplicated in your mind awareness of the world. Hence you start registering more than what meets the eye.

Enhance control make you independent- By connecting you with your inner spirit, mindful breathing makes you in charge of your actions. Most people live their lives as a response, responding to people, phone calls, news and messaged. They seldom control life, but by being aware of your breath you get insights into you own likes and dislikes and as a result you dont allow no smart phone or boss to control your thoughts.

Decrease anxiety and stress– By focusing on your breath you will realize what is truly significant in life and how most stresses and anxieties are a result of society induced demands. When you look within you fill find contentment in simplicity, joy in the gift of life, which will diminish anxieties and stress.

Finding peace through breathing

Life is too short to waste on hate, so finding the love inside and then spreading it is the basic essence of life.

We are part of our environment, we are not merely made by it, we are it. The ones who understand this concept are in alignment with the universe and flow with it.

When you let go of the auto pilot and breathe consciously, there is a very subtle shift, there is more grace and less mechanics in your breathing. Once you understand this , every breathe you take will be full of grace and this will show in all your actions. Once you get into alignment, the breathing will be an indicator to the natural grace present in you.

Your approach towards every daily task will transform. You will undertake everyday activities with more grace and less mechanics. This will not only make you do justice to the task but help you in finding peace while doing them.

Try to take your attention to your breathe this very second. Spend some time with it, let your thoughts flow and allow yourself the luxury of just sitting still and being one with your surroundings, you will see finding peace is just a breath away.




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