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The Makeup Queen and Steroid King – Casper and Bumble

So there they were two  elevated energy forms, sipping their Energy Tchi in the ant hill in the monsoon drenched lower Himalayas.

When suddenly there was a loud cry outside, a human cry, not the  ultrasonic shrill indicating the opening of a cosmic portal or the infrasonic gong signaling  the  meditation time for spirits.

Casper:  What was that? Sounded like one of those Earthly Hyenas getting mauled by a Lion?

BB : Well we are too high for those kind of sounds but you weren’t that far off.  This was a mauling but of the human wild cat kind, let me have a closer look.

Casper:  Appears to me someone is is special trouble. What can you observe?

BB:  There is less wandering  and more lusting couple out on an Instagram trek.

Casper: Oh yes I can see, the girl with black eyes like yours and that swollen guy whose arms look lie a Baboons derriere.  That device they are carrying is really special.  As soon as they turn it on, some magical energy overtakes them and they start smiling, being nice to each other, cleaning there surroundings but when it is shut they are lifeless like you Bumble.

BB: Easy there spaceman, I am more alive than these  low vibrating desire infested mortals can ever be. That being said, the modern humans do that to themselves, they live multiple lives, one in front of the camera and the world and one behind it.

The dark eyes are basically the reason for their fight. The wild cat human is losing her mind because the  baboon arm man couldn’t carry her 3 kg makeup kit. She is unhappy that she wont get nay cool pics as proof of the lovely time they had.

Casper:  Ooh Makeup, are you  aware that these companies use Alien excreta for most of their beauty products. They don’t know it but but the earth dwelling aliens excrete a lot of chemicals which are consequently used by make up companies.

Anyhow let me understand this, she is fighting because she is enable to show others the happy time she is having and spoiling whatever time she has in the process.

BB: Well the humans don’t actually learn to value  time  till they have little to none left.  I know. What about the Baboon Arm Man, how did i his arm get so big?  Is that alien excreta too?

Casper: Dead men are smarter than alive ones. It actually is. So certain alien species urinate these steroidal mixes which become part of Earthly chemistry and they end up using as Anabolic Steroids. But at the end both are excretas and highly toxic.

BB: Toxic for real bro, it is pretty evident in the lethargy of the baboon arm man and the misplaced aggression of the ghost eye girl.

Casper:  What happened to Love? These two just seem to be using each other? Both seem to be ok with it?

BB: Well the unconditionlessness of Love is a rare phenomenon .  Desire has seeped through human society is so many ways that all relationships, no matter how rosy they appear are a matter of using each other.

Casper: What a sad thing to say?

BB: Well humanity has crumbled, greed, for money and power, lust and desire for more, craving for attention and prestige, all have diluted the human spirit. The few who try to unlearn this human conditioning are crushed by the many who they compete with, they either perish or become a part of the many.

Casper: Well your nature  gives them so many reminders, why don’t they reflect and learn?

BB: Well on the contrary , they become more carefree and indulgent, look at these two, right now they were fighting now they are coochie cooing, soon they will be fighting again and then coochie cooing with someone else and the cycle will continue.

Casper: Short term indulgences  are never the answer, they starve humans from finding life’s actual meaning, wastes their mortal journey and keeps them away from realizing and fulfilling their earthly purpose.

BB: The society wants that, to keep man stupid and numb with fear and desire so that they can hoard more money, but even they don’t know what they will do with it when they come to my side.  They need to wakeup from the makeup, and stop riding the asteroid of steroid, both will make them burn out too soon.

to be continued…


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