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6 ways how nature helps you hack life

An awakened mind learns more from the smallest things in nature, enlightenment then is not a destination but a means of understanding life better. The enlightened one is empowered with a superior receptivity, an understanding which sets him apart from common perception.

Most of us have similar patterns of living, yet some of us notice things that others don’t. This is a result of an inner awakening which doesn’t alter the surroundings but finds newer meanings from similar things.

Nature for me is the best teacher. If you find time to observe it, you learn many lessons that books and institutes don’t teach. The unlimited scope of knowledge at your disposal is easily ignored because of fast paced lives and the struggle for survival. But the ones who rid themselves from this daily rat race will acknowledge the scope of therapeutic natural secrets and mysteries waiting to be unraveled.

Here are six ways how nature helps you hack life :

1. The exuberance of birds and bees instills joy into reality- The chirpy birds and buzzing bees can only be heard in the backdrop of horns, shouts and noise these days. Usually they are perceived as disturbances on a lazy morning, but when one comes to think of it, they not only provide a relief from mechanical noise but also indicate the excitement present in these little souls and how they celebrate each moment of their limited lives.

Lessons you can incorporate in your own lives– You don’t need too much to be excited, you can be happy with whatever is around you.


2.  The stillness of plants and trees renders calmness to your sense of being- At time life demands you to run and at others you just need to be still. The latter part has almost become impossible due to the enumerable distractions of the modern world. Plants and trees carry on with their daily responsibilities, of sustaining life, without expecting much in return.

Lessons you can incorporate in your own lives-When you feel restless , craving attention, excitement, doing whatever it is that you do, just observe the simplicity with which a tree operates all its daily responsibilities. Its selfless stillness will help you keep calm and simplify life.


3. The well orchestrated natural systems which supports life, show us the unconditional love which nature provides– Many small things systems align in the most perfect order to make life possible. The night and day cycle, the water cycle, the weather, wind system, solar system, all contribute towards making this life possible for humans who don’t have to do anything to deserve this gift. Its natures unconditional love which makes life possible and you being
a part of nature should strive to radiate as much unconditional love as possible.

Lessons you can incorporate in your own lives- You don’t always need a reason or motive to do something good to someone, just like nature doesn’t need a reason to make this life possible for you. Go one make a day, make someone happy beyond measure without expecting anything in return.

4. There is a new day after every calamity, there is no permanent pathos, makes you realize that there is always clarity after the chaos- Nature has a way of bouncing back from calamities, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis and asteroids, have always obstructed life but never terminated it. Most calamities are man made but nature does its best to help humans recover from these and for itself and the human race to progress.

Lessons you can incorporate in your own lives– In life you will come across many problems, you will suffer from the consequences of someone else’s mistakes, but that doesn’t mean you give up. Beyond the chaos in your life, will live clarity, don’t give up on yourself just like nature gives up on you.

hack life3

5. The abundant joys at offer regardless of the pollution humans cause, teaches us a thing about love and accepting people with all their flaws- Yes you play a pivotal role in polluting the world(collective responsibility as a race) . Air, water, wind and though pollution all stem from us humans. But irrespective of all our attempts to sabotage natural life, we wake to a bright sun every new day.

Lessons you can incorporate in your own lives- When nature offers you all its gifts without partiality why do you judge and fail to accept people as they are. Love unconditionally, spread the magic which is inside your soul.


6. The mesmeric aesthetic  surprises we get when we least expect inspires us to do good to others without regret– Nature never seizes to amaze you with its magnificence. When you least expect it, nature uncovers one of its enumerable aesthetic surprises like a sunset when you are travelling, a gentle breeze when you are sweating, unexpected rain when its hot. nature has the knack of perfectly placing one of its beautiful surprises in front of you when you need some cheering up, or need to be inspired.

Lessons you can incorporate in your own lives-Be a source for such magnificence for others. Shine and illuminate the lives around you, surprise people with your goodness, make the sad ones smile, the angry laugh, add to the happiness of the lives around you without wanting a medal for it .

Although these things are pretty obvious but the rat race doesn’t allow us to take our attention to notice and act on the subliminal lessons of nature.

Hope you can unearth some of your own life lessons that nature brings to you in varied ways. If you are keen on listening nature will speak to you, so try to listen carefully. If you are keen on seeing nature will show you ways of improving your lives, so see carefully. Charge yours senses and you will discover enumerable lessons around you, which will help you lead a fruitful life.

If you can harness your energies and re-calibrate your view, you will be able to notice that nature has embedded within it many hidden clues, You can either spend your life ignoring these like a fool or awaken yourself and utilize these to create a better you. 

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The inevitableness of suffering

Wie viel ist aufzuleiden! (How much suffering there is to get through!)” These lines by Rillke highlight a painful truth about of life. It is impossible to avoid suffering, even the ones who live too carefully in order to protect themselves from life’s suffering , suffer from the anxiety of impending death.

Your vacation on this planet comes with a distinct set of sufferings that you have to go through irrespective of who you are. As life slowly reveals its true colors to you, you find out that there is more to it than the cartoons, a fragment which you never account for as a child, and out of nowhere you find yourselves in soups you had never imagined.

There is no king, no beggar, no monk, no murderer who can escape suffering. Suffering is omnipresent, like the air we breathe, the water we drink, the happiness we relish and the love we share. You might run and hide from it, but you will ultimately have to suffer the quota dedicated to you in order to learn your lessons and find your meaning.

The education associated with both the mental and physical suffering is a vital component for an individual trespassing this planet. With this being said it becomes vital as to how you react to suffering.

Willing yourself on

Yes most people think that they are targets for mystical forces playing paint ball. They are so overawed by the slightest of sufferings that they lose their head, forgetting the generic nature of suffering.


Yes there is some honor in suffering, you can either become a rebel , making life difficult for people around you, or accept your share of sorrow and move on.

It is essential to accept the struggles, sadness, sorrow and suffering as you enjoy the ecstasy, enjoyment,  excitement and entertainment that life has to offer. Once you learn to accept this reality you learn to accommodate instead of questioning it, bear the pain rather than complain.

Share the load, life’s burdens will appear lighter

Once you have stopped questioning as to why one suffers, you will start looking for ways to adapt to the suffering.

As an  individual you have to find a why to bear the pain, to survive the storms, it can be a solitary purpose, an ambition or a relationship, family and friends. Once you find a why you will survive anyhow.

But usually people look for external supports and end up overcompensating in order to avoid suffering. This is the reason several religious offices are running idol worship centers like corporate houses.

A better way to do this is by sharing each others burden irrespective of status, class and religion. When suffering is common to all then people should unite and share the load as a whole, irrespective of man made socioeconomic differences.

Understanding the rules of the cosmos to your advantage

There are certain absolutes of this universe which we cant fight, only accept and adapt to. Suffering being one of them has to be treated similarly. 

The earlier you accept these laws f the universe the faster you can adapt and save yourself from falling into stress and depression. Learn to embrace the suffering just like you embrace the pleasures. Life is bitter sweet.





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Inspire – Add the extra to the ordinary

In barbaric times, when war was fought with swords rather than thoughts, some men were able to uplift ordinary men and turn them into immortal warriors.

Some men had the capability to inspire and empower those around to them to go beyond their established dispositions and surpass their expectations of themselves.

Wars weren’t always won by well trained soldiers but by common men who were inspired to believe in their unlimited potential. The empowered souls inspired by the potential seen in them went beyond their normal capabilities and ended up accomplishing much more than they had thought of themselves before.

Here is an example from the movie Troy where Achilles stirs ordinary soldiers and expects them to be lions. This gives the common soldiers a potential to justify which they eventually do when a handful of them decimate hundreds of Trojan soldiers to conquer the beach at troy. The battle was won before it stated, in the inspired heads.

Inspiration in the post barbaric era 

In the modern world, where no swords are drawn and most battles are mental, where individuals seem to be at war with themselves, where people around you are waiting for an opportunity to criticize you at the slightest failure,  you are bound to live an uninspired and therefore uninspiring lifestyle.

Fear compels you to always take the safer route and the society compels you to aim for stability and not success,

The generic thought perception has stagnated and people are averse to thinking beyond the bubble that the society confines them to. As a result they have stopped believing in their own individual capabilities.

This necessitates agents who inspire,  who see the best in people and help them recognize and consequently realize their actual potential.


Inspire In modern social circles people accept each other as they are because everyone has similar limiting beliefs and confidencelessness. So most people use each other for whiling away time without adding anything to each others identities.

One needs to push people around him beyond their limiting bubble of beliefs and show them their true potential.

You only have to kindle the light in a dormant heart, soon the long lost passion takes over and sets ablaze repressed potential into a ball of fire, greatness in then achieved.

The magic in every soul 

There is some amount of magic in every soul which trespasses this realm. Time seems to have shut your dreams away. It is up to us then to help each other discover our long lost magic, instead of wasting time sharing news, seeking empty appreciation and just being a witness to life events.

The meanest person might have a soft spot, the greediest miser might have a hidden talent, the slimiest dealer might have a unique skill, it depends on noticing these things and pointing it out to give these people a chance to improve.

Everyone has the ability to inspire people around them, add a little extra to their ordinary lives,  but it all boils down to who cares enough to relinquish selfish endeavors and follow selfless ones.

Have a Good Day.


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Harnessing digital addictions- Share with care

Back in the day Viral was just an ailment, feared by all, wanted by none. But in the modern world of social media and 30 seconds to fame, going viral is the mission of most people’s life.  The unforgiving addictions of wanting to know all and wanting to be known by all has slowly but surely phased itself into society. It is high time that we accept and find ways to live with these addictions rather than running away.

What started off like an adolescent abnormality has turned itself into a world wide epidemic. The absolute irony of people posting pictures of their digital detox on various social media handles typifies the extent to which we stand addicted. The addiction is here to stay, so we can either enslave ourselves to it everlastingly or turn this unavoidable addiction into something which serves the common good.

Digital from teether’s to tombstones

When virtual profiles are groomed more than the self, when image editing software’s are applied more than soap and oil, when chargers are packed before toothbrushes, and when self worth is measured by the number of virtual approvals one receives, then it is safe to say that yiu are enveloped by a digital blanket, one which cant be avoided, only accepted. A blanket which is thrusted upon you when you are born and which lasts till you pass away.


This digital blanket has made itself a daily part of our lives. It has bought with it enumerable problems and possibilities. People from remote places, even ones living remote lives in bigger places, suddenly get a chance to a establish an identity in front of a wider audience.  The get noticed, acknowledged, appreciated, liked, retweeted, shared quick brigade is all a consequence of the digital Renaissance. Without realizing what they are sharing people just want to make their mark on the virtual world, wanting to be noticed.

Lets go Viral- Of selfies and pouts

When grown men and women cant control their urge to indulge in the virtual world, their younger counterparts cant be expected to do the same. Social media is as big a part of a persons life as waking up, going to the washroom and having breakfast. Cuz most of you are on social media all throughout, even while undertaking the above mentioned activities.

You can fool yourself and the world for a while but you will have to accept it sooner rather than later that social media is an unavoidable reality, one which has slowly made itself a vital component of existence.

So with that in mind people can use it in cheap attempts to fast track their way to empty fame, misguide others by depicting life as only a series of happy selfies and pouts, or utilize it to put a smile to someones face and get them out of their gloom.

The need to be admired

Man is not a solitary creature and everyone needs that pat on the back or that like on the status. Who are we kidding, compliments are always welcome. Yet, one should be mindful of what one is doing in order to get complimented.

Projecting a false image,  imitating a superstar, depictions of brashness,vulgarity and violence, might get you the momentarily relevance that your empty soul craves, but they make you part of a confused identity-less majority. You can satiate your admiration vacuum by doing something much more constructive than making empty attempts of going viral.

Harnessing the addiction

Most of us are addicted to social media, it forms a a vital part of our lives. So rather than resenting or being egotistical about it you can harness this addiction and use it to satisfy your need to be admired by actually doing something admiration worthy. Be mindful of what you share, share experiences which will help someone, a thought that might act like the glue to someones broken heart, an idea that would help fix someones jigsaw.


Use what man has created to benefit himself in actually benefiting the race rather than making yourself famous. If you are good at what you do no one can stop you from going viral, if you are an empty vessel, you might get a few appreciators but your hollow life will never become full of joy.

Be mindful, share to inspire.

Have a good day.






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