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The victory in losing the world cup

A daunting target, a ruthless opponent, alien conditions, a certain loss, yet our warriors, lead by their charismatic leader, tried to live up to the limitless demands of a fanatic nation in the world cup.

For a change they were able to satisfy the over expecting crowd even with a defeat. This performance in a losing cause commanded respect, partly because of the fight shown in the losing cause and partly because of the overall performance over the course of the world cup.

Although it would have been amazing to win the cup again, yet I believe that the performance of the team and the graceful acceptance of defeat by the fans is commendable and as good as a victory in itself.

The way the fans connected with the players, understanding that they gave it their all but came second best, indicates an improvement in the thinking standards of the Indian mindset. This augurs well for the country, not only in sport but also in its widespread development as a united and connected nation.

O Captain, My captain

World cup captain

While Sir Ravindra Jadeja was bowling to Michael Clark in the 42nd over, Dhoni was heard saying on the stump mike””Aage nikal ke marega (he will charge you)” a subtle observation, but enough to help the bowler vary his bowling enough to save some valuable runs. The next bowl Jadeja slowed it down and Clarke, as predicted by Dhoni, came out of his crease but just to defend.

The smartest cricketer in the World who has done and seen it all. Observing his leadership style is better than reading a million books on  the subject. The calmness, sacrifice and hope he brings to the team is unparalleled. Like an alchemist he has turned many base men into match winners. So adept in his art that he actually predicted what the batsmen would do the next ball.

Dhoni brings to mind King Leonidas, who fought valiantly knowing he will eventually be defeated. With his level of respect and achievements, he sacrificed meeting his loved ones and was ready to be humbled in defeat, just to put on a show for his fellow countrymen to be inspired.

The way he scampered for every extra run, the way he hit those sixes at the end, conveyed that he wanted to contribute to the entertainment of the millions watching and justify their hope, even though the match was lost.

The cause was lost but like many a mighty warriors, Dhoni etched his mark on this world cup with his grit and astuteness. The team flourished under the inspiration of a great leader, who gave it his all and lead by example, keeping all his star players together as a unit.

A proud Indian

world cup

As I reflect back to the days when effigies of demi gods(cricketers) used to be burnt, their families harassed and houses pelted with stones after just one bad result, I am filled with  a sense of ultimate elation looking at our progress as a nation.

Back in the day we used to let our passion turn into violent anger which made us curse the ones we worshiped in a matter of ours. This not only crippled the working of a cricket crazy nation but also lead to a generic negative vibe among the people.

The educated and graceful response to this defeat, comes as an indication of how far we have come as a nation. Yes sports are meant to unite countries and the people within them, but not only in times of victory, for the first time I see the nation backing its players and supporting them in defeat in this world cup.

It was an absolute pleasure to experience the joys of Shikar’s dominant demeanor, Shami’s swing, Umesh’s pace, Mohits run out and slower deliveries, Dhoni’s comments on the stump mike, Ashwin’s revolutionary marvels, Jadeja’s athleticism, the brute force of Raina, the class of Rahane and Rohit and of course the lack of reaction of Virat Kohli.  It was great to see the biggest stadium in the world filled with more Indians than fans of the host country. This world cup might not have got us a trophy, but it got us memories which considering our cricket craziness, will last us a lifetime.




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Sachin Tendulkar- The glint in the eyes, divulges the champion inside

I was just checking some old slam books, the ones we used to get filled by our friends before Facebook. I saw this one from grade 6th where most of my friends filled the ambition section with” I want to be Sachin Tendulkar”. This made me delay my chamomile tea induced sleep plans and do justice to the master himself on the eve of his final test.

Who are we, if not measured by our impact on others? That’s who we are! We’re not who we say we are, we’re not who we want to be — we are the sum of the influence and impact that we have, in our lives, on others.

Carrying the hopes of a nation through two and a half decades of poverty, corruption, terrorist attacks, natural calamities. Embalming distraught and misery stricken minds by redefining the way a game is played. Inspiring a generation to channelize their energies and being the perfect role model, leading to the development of the current set of world beaters in the India cricket team. The perfect gift to all of us this Children’s day is to see this deity name Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar, who inspired us throughout our childhood, share his genius for one last time.

The journey, the numbers, the achievements will all be talked about but what this Man did by instilling hope into peoples mind and changing their lives cannot be talked about enough. The mere news of Tendulkar scoring a century made us heal from accidents, forget bad results at school, overlook the tough day at work and sleep with a smile on our faces. The sincere demeanor coupled with the effortless flamboyance will surely leave its mark on everyone who knows cricket.

Sachin’s name will echo across the cricket fraternity for eternity. The 10 cricketers playing along with him tomorrow will vouch for it. Each player in the current team was inspired by Sachin at a point in his life, forget the gamesmanship, by the mentality. Sachin’s passion, dedication, responsibility and humbleness towards cricket and his country are perfect examples to help all of us achieve our own goals.

Sachin is the kind of personalities, who make people forget geographical boundaries and just admire his ingenious. I can imagine the confused bewilderment Australian fans found themselves in when the Sachin storm hit them in Sharjah. The same feeling will be shared by all of the countries he has played against.

“Try to pay homage to Sachin by doing whatever you do with the same dedication and passion that this legend displayed in playing for his country.”

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Ignite a soul to illuminate the universe this Diwali

As the festival of lights gradually transforms itself into the festival of sounds, the Indian government leads its citizens on a money splurging spree. The thousands that people burn on ear cracking crackers and environment damaging rockets are justified, as the Indian government lead the way by forking out Rs 450 crore($73 million) on a Rocket of its own. It seems that a space mission to mars will be a sign of our countries development. I believe that these two events occurring so close to each other, Diwali and the rocket launch, spur people, who care to notice, to unravel the cogs in our society.

Is it worth it? 

The money burnt on creating the visual and audible spectacle on Diwali could have been utilized to illuminate the lives of the needy around us, the echoes of their good wishes would have resonated throughout our lives, motivating us to keep working for the betterment of our world.

The money behind the mission on Mars could have contributed towards eradicating poverty in a country which boasts of a third of the worlds poor. We are capable of going to Mars and beyond but should it be the priority right now? A scientist might say yes, try putting that scientist inside an earthen hut, living on crumbs throughout this winter, then ask him again. But here, even an earthen hut is a luxury which only a few can afford,and the bread crumbs are the rewards for waking early and braving the cold to stand in a long line.

Charity begins at home, and if the government thinks it has enough to splurge why not make some friends by donating to our neighbors or to another underdeveloped country. If you think that you can change the world by burning crackers all night long or splurging superfluously on other festivals then go ahead, hope you enjoy denting the universe, but just ask yourselves is it worth it?

No one wins in the race to another planet

Changes wont occur if we find life on mars or waste our money to prove our existence to our neighbors. Our planet wont sustain itself until we make ourselves technology capable of living on two different planets. Greed and selfishness will finally get the better of us in one way or another.

When you cant care enough for the people around you right now, I don’t know what relevance do the green bob heads from mars hold.

“You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one. I hope someday you’ll join us. And the world will live as one.”

Lennon reflects the point I am trying to make. Are you strong enough to forego the little pleasure of your lives to create a lot of value for people who actually need it. Our you willing to come out of our comfort zones and contribute towards the general well being of your race. Have you discovered your own selves enough so as to start going on a discovery mission to another planet. As per the people running the country and the race to another planet, the lines from Lennon can be rearranged to:

“You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one. I hope someday aliens will join us. And together we will crash and burn.”

The cure

Every problem comes with a solution. The obvious one here is to first share the privileges you were born with, with the less privileged. Then, to be a thought leader. If you can persuade even a single mind for the benefit of the world you live in, you will make a world of a difference.

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Superimposing negative habits with positive ones

Its a waste to withhold, so smile from your soul

Restrict your mind from obstructing the smooth transfer of the good feeling,

Every time you smile from within, you convey energy, leading to other souls healing,

This world doesn’t need a billion altruists to sustain

Just a scattered few can hold up the umbrellas through the storm and rain.

News reported how some stray dogs attacked contrary to their nature as they attacked water birds in the marshlands at Pallikaranai,South Chennai, India. Packs of dogs wading into the water to devour helpless water birds, displays how desperate times lead to desperate measures. Hunger forced these dogs to go against their natural characteristics and dive in. The disharmony this will render to the food chain is a different question that someone smarter will research  on, but I would like to use this example to highlight one of the biggest obstacles in the path of the development of our country.

Politicians in India gave in to corruption as a result of extreme destitution all across the country after the British rule, desperate times called for desperate measures. But conditions improved, the politicians didn’t. So much so that we live in an age in which corruption and politics are considered unofficial synonyms in India.

The political system has been unable to detach itself from the corruption that it incorporated many years ago to fight poverty. This has impaired our countries development and continues to do the same.  But with time, as the world becomes smarter, more and more of these corrupt practices get deciphered. Its impossible to let go of acquired habits.

So how can we save ourselves from the impending holocaust of complete economic meltdown, when the force acting for the proper administration of our nation is the one responsible for its under development. Knowing how hard it is for all species to forget acquired habits we need force ourselves(as the politicians come from among us) to acquire good habits. These will super impose on the previously acquired habits and lead to an improved developmental rate.

What are these good habits then? Life kills without life skills, all of us have the great epics to look up to.  Even proper education is not the answer. In a trend, where we see the education system loading itself with subject books and ignoring life skill development it is of utmost importance to seek alternate methods of learning.

We need to go back to our epics and texts that travel through centuries. The teachings of our sacred texts have contextual relevance beyond our understanding, Our sub conscious imbibes most of its functioning properties from what our conscious mind engulfs in the early years. Reading sacred books without a religious agenda can help mold minds into more compassionate and caring forms.

Bit by bit we reached imbalanced our universe to its current state,

We cant overturn are fortunes in a day, its only the slow knife that will help us kill hate,

Making us greatly compassionate and compassionately great,

The ride to a corruption-less world will be long but it will never start if you hesitate.

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