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Living a Life of Ultimate Freedom

When you actually appreciate yourself you don’t need permission to be inspired, you see through self imposed restrictions, and finally give yourself the freedomg from self sabotage, to express unconditionally, absolutely and to grow without limits.

As you live an inspired life through this shift in paradigm, you dissolve your need for external validation and through this realisation also provide others freedom from judgment, so that they can express themselves without fear


The Path to Freedom

There might be some divine intervention, some major suffering which will lead to this shift but you can intentionally create the same, in this moment, just like in any moment, you are free to accept and let go of any belief life might have made you accept in the past.

The inability for a human to grow out of beliefs is because one’s limited conditioning is so deep that it feels it needs someone’s permissions to change, and validation to endorse change.
But who is the someone? This someone actually represent the mind made social authority which has the narrowest, limited vision, which may or may not exist.

So most decision making for an individual is based on approval from a phantom authority which can’t think beyond the fear and lack conditioned beliefs of mind. Good luck trying to impress that and good luck trying to release yourself from this imaginary cage.

The Chain of Freedom

Once you see through the hollowness of a validating authority, you never make decisions to seek external validations yet make them with unhindered freedom. You allow your absolute being to unfurl to its truest potential, you allow yourself to be the effortless expression of cosmic intelligence, an instrument of God.

You also do the society a major favour by releasing those around your from your judgement and unconciously empowering them with a sense of freedom, and the chain of freedom continues.

This sense of freedom is contagious, and is conveyed through being, rather than words. Being around an aligned person automatically aligns everyone around, renders them free, whole and realised.

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Nurturing thoughts to set your mind free

The digital escalation has left few independent minds. Ever since the reign of the Radios, through the tyranny of the television to the domination of the digital web, the human mind has seldom been left alone.  It has always been kept engaged by captivating ads and entertainment which have nibbled away on individualistic thinking and freedom.

Your garden of thoughts has been bathed with persuasions, some not as fruitful as others. These have molded the pattern of your perception, inculcating limiting beliefs, mostly guiding you to a collective social stupor.

Demystifying the Mass Hypnosis

Most people think alike, not because they were born that way, but because they are in a pattern of similarity. The digital world feeds them with the same news and updates, the same ads and depictions. Even the best brains cant keep themselves away from these subliminal thought guides.

The modern person finds himself inhaling a guided train of thoughts. Even if you are not directly smoking on the digital cigarette you are passively up-taking most of the influential content from those around you.  The sheer number of these digital zombies prevent you from channelizing your minds and thinking as an individual.

Although man is a social creature but when most of what society feeds you is being guided by what is viral online or what the owners of big companies want you to hear, then you have to make a specific effort to escape it.


Nurture your thoughts carefully

Generic patterns of thought have created a vacuum for individuality. So high is the number of influenced thinkers that the ones daring to free their minds are relegated to being bohemians and outkasts.

Some have realized the need to realign thought so as to cultivate unhindered perception. They have taken to meditation and mindfulness to allow themselves  enough time away from the influence of generic thought to attain blissful freedom. But most are unaware of the mass hypnosis that they are under.

Seeing baseless advertisements selling Colas, chips, motor bikes and cars, I was appalled at the lack of respect that the creative teams of these adverts have for the audiences. They are so sure that people will be influenced just seeing an over hyped star in the ad that they forgot to make a script which makes sense.

Rather than being herded like sheep by the digital world you are better off taking your time to reflect, analyse and create your own thought process so as to set your mind free.

Overcoming generic thinking

You will never be allowed  to overcome the daily race for money and power. When you are constantly fed by news, ads, movies, programs relating to all the evils in the world, it is impossible to remain unhindered. All of these sum up to making you stressful without you realizing.

Your conditioned perception doesn’t allow you to think about anything other than what everyone else does. Hence you are consumed by wordly affairs of hate, complain, greed and warfare.

If only you take a moment to realize that your perception defines the world rather than vice versa, you will be filled with wonder and transmit this to the people around you.


Here are some tips which might assist you and set you on a path of nurturing your beautiful brain:

  1. Feed yourself with affirmations and positive thought, this will make you less dependent on external resources for contentment.
  2. Meditate and look within to find confidence and solidarity in your own opinion.
  3. Be mindful of what you filter to your brain, don’t aimlessly slide with the masses.
  4. Find your own freedom, don’t let anyone dictate what is fun to you.
  5. Refrain from over indulging in the useless aspects of digital media, they impair receptivity.
  6. Seek the best in whatever you set your eyes on,

Fulfillment comes from within

Allow yourself the luxury of independent thinking.  In this world full of ironies, its very hard to find the space and time to foster individual thought and setting yourself free. You are raised on limiting social and spiritual beliefs and as you grow older persuaded by digital devices to act in uniformity with society, buy similar things, study similar courses, seek satisfaction in similar jobs.

The only way then to find fulfillment is to learn to sit still and inculcate receptivity without being influenced. The individual needs to persistently monitor his thoughts and dreams, by consciously setting digital filters to avoid being just  another brick in the wall.

You will find your magic if you lose your influential demons, and rather than imitating others, will have the confidence of being an original. Tend to your garden of thoughts as it will make you more than just a cheap imitation, nourish your brain with mindfulness and meditation, and once you awaken all your senses and set yourself free, help someone else do the same.




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Instinctive Freedom- Lucidity by hacking the consciousness

Unlocking the lock of conformance through the key of spontaneity

Spontaneity is the boat used to row across the abyssal void between the mundane and the entertaining. Being spontaneous is not a talent it comes out of practice. Spontaneity is the consequence of throwing yourself out of your comfort zones.  It is the consequence of breaking uniform patterns and chasing random ones. The randomness of chaos is conducive to a more instinctive and consequently affable life process. The cherished souls blessed with superior instincts strive to spread the mindset and share the beauty of their perception with the world. Writing about experiences and experiencing instances worthy of textual depiction are habits of such spontaneous people to empower the people around them to live in the moment. 

All our conscious moments are spent either in anxiety over the uncertainty of the future  or ruing the unfortunate past. Tragedy lies in the fact that at the intersection of Po these worries lies the present moment, influenced and impaired by both. The Taoist concept of Pu (meaning the uncarved rock) comes to head. It represent the original nature, prior to the imprint of culture and experiences. The state one goes back to at the end. Spontaneity involves ridding oneself of any preconceived notions and taking each fresh moment as an absolutely new experience. This is the state we were born with and this is the state in which we should experience every moment. By undertaking new challenges constantly, we fuel our instincts and exercise are  spontaneous responses , making them coherent.

Over introspection is a flaw too potent, makes us indulge in everything except the present moment. 

But you can only only enjoy this worlds true magnificence, when you break the shackles of the conscious and overcome your self imposed reticence.

Uniform thoughts and experiences are bound to render this life mundane,

Life is supposed to be grander, a little chaotic, a little insane.

The security of uniformity conceals the enumerable opportunities that the unknown withholds,

Take a chance, make a change, nullify doubts and express yourself, be bold,

Move at the speed of life, and let your instincts unfold,

Avoid the contemporary, be part of a story untold.

An infinite loop of chic indulgence and slick penmanship commissions you to dent the universe and lead others to change,

While enhancing your own paradigm you can help others expand their perspectives range.

Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing

A writers job consists of spreading the message of the free spirit through his words. Words carry no meaning if not backed by actions and hence treading untouched paths and surfing stranger tides becomes essential. This not only gives a writers work its souls but the articulate depiction experiences equips readers to fight the demons that make them follow conventional patterns and lead similar secure lifestyles.

Everyone wants to be a star, but they refrain from taking adequate action necessary to break through conformance. The least you can do is to hack your consciousness, which tempts you to always do the easiest obvious thing. The best he can do is to spark others lives through the luminescence of his actions.

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