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Slimpossible- Some core workouts

You might be at different levels of fitness, some of you might look at exercise as a remedial method to years of lethargy and bad eating habits, others would look at core workouts as another way to get popular, but then the few who are serious about fitness should understand that it is a way of life.

Some people exist in utter stagnancy without realizing it while others take every moment as an opportunity to learn, grow and get better at whatever they do. Some people need external idols and motivation while for others self improvement is enough motivation.

The approach matters

If you enter the gym with self improvement as your main agenda, you win against others who are looking at short cuts to look better.

You can always put on a show for the crowd but not the expense of your own improvement, don’t squander your talents in cheap exhibitionism.

It took me 6 years of core workout to put my first videos online, nowadays I see first timers focusing more on their smart phone cameras than the weights.

Here are a few core workouts that might help the ones who are serious about improving themselves:


You can perform most of these at home. Focus on form before getting too excited.

Dont be fooled by trainers trying to sell you their services. You can manage most workouts by yourself.


Try this without weights first before pushing yourself further.

Learn the rules of the game and then learn how to break them. You have to be patient at the onset and focus on repeating the same thing again and again till you become strong enough to try variations.

Ultimately you will learn to customize your core workout and make up your own exercises. Till then try doing these.

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Getting Fit- Burning much more than fat


Get FitThe key word for fitness is body usability, therefore getting fit is not all about having the biggest muscles as promoted by body building agencies and supplement sellers, its about having the right balance of strength, agility, flexibility and muscular development.

A strong core is essential for all weight training activities . It is very easy to forget actual fitness and get involved into the rat race of putting on big fatty muscles and having a bulky body in order to show off,  but you should remember that these wont last forever and will lead to long lasting anomalies.

You are better off balancing these with proper core training and conditioning exercises as it will lead to fat control and also enhance over all body strength, flexibility, endurance and ultimately usability.

I try to make my workouts as entertaining as possible, so they usually involve compound movements instead of the mundaneness taught at the gym. I believe that if you are having fun doing it, you will benefit the most out of it.

Keeping that in mind here are a few core exercises which will help you get fit:

Modified Ab Roller

The modified ab roller is perfect for people trying to lose belly fat fast. Slowly increase your range till you can extend your midsection completely while keeping your legs stagnant on the knees.

Modified Ab Crunch

Inverted body crunch is a slightly difficult exercise. Its typically for people who are wanting to enhance ab definition and aesthetics. Try to end it with a dragon fly hold to maximize ab crunch.

Ball Jacknives

The Ball Jacknife helps you with fat loss and muscle building. It is really helpful for people with back trouble as it puts no pressure on the back muscle. Should be performed under supervision until mastered.

Get Fit

Hope you understand that losing weight and fitness is not a struggle if done the right way. Most gyms and trainers make it appear tough to keep you enslaved to their long lasting boring regimes.

In the modern world its easy to get involved in the struggle to be the guy who lifts the heaviest weights and has the perfect abs. That’s why it is always important to keep an eye on overall fitness and body usability when you hit the gym.

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