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Intentional Surrender – Faith to Start and to Let Go

Only those who are fortunate to suffer at the hands of life,

Only those who are blessed with embarrassments, heartbreaks, losses, scams repetitively (the mind is a resilient fellow, it doesn’t give up easily)

Will get to taste life’s sweetest nectar, a life of absolute faith and presence.

But prior to faith. comes surrender, which is the most difficult challenge of a thinking mind, only after repetitive suffering does it break open, it takes many break downs for this break through.

But there is another painless way. to go about it.

Most of my words will be wasted as it is only experience of suffering that opens a being up. but still I try to nudge a few seekers, who might want to make it easier for themselves, to be illuminated without walking the fire.

Intentional Surrender

So in the case that you have carried on reading, I see a seeker, and I am grateful to have a come across one. You are the kind of human I like having my hot americanos with.

You are willing to use your human free will to elevate your human experience, you have managed to raise your self awareness beyond worldly distractions and taken yourself beyond blame and complain.

Now for what you can do to cross over to a life of faith and presence.

Die while you’re still alive.

Ok lets mild the dose.

Practice dying while you’re still alive, everyday.

Ok lets elaborate.

You have to intentionally kill your identifications, tendencies and beliefs for some portion of the day.

And see life from a fresh perspective of a blank slate.

I know it is difficult, but just give yourself 10 mins to start with.

10 mins of going beneath or beyond all your roles.

Just 10 mins of ego death as a ritual.

10 mins of surrendering your mind and all associated logics.

These 10 mins will have a massive impact on your perspective and decision making throughout the day.

And if you can be consistent with it there will be a cumulative impact which will be tremendous.

10 mins everyday will take away years of suffering, loss, misery, cluelessness.


What to do in the 10 mins?

Nothing. If you want you can observe your breathe, but don’t expect any miracles. The greatest miracle is to find yourself thoughtless. In Zazen, there is no striving for achievement, there is just observing and allowing thoughts to come and go till you are black, same goes for a lot Vedantic and Yogic meditations or mindfulness based meditations.

Leap of Faiths and Surrender to Faith

Both initiations and letting go are acts of faith.

If you have observed there is a clueless component to every awesome plan, a divine gap in every perfect scheme, all of it is stuck together so perfectly through some mystical energy, call it Faith.

If you want to flow with life, wu wei, you have to let go and have faith, if you want to attain samadhi in being, again faith, if you want to be in oneness with God energy, the bridge utilized , irrespective of the religion, is Faith.

99.99999999 % of the time faith comes to you, but .00000001% can cultivate it through the practice of intentional surrender,










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