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Why you Lie to your Coach but a Good Coach still helps you

“My Goal needs to be socially valid, looking like a cherry blossom, possessing a yatch, a private jet, having a supermodel wife, a superman husband who understands, earning 7 figures per month, getting the best paying job, becoming famous, having mental peace of a Himalayan Monk” these are the common initial goals most clients come up with, they are common cause they are all sourced from the same social influences.

This main reasons all initial goals that you tell your coach are lies is because they are picked up from your surroundings. These are determined by social influences and not inner reflection. Try writing down 100 things you want from your life, see yourself quickly scribble down the first 30, then see yourself gradually enhance suffering as you introspect deeply to write down the remaining.

Most people are unconsciously living someone else’s dreams, or accomplishing someone else’s goals. Most people unconsciously hope that when they finally achieve their goals, they will finally feel the love or respect they craved as a child.

The secret is you will never get satisfied even when you achieve what you don’t actually want. As a result even after working their way towards these borrowed dreams, name, fame, money, power, luxury, people don’t feel their cravings satisfied.


A Good Coach helps people fulfil their goals, dreams and wants. A great coach dives deeper, even if it means temporarily discomforting for the client. A good Coach makes it his/her job to surface all of their clients’ deeper needs and desires. 

If a coach simply accepts what their client says they want, instead of exploring what they really need, they risk missing out on emotional needs, needs for love and connection, spiritual needs,  need for contribution, or need for growth.

Some clients have a need for deep reflection, some have a need for things to stay the same, others have more of a need for risk and adventure.

So before walking the path towards dream fulfillment, which in itself is a mind blowing journey to make, a coach ensures a deep dive with their probable clients. A deep dive which reveals deeper needs and desires beyond the outer socially polished ones.

The good coach knows about all socially acquired goals and sees through them and makes the client deeply introspect, align with deeper self through self awareness practices, so that the client realizes those deeper needs that get lost in the worldly noise.

Once these needs are unearthed, the path to accomplish them starts. through a journey which involves:

  1. Upliftment of daily habits, tactics and techniques
  2. Which are in alignment with long term strategy to evolve mindset
  3. With the intention to align identity or state of being to the path which makes goals fulfillment effortless.

Merely realignment of environment and spending time with a coach, is a great step towards enhancing the quality of your company, your company shapes you in direct and indirect ways.

This leads to ritualization of customized holistic health practices, through explorative, reflective questioning , diagnosis and prescription of mind and muscle practices and and accountability.

With time the fertile base of a coach’s unconditional love and rituals setup orchestrates self realizations. interpreting these becomes easier with a coach, and realigning practices as the being evolves helps in setting up newer belief systems.

As these percolate deeper, habit changes are embodied, beliefs becomes states, but this time the ones which are in alignment with well introspected life purposes.

From here all choices are made based on this new state in line with deeper life purpose.

So that you can self reflect and unearth some of your deeper goals I posted a video on Youtube which might help. 

With a clarity of wants you can turn up to a good coach with deeper goals.

Here it is :


This will end your urge to knowingly or unknowingly lie to your good coach and make the coach’s role easier in empowering you towards your purpose.


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