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Self imposed exiles aren’t worth the while


Life reveals itself in inexplicable ways. The highs can make you put yourself in heaven drinking sweet ambrosia with Gods, while lows can enervate your souls. It is the amalgamation of the two, the ying and the yang, which make life the joyride that it is. All one needs is the control to not get carried away with the pleasures and the patience to withstand the pains.

Prudence is the precursor to reticence and it might keep you a little cushioned from the pain but the price you pay for it is extortionate. The trepidation of despondency may compel you to exile yourself to the secure bubble of solitude. But the stampede doesn’t cease when the ostrich digs its head in the ground. Misery, like an assiduous detective, will come and find you, and then you’ll feel you were better off experiencing the full spectrum of emotions, at least you would have gotten a chance to cherish the exaltations.

You can seek a prognosticator who would futilely bid to denude your destiny, but life is too random to be figured out and therein lies its marvel. The exploration of the unknown is where one truly find himself. Just beyond the pines of your comfort zone, where awkward meets discomfort.

Nothing good comes out of undertaking mundane expeditions to places you already know, Following a dreary pattern will seldom make you exploit gifts with which which you were endowed.

The first time you face a roadblock, you give up, you quit, you freeze, you undermine your own potential when you were born to reign land and seas.

This bitter sweet life wouldn’t be the same without all its flavours,

You cant mold its recipes as per your whims, you have to accept all of it and just learn to savour.

You might be willing to sacrifice life’s gifts to avoid those time bestowed soul piercing stings, wisdom lies in embracing it all, biting the peach of life and relishing the juice dribbling down your chin.

Pain is an austere teacher, empowering you with willpower, patience and belief, You’re certain to open your eyes to a better world once you’ve overcome your griefs.

Find the strength to overcome the doubts inside, which suffocate you like an over protective shield, and you will discover the magic in your soul, which your doubts had concealed.

The magic wont guarantee happiness or make you immune to those moments of melancholy in your life, but it will give you the spontaneity to notice the ephemeral moments which make you feel alive.


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The power of your dreams

Unjustified potential is the most widespread disease creeping the world. The fear of failure enervates the youth and makes them tread the obvious path. Hence they fail to realize their natural gifts and belie their potential. The society obfuscates young minds into believing that they are born to serve the society instead of offering something new to it. So to avoid the social chagrin that comes as a result of failure, you fail to try at all. Hence our current system is churning out sycophants who claw their way up a channel of professional servants.

While some parts of the world lavish, our prudence prevents us from going after the bigger fish, hence we are too busy struggling and competing for necessities. Disillusioned by the deceptive munificence of the ones ruling the world, we are like the big fish in small ponds. Happy in small victories because we are afraid to swim in higher tides.

But with better connectivity, people are not as deprived of information as they were before. A storm brews, the silent indignation wont be muted for too long. Some will be enlightened and will take it upon themselves to empower people around them.

Nature gives all of us a fair chance to blossom into the best that we can be, till the time we realize that anarchical despots have limited our potential boundary.

Our bondage is not about chains anymore, methods of bondage have evolved with time too, its our minds that our being controlled, we are subliminally enslaved, and we don’t even have a clue.

How can we think right when our very social system has been debauched to its very core, While the ruling powers are busy competing  for the big fish, we fight among ourselves to decide who will be keeping score.

They took centuries to dent our realities and rob us of our values and culture, Now they soar the sky with the loot, still monitoring our downfall from the top, like ravenous vultures.

Our insecurities reflect the miserable state of our minds, we are perpetually afraid because of the system they gave us, It wont happen overnight, it would take centuries of thought refinement to save us.

Although the journey is long and the destination unseen, we can play our little parts by realizing the ineffable power of our dreams.

You might not be able to sing the right songs or dance the right dance, but by believing in yourself you surely give yourself a fair chance.

As it is better to try and fail than to not try at all, At one end lies success, the other lessons from the fall.

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