You only taste success when you fail

The inevitability of failure might make you run away from trying out something new, but in actuality it is the prime ingredient of success. If your scope of work revolves solely around failure prevention then you are fighting a losing battle. Failure cannot be avoided if someone wants to progress. It is impossible to push beyond the normal paradigm without failing.

Corporations snatch your freedom to fail because they don’t want you to be more successful than themselves. So you are treated like a highly productive machine which can be easily replaced by a cheaper and better alternative if you make any error. At times parents snatch your freedom to fail, because their social reputation is at stake. Modern teachers criticize failure because they are paid to get you to the next class and not to enhance your mind. Failure is the equivalent of a modern day sin. There is no room for failures yet most of this world is run because of repeated failures of greats like Einstein, Edison, Lincoln, Van Gogh and Gates.


Success eventually is the product of the relentless pursuit of a dream and overcoming the enumerable obstacles preventing you from realizing it. One of the main obstacles is justifying failure. The world doesn’t make your job easy, nor does your own ego, yet you will never succeed if you keep playing it safe and quitting at the first signs of failure.


If you tread a path which has never been walked before, you will most definitely fall in one pit or the other. This is out of your control, what is within your control is whether you decide to get out of this pit and keep going forward. If you learn from this fall and avoid falling into similar pits again, you will one day surely reach the golden fruits that lie beyond the pines.

Fail to get comfortable with discomfort

Failure not only teaches you lessons but also elevates your bare-ability for discomfort. It expands your scope of digesting randomness. This is the true mark of a successful person. She not only makes strategies and plans for the long run, but adapts to short term changes, using obstacles and pits to her advantage.

Failure then is an ingredient of and not an impediment to success.

The ones who live heir lives in protective cocoons and avoid failure, never take full flight. They live within their comfort zones and seldom allow themselves the luxury of chasing their dreams.

Some might argue that failures can be avoided by astute planning and strategies. You have big books on how to avoid failure, but you are left dumbstruck when you are actually fooled by randomness of this cosmos. When that one in a million moment occurs and you get baffled by the master plan of the universe. The ones who have failed previously dust themselves up and get back on the job, the ones who were busy reading books quit.


Fail to build Grit

The importance of failing also comes from the fact that it is the only way of building grit. The agony of failure acts as a fuel which ignites your spirits which gives you the energy to pick ourselves up.

Yes life is too short to only learn lessons from your own mistakes and learning from others mistakes is essential. But some sort of failure is necessary to pinch your soul into action. The agony and embarrassment which you feel after failing is what triggers you to perform beyond your means. It galvanizes your soul into action and if you don’t put your soul into it, you will never be able to taste true success.

Fail to start taking risks

If you are not failing enough you are not trying new things and if you are only doing things which other people have done before, then your success will be limited.

We avoid taking risks because it is the land of the unknown. The fear of failure pulls us back. But if you make yourself comfortable with failure you wouldn’t be afraid of the unknown, you would embrace it. You would allow yourself to take risks, which are essential for you to push beyond the obvious, and actually find and maximize your own potential.


Fail to succeed

All your calculations come to zilch, because the laws that govern our cosmos are beyond any individuals plans and schemes. As a result, failing and adapting to failure becomes exceedingly important. It is not about how well you do when the sun is shining on you, but what you do when you get stuck in the rain. How you respond to the rain and the lessons you learn when you are stuck dictate how successful you will be. Your experience will teach you how to adapt rain, heat, storms and whatever the cosmos throws your way. You wont run away from these but use them to your advantage.

If you never fail, you will never be empowered with the grit, the mindset and the tenacity it takes for you to succeed.. As success is not an end point but the journey, which made you experience and realize things which you never knew, in order to get you to a place which seemed impossible to reach. Success comprises not only of the medals of war but how your identity was enhanced with every failure.

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