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This section brings to you workout routines for all types of people. These will vary from proper exercise routines, to ab workouts, cardiovascular workouts, to High intensity interval training.

Your workout routines should be like a rolls royce, they have to be customized as per your specific requirements. Only you know how you live your life, the muscle groups you use predominantly and the lifestyle you lead, depending upon this you will have to see the workout routines present here and tweak them a little to suit your specific requirement.

A good workout routine involves strength and endurance training for all muscle groups along with proper cardiovascular endurance and flexibility training. Rest and nutrition are also important aspects of a good workout routine.

The frequency, intensity, time duration and type of exercises that you do will vary as per your specific requirement but you should always indulge in activities that provide enjoyment along with good health.

I believe that a good workout routine is something that keeps you interested everyday. You shouldn’t look at it as a burden or added responsibility. When your approach towards your workout routine is that of fun and enjoyment you will extract maximum benefits out of it.

Tornado Tuesday – Attack Back Workout Routine

As I enter the gym on Tuesday for my back workout routine, I can feel the excitement in my  trapezius, rhombus and latissimus dorsi (major muscles of the back) in anticipation of what is to follow. I took a preworkout an hour ago followed by some roasted oats in curd.  The timing seems to be perfectly … Continue reading Tornado Tuesday – Attack Back Workout Routine

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Magic Mondays – Chest Workout

The perfect way to get rid of those Monday blues, is to go to the gym and bench a few. Mondays are also called Chest Days as more than half the worlds gym going population has their chest workout to start the week. I am one of those thousands of people who alternates his bench press with … Continue reading Magic Mondays – Chest Workout

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Devising fitness plans are like building a Rolls Royce. Their significance lies in their customization. Just like each Rolls Royce is one of a kind so should be your fitness plan based on your specific lifestyle and individualistic nuances. Fitness activities can be broadly classified into structured and non-structured activities. The latter include your day to day … Continue reading FINDING YOUR FITNESS PLAN

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Flex Friday- Training Biceps and Triceps

People might confuse exercising with just training biceps and triceps, such is the aesthetic value of these muscle that people tend to over train them. . Though training arms is no sin but there has to be a method to the madness. I usually keep Fridays for training arms, mostly because I can wear a nice … Continue reading Flex Friday- Training Biceps and Triceps

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Thunder Thursdays- Boulder shoulder workout

I envision to electrify and energize everyone around me with some shoulder workout as I enter the gym on Thunder Thursday, just like Zeus himself had descended at Talwalkars wearing ASICS. As I make my way to the changing room, with the pre-workout that I had, C4 ,making my heart race wild and Florida making my mind … Continue reading Thunder Thursdays- Boulder shoulder workout

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