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This page is dedicated to articles on Fitness and Wellness. It will cater to matters of the Mind, Body and Soul in order to promote a harmonious lifestyle. It will also include tips and tricks towards preventive healthcare and mindfulness. Hope you are inspired to cater to your own fitness and wellness through this space.

Fitness and wellness are important and easily ignored aspects of the modern lifestyle. This blog will help you gain self awareness through meditation, get fitter through exercise and be more mindful by learning from nature.

In my quest to make this world a better place, I focus on being a source of imparting knowledge fitness and wellness to as many people possible so that they do the same to the people around them.

Fitness and wellness are intertwined as one lead to the other, we as responsible citizens of the digital world hold the responsibility of sharing knowledge and information so as to help each other make a better life and lifestyle for everyone around us.

With the mission to spread awareness and empower people to become self motivated and self aware, I will endeavor to present information in a simple and practical manner so that everyone can understand and utilize this knowledge.


The Magic of Mornings – 7 Ways to Start your Day?

The decisions you make as soon as you wake up end up defining your day, which ends up defining your life. So it is essential to learn how to start the day before learning anything else. The mystical powers of mornings cant be undermined, it is the time of the day when your awareness meets existence, … Continue reading The Magic of Mornings – 7 Ways to Start your Day?

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Realigning your awesome

You inspired awe when you were born, and as time flew by so did your aura of awe.  There was no right and wrong at that time, no good or bad, your instincts were appreciated and allowed to exhibit themselves in the most natural way. There was no self editing, self judgement and you just … Continue reading Realigning your awesome

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Slimpossible- Some core workouts

You might be at different levels of fitness, some of you might look at exercise as a remedial method to years of lethargy and bad eating habits, others would look at core workouts as another way to get popular, but then the few who are serious about fitness should understand that it is a way … Continue reading Slimpossible- Some core workouts

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The inevitableness of suffering

Wie viel ist aufzuleiden! (How much suffering there is to get through!)” These lines by Rillke highlight a painful truth about of life. It is impossible to avoid suffering, even the ones who live too carefully in order to protect themselves from life’s suffering , suffer from the anxiety of impending death. Your vacation on this planet comes … Continue reading The inevitableness of suffering

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Nurturing thoughts to set your mind free

The digital escalation has left few independent minds. Ever since the reign of the Radios, through the tyranny of the television to the domination of the digital web, the human mind has seldom been left alone.  It has always been kept engaged by captivating ads and entertainment which have nibbled away on individualistic thinking and freedom. Your garden … Continue reading Nurturing thoughts to set your mind free

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