Simple Weight Loss Tips for non Aliens

Although there are a million articles on weight loss tips but most of them are more sutiable for aliens than humans, as all outdo each other in terms of complexity and sacrifice.  But actual weight loss tips have to be easy enough to suit humans and be a part of their daily schedule.

First of all it is essential to understand, your body weight is comprised of fat weight and  muscle weight along with some water weight.

We essentially look to lose excess fat weight in any weight loss program. this is indicated by a loss of inches and might lead to an overall weight loss too (at times gain of muscle weight compensates some of the fat loss weight).

Weight Loss Tips 

So these weight loss tips are valid for you if you are a non alien. If you are non homo sapien then I am not qualified to give you weight loss tips but for all others I am a qualified Weight Management Nutritionist and Certified Personal Trainer through the American College of Sports Medicine.

The essence behind all weight loss programs is patience and continuity. all the shortcut weight loss tips never work as they are based on sacrifice and over training the body. Both of these can’t be sustained.

Even if you lose weight through this you will gain it back immediately.  Here are some weight loss tips on programming your nutrition plan:

  1. Don’t make huge changes quickly.
  2. Make a complete lifestyle change instead of following a diet, you need to work on moving your body and habit creation, rather than simply drinking soup.
  3. Understand your culture and daily lifestyle and use easily available healthy foods.
  4. Divide meals into smaller portions and eat regularly to ensure proper digestion and prevent overeating
  5. Divide the program into three parts, which I call the ICE phases      Initiation Phase, when you make minor changes for 22 days, Commitment Phase, when you make complete lifestyle changes till you achieve desired weight, Everlasting Phase, when you discover perfect balance of  taste and nutrition, you can read Improving Food Relations for this, to carry on your program for the rest of your life.

Even for those established fitness enthusiasts it is tough losing the final bit of fat, for them here are some weight loss tips for the stubborn fat:


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Getting rid of stubborn fat while maintaining muscles is what every intermediate level trainee wants. Shredding therefore is of importance to people who have already being on a healthy journey. For these people it's more about exercise and food management than exercise and form learning. Keeping that in mind, if you desire to burn stubborn fat and retain muscle try, Strength Training 2 to 8 reps of Heavy Weight as per your own one rep max for 4-5 sets of exercises, try to onvolve as many compound exercises as possible. Do around 4 to 5 exercises per muscle group per day depending on your schedule. HIIT high intensity interval training involves bursts of high intensity followed by bursts of lower intensity of a variety of functional exercises. The rest between exercises is the lower intensity variation rather than a complete stoppage. With these you can enegage in more calorie burn in 15 minutes than 50 minutes of moderate cardio. Protein plays a major role in muscle recovery and development, hence upping its intake to as much as 2gm per kg of body weight is recommended, along with this dietary fibre is essential during shredding. Rest through proper sleep along with an exercises schedule which ensures all muscle groups enough rest is critical for recovery and muscle gains. What are your shredding secrets? #healthandwellness #healthylifestyle #healthythoughts #sunday #lifecoach #change #habits #coach #lifehacks #healthyindia #fitindia #fitness #transformation #fitfam #healthy #healthandfitness #health #lifelesson #humfittohindiafit #india #healthawareness #mindset #bestoftheday #shred #shredding #ripping #musclegain

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Weight Loss Tips are as good as Your commitment to them

Setting up a blue print for a healthy lifestyle is more important now than ever. Weight loss  always starts from your brain, and this is followed by your body, read 6 ways to lose weight mentally,

Health can be your best friend or worst enemy depending on how you treat it. These weight loss tips will not only help you lose weight but become more energetic and efficient.

If you want specific help with designing and sustaining your weight loss program do reach out to us at SwasthyaFC


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