Happy New Year

Share the warmth – Make it a Happy New Year

The year wont be happy by itself until each and everyone of us work towards making it a happy new year. The cosmos works on certain basic principles we all ignore. If you align yourselves to them you are destined to add happiness to the world and in the process be happy yourselves.

There is a common source of energy which is always active, it is responsible for the magic in the moment. This intangible energy helps you when you in the moment when things are out of your hands, when you need that stuck of luck, when you want divine intervention, when you have done everything you can but still the result is beyond your control. We all have seen these situations when the cosmos conspires to make things go our way. We might be ignorant but all of us are here living a healthy and happy earth because of this cosmic bucket of energy.

The Cosmic Bucket

The cosmic bucket is a common collection of good vibes, energies and emotions.  We are on a perpetual energy exchange with this bucket. Our state of being adds or takes away the energy from it on an individual basis, but all of us can use the energies of the cosmic buckets. The collective energy can be harnessed and channelized by each individual  when they need it.

This makes each and everyone of you responsible to add to the common bucket of happiness of the world. The fuel for this cosmic bucket is hope, love, care, joy, happiness and a positive mental  state. But fear, greed, hate, sadness, and a negative mental state are like holes in the cosmic bucket which wastes the effort of other positive people. 

The cosmos and its living element sustains on positive energy and humans are the key to it. So the only route to a happy new year is when people add to the happiness for themselves and each other. Indulging in activities which make the self and others happy stands at the core of feeding the cosmic bucket.

At times you are tested and consequently allow a negative mental state to control you. Your perception is blurred by fear and greed and hence instead of adding to the common bucket you waste its energy by being like a small hole in it. You not only spoil your own mood but take away the happy energy which was stored for others.

Its impossible to avoid situations but your mental state while responding to them either helps you utilize the cosmic bucket and get out of it or waste the collective energies of other people too.

Positive and Negative mental state

You are a positive energy source if you are grateful, thankful , helpful, hopeful, optimistic, appreciative, see the good in every situation or person. You look for the lotus in the dirt. Your presence adds to the happiness in every moment, your selfless efforts are directed towards making every one feel better for the goodness in their personality.

You are negative energy source if you are ungrateful, thankless, greedy, hopeless, pessimistic, ignorant, see the bad in every situation or person.  You look for the blemishes on the moon. Your presence takes away the happiness from every moment, your fearful and stressful efforts are directed towards making every one feel bad for the little badness in their personality.

Understand your own personality and if you really want to make it a happy new year stop forwarding messages and switch from a negative to a positive mindset.  Your positivism will be conveyed to the entire world through the common cosmic bucket of happy energy.


Make it a happy new year.


Happy New Year for one and all

All religions are based on similar principles, sharing the warmth, then why should we not share it among different religions as well. The common cosmic bucket of happiness doesn’t hold religious barriers. So if a sikh is adding to it by being happy and hopeful, a hindu can use this energy to add to his happiness. If a Muslim person is being appreciative and loving, a christian can derive his inspiration from the cosmic energy.

Have faith in yourself and each other, remember to share the love and empower those around you instead of criticizing them. A happy new year is guaranteed if you help it a happy new year for enough people around you.

The best way of spreading smiles is by having one on your own face first. Make it a Happy New Year.


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