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Portion Control – Living Life one Byte at a Time

Life has a very natural way of enriching you with experiences.

Usually all of life’s experiences have a deeper underlying meaning waiting for  your awareness to be evolved enough to notice them.  But due to the vast stream of data, and lack of portion control on your part,  you overlook most of these simple cues.

This is why spending QUALITY time with oneself and nature is so essential,. It  assists you in evolving the part of your lives which is least visible but most valuable, your awareness.

One such beautifully enriching enriching experience I was obliged with was,

my not so little labrador, Bounty, was blessed with a litter of 5 pups 2 months back, tending to them was most engaging and enlightening. A turn of events which helped me understand many facets about life, none more significant than living life one byte at a time.

Portion Control – The art of  restraint

54517550_316478245679601_6764153799880736768_nJust like simply being mindful of the bite of food you ingest makes you healthier if you can only restrain yourself from being available to  all the endless bytes of information the universe throws your way,  you will be more present, alive, happy, healthy, grateful, fulfilled, helpful and make everyone around you awe just the way when they first see a little puppy with love in it’s eyes.

This Art of Restraint was useless till the last generation when there were no smart devices and internet so the bytes of information were significantly lesser,  when lifestyle were mobile and jobs not stagnant, the food and meal size and timings were a natural portion control.

But now life is different and we need to adapt or perish.


In a world where Terrabytes of information is available to your consciousness every second,  you usually bite off more than you can chew. This takes away much of the value from the task or taste at hand and also leads to digestive disorders of brain and body.

The bite that you feed your body is not much different than the byte that you feed your brain. You can’t live without both but have to control the portions in both cases for your physical and mental well being.

Both Bites fuel you but an overload leads to disease.

Portion Control in FOOD, FUN FAMILY

If you over engage in any byte of life it loses its excitability.

That’s the reason why,

 When you overeat your favorite food it starts becoming bland just like your relationship after a few years from when you get married to your girlfriend.

The 14th piece of cake has less chances of giving you the same tastegasm as the first one but is more likely to make you puke your heart out.

Technology is a boon making life easier  but over-engaging  with your smart phone is detrimental to your mental health, as the mega bytes of  unavoidable information, makes you dissolve your cognitive abilities and  makes you a programmed bot.

The famous Indian saying “HOUSE’S CHICKEN IS LIKE PULSE” stands true for all of you and me. The more time you spend with family or with anyone, you tend to take them for granted.

People in bigger cities, where the quantity of humans and thereby experiential  BYTES are more, value the people and their surroundings lesser as compared to village or rural dwellers, leading to better quality and values of small city dwellers.

Portion Control Life

The desire for more makes you overeat just like it makes you overindulge in information all around you. If you have ever been around wiser minds,  you will only figure out the only folly in humans is overthinking. Unlike the canines, who exemplify living for the moment, tributes to Eckhart Tolle, humans live for every moment other than the present moment.

The past and the future are both infinite, you can dwell on the misgivings and misfortunes of the past endlessly and still fail at completely describing their follies, similarly you can worry about the infinite possibilities the future will shape up in like Doctor Strange and still be wrong.

Instead of all this facade, just be awake to life as it unfolds itself One Byte at a Time, and you will discover true divinity in yourself.


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