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Pineal Gland, Self Limited Humans and Singularity – Casper and Bumble

Casper the Alien was delicately rolling his fingers on his hand held mobile pineal gland emulator. He was appearing like a high performing PUBG player as he claw caressed the hybrid gland.  Aliens had their own meditation, to balance and realign the pineal gland.

Not long back had they learnt about the the pineal gland from humans and recreated the so called “third eye” with their sci fi artistry.  Now they harnessed all it’s benefits (read the benefits here) through the mobile device and spent time in rejuvenating and restoring it.

Meanwhile, Bumble Bee, the spirit, was attempting to foster better ideas in the minds of some hikers meditating nearby.  He was using the non intrusive nature hack for this, which he had learnt as a part o  his ghost mastery session. an art of dying course he had enrolled for after his mortal demise.

Casper: Fancy how both our kinds, understand and use these little meditative hacks in our own ways and humans ignore and ridicule the powers that can make them limitless.

Bumble: Well I have been there and been  ignorant, the grip of the world  and being worldly is too tight to go beyond the ordinariness of everyday struggle, power and fame based greed and limiting beliefs which the society starts putting on you from the day you are born.

Casper: Why are Humans at such a war with themselves? like not the wars fought between countries, races, religions, castes and creed, those are not wars, it is simple stupidity, but the war against the self?against being human>

Bumble:  I know from my sources that your kind are working with artificial intelligence to sort the stupid kind of wars by the way. What are you calling it? The kindness and compassion filter, the one you will be using to , “cleanse the Earth” of the fools.

Casper:  Well lets just put it simply, soon there will be singularity and only Love will survive. Someone has to intervene,  the conscious side is heavily outnumbered by the unconscious, ignorant one back to my question?

Bumble: Well humans have always been at war with themselves, the wars outside are just an extrapolation of internal conflict. They forget Love too early and are fed hate from the first breath,. A label is put to their being, a limitation, something to protects, and this becomes the start of an endless war, which  only a few survive, while alive.

Casper: The few who get Self Aware through meditation or are lucky to find a good  master or a good book like 6 Ways to the World. 

Bumble: Well the ones destined too. The ones who can actually  stand for themselves rather than falling for their labels. The Gods they protect have always tried to show them the way towards the Pineal Gland, but they keep ignoring, chasing mediocrity.

Casper: Well  personally, I thought I knew it all, like with my cosmic brain but ever since I have had the PEM2020 (Pineal Emulator) my wisdom has grown to an unworldly level. I just feel bad that humans waste so much of their potential.

Bumble:  Well the funny part is the ones who do realize it understand there is no point sharing it as no one will understand, on the contrary they will be ridiculed, misunderstood and oppressed by other fools, who can benefit from people living miserably limited lives.

Casper: True. But it is so easy. All of Life’s secrets to health (related to the pineal gland), happiness, fulfillment  are under their nose and they ignore it.

Bumble: Not only of Life bro, of death too, had I just focused on my breath for 10 minutes everyday I would have been well equipped for the journey beyond.

Casper: 10 minutes a day, sitting silently, just observing the breath, impossible for the  over stimulated, excitation centered modern mind, which wants everything right now.  That’s why the Singularity and compassion filter will come at the right time. The correction will create better influences and a vortex of meditation and create a pineal gland paradise on earth.

Bumble: I believe the honest, genuine, realized humans won’t mind it.

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