Paralyzed in Paradise

At times you capture moments, at others, in certain moments you remain captured,

Lying contentedly in your comfort zone(paradise), with your willingness all fractured.

Captivated by the hollow satisfaction derived from the stillness in our lives we diminish our own capabilities. Satisfied with what we have, we fail to stretch beyond accepted norms and maximize our full potential, Our vision of looking beyond into the brilliance that the future beholds is obstructed by the dazzling drop, which fools us into believing that it is the absolute that life has to offer.

It is very easy to miss out on progression, by allowing oneself to drift in the admiration of universal splendor.  Although I am perpetually marveling at the splendor of the Himalayan valley that I call home, at times I do pause and question my relationship with the town.  Does this paradise create me or do I create the paradise that it appears to be?

“If we weren’t but voyagers in spirit, our lives wouldn’t be as ephemeral as they are.”

Contentment is subjective, some of us want to rule the world others are satisfied with the little loaf of bread. While some don’t understand their potential others mould their goals as per their comfort zones. For some, the paradise keeps recreating itself and amplifying its splendor, while others are captivated with the little that they have, these are the ones who are paralyzed.

No matter how beautiful your life, it deserves to get better, it is just you who gets to decide if you want to break the shackles or stay paralysed in paradise. If you happen to look beyond  and manage to overcome the cohesive forces preventing you from breaking free, you will be able to conjure a better life form for yourself. This is typically true for the ones who are satisfied with little things. Overcoming the inertia is typically difficult for the ones attached to their comfort zones.

A pristine valley, embracing the Himalayas on all sides, house a panoply of adroit polymaths who are paralysed in this paradise. The valley is like a sinkhole, keeping all these highbrows glued to it as if the rest of the world doesn’t exist.  Same is the case with most towns, the people are so content with their little satisfactions that they don’t want to dream big. As a result people are dishonouring their true potentials.

We all have the capability to change where we lack is in the will, we forsake our infinite potential for the evanescent thrills,

Gaping at the grandeur of our surrounding we stand mesmerised, while the world is in need of edification we can provide, we stand still in paradise, paralysed.

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