Superimposing negative habits with positive ones

Its a waste to withhold, so smile from your soul

Restrict your mind from obstructing the smooth transfer of the good feeling,

Every time you smile from within, you convey energy, leading to other souls healing,

This world doesn’t need a billion altruists to sustain

Just a scattered few can hold up the umbrellas through the storm and rain.

News reported how some stray dogs attacked contrary to their nature as they attacked water birds in the marshlands at Pallikaranai,South Chennai, India. Packs of dogs wading into the water to devour helpless water birds, displays how desperate times lead to desperate measures. Hunger forced these dogs to go against their natural characteristics and dive in. The disharmony this will render to the food chain is a different question that someone smarter will research  on, but I would like to use this example to highlight one of the biggest obstacles in the path of the development of our country.

Politicians in India gave in to corruption as a result of extreme destitution all across the country after the British rule, desperate times called for desperate measures. But conditions improved, the politicians didn’t. So much so that we live in an age in which corruption and politics are considered unofficial synonyms in India.

The political system has been unable to detach itself from the corruption that it incorporated many years ago to fight poverty. This has impaired our countries development and continues to do the same.  But with time, as the world becomes smarter, more and more of these corrupt practices get deciphered. Its impossible to let go of acquired habits.

So how can we save ourselves from the impending holocaust of complete economic meltdown, when the force acting for the proper administration of our nation is the one responsible for its under development. Knowing how hard it is for all species to forget acquired habits we need force ourselves(as the politicians come from among us) to acquire good habits. These will super impose on the previously acquired habits and lead to an improved developmental rate.

What are these good habits then? Life kills without life skills, all of us have the great epics to look up to.  Even proper education is not the answer. In a trend, where we see the education system loading itself with subject books and ignoring life skill development it is of utmost importance to seek alternate methods of learning.

We need to go back to our epics and texts that travel through centuries. The teachings of our sacred texts have contextual relevance beyond our understanding, Our sub conscious imbibes most of its functioning properties from what our conscious mind engulfs in the early years. Reading sacred books without a religious agenda can help mold minds into more compassionate and caring forms.

Bit by bit we reached imbalanced our universe to its current state,

We cant overturn are fortunes in a day, its only the slow knife that will help us kill hate,

Making us greatly compassionate and compassionately great,

The ride to a corruption-less world will be long but it will never start if you hesitate.

The purpose of a purposeful life

Nocturnal inspiration

If you could inspire everyone in your immediate surroundings to maximize their latent potential, you would dent the universe significantly, but you need to remember that you cant give what you don’t have, hence care to maximize your own latent energies first.

The first and most difficult step in fulfilling ones potential involves muting ones conscious.  It has the uncanny ability to envelope all your ideas with paradoxes as soon as they transpire. This is the exact reason all genius’s give impetus to instincts. Instincts, being spontaneous, don’t allow consciousness to cloud the normal flow of thoughts and consequently impair action through multiple kinds of fear.

Once you have overcome the hostilities of your conscious mind even in the pursuit of trivial tasks, you present yourself the mechanism to mirror the same for the bigger games of life. The day you can elucidate the same to another person without having to make too much of an effort is the day you conquer your conscious mind.

A Universe full of potential

Never underestimate the potential of another soul just because it is dormant. Once provided with the adequate amount of empowerment to overcome the inertia of dormancy, it is capable of achieving things beyond the realms of your imagination. Share the knowledge which was shared with you by the soul of the universe through varied mediums. The law of this universe compels us to live in unison with the force and assist as many people in realizing this fact.

Stay away from the ones handicapped by education. Most of them had no clue as to why they pursued what they did, they just chased financial security that follows. The actual students are the ones who learn from every situation, they have the best teacher in the form of the universe, their observation power surpasses any amount of textual knowledge they can consume, their struggle towards bettering themselves with every passing moment( Kaizen) is their supreme test.

“Cover the candle to secure it from the gust of wind and you will never know how far its radiance reached.

You all have to burn out one day irrespective, why not dance in the wind till then, at least you can illuminate the lives around you.”

Most of us do the same with our lives, we don’t give adequate opportunities to the flames burning inside us to express themselves and cover our brains with MBA’, MCA’s, MYA’s to secure against the impending apocalypse which never arrives. Why do we want ourselves to be slaves to our fate when we can dance through life while teaching others how to do the same.

We should derive our purpose in life by making others lives purposeful. Learn, empower, enrich our universe is the best teacher and you the most receptive student.

Legendiminished- At times Words speak louder than actions (or our perspicacity gives more impetus to the same)

The fervor in his visage while chewing gum captivated the minds of millions of Red Fanatics for more than two and half decades. People perceived  and related to Sir Alex Ferguson’s enthusiasm and passion without him doing or saying anything at all. The teams performance and his sanguine persona were enough.

Recently his autobiography bought forward a lot of controversy,gnawing away at the legacy of this eternal legend.  Each and every word was scrutinized and taken too seriously by everyone involved. The few polemical points could easily have been taken in the right spirit or ignored. Nonetheless, this controversy throws light on the volatile nature of words. Sir Alex is facing more criticism and backlash than when he was making decisions associated with one of the biggest Football clubs in the world.

The power of silence

Every expression of his was extolled when he kept his intentions to himself, and no sooner that he manifested his thoughts, he created more controversy than Miley Cyrus at the VMA’s. This can very well serve as a lesson in psychology. Words carry with them infinite energy, the can both create and destroy. When profession demanded him to chose his words carefully, he made himself into a demi god, but he faces opprobrium at his attempts of being a common expressive man.

“Hearts are broken with words unspoken,

This time words acted as needles, pinching people, the stitches on the fabric of sir alex’s legacy were unwoven.

Our universe appears to encourage reticence with the superfluous aspersions that the words, long due, produced,

Words seldom do justice, and that’s what this situation conduced.”

Dinsominiac Delight

Deep into the night, when darkness and cold unite,

Some resentful souls chill their bones in fright,

While others in rhythm, sleep, following the normal pattern of their life,

Wonder then, what would be the insomniacs plight,

Being one myself I consider this period the Dinsomniac Delight.

The brain flushes more blood than any other time of the day.

Attracting enumerable ineffable thought its way.

Borrowed words do justice to a mere fraction of these, others are too spell binding to express,

Bearing beguile thoughts lacking expression make me feel a simultaneous sense of effusive haplessness.

Grateful to have been granted the perception to notice, cursed to lack the full bouquet of expression to emote.

But I cant outrun my instincts, so an attempt to augment “the dinctionary”  to promote thoughts that my eclectic alter ego provokes.

An unrestrained mind is the apposite disco for Lucifer to pop lock and drop thoughts,

The temperate one ,moving at the speed of life, never loses the plot.

The curse of creativity demands artists to look beyond the obvious,

Into the infinite randomness where they cross paths with both magnificence and things obnoxious.


The journey will teach you how to bare with the ugly so that you can celebrate the grandeur of the elegant.

Stop shivering at the chaos, learn to live with the elements.

The universal concordance of learning at will

Sometimes the ginger-garlic chicken soup turns out gingerless and skinful, but more delectable than any other soup ever concocted. The ability to account for variable change is acquired  with time by having a learning mentality. The infinite universe has a lot more to offer than the recipe book, among others. Being constant in learning with every passing moment is doing your due diligence to the universe. It not only helps you move at the speed of life, but helps in fine tune your skills, making onerous tasks effortless. It enriches you with the ability to make the best out of limited resources in the fastest amount of time.

The universe empowers us with senses so that we can empower ourselves further using these and in due course of time assist others in doing the same. Just like the cosmos has been selfless in bestowing us with gifts in the form of talents, we have to take this process forward by complimenting nature’s altruistic tendencies.

“Just like beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, learning lies in the mind of the learner.”

My dog was taking classes today, teaching me the powers of persuasion through her eyes. I lost some money on the chew sticks which she hypnotized me into buying for her, but found out how to look into my Boss’s eyes during my appraisal.

This is but a mere spec of the infinitive knowledge sharing powers of nature, only to be comprehended by the ones enriched by the proper senses. We all have gifts,special gifts and then we have the power of choosing how to use them. We can fine tune them for efficiency or let them lie dormant, till someone helps us spur them into action.

It is again obvious, the ones growing up in bucolic environment tend to channelize their senses sooner than their urban counterparts. This is solely because they get more chances to interact with nature.

Being born and raised in a similar setting has given me the opportunity to first understand and then share my understanding of the rhythm of life.

As the story unfolds, you come across chapters untold,

Being under-prepared, your demeanor is bewildered and scared.

Google cant teach you how to live , Virtual support is all that your virtual friends can afford to give,

The ubiquitous clues from nature wont be auto embedded in your soul,

The subconscious has to be fed by what you chose to notice and what your consciousness beholds

You overlooked the obvious and now the unforeseen future makes you tremble in fear,

Luckily I have felt the same way and shed the same tears

But I did look outside the window while life changed its gears,

Knowledge is a waste if we don’t share and you don’t have to worry cause I finally got myself writing and I will be just here.

Empower Enrich Enhance

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