A Balanced Lifestyle – The Magic in Moderation

Just take  a moment. Keep everything aside.

Hold your breath.

Take out your wallet. (Keep holding your breath)

Start counting all your money. (Keep holding your breath)

See how priceless the money becomes when you fall short of breath.

The Empty Chase, The Rat Race, its all for the currency which  means a lot more than its meant to.

That is the reason why you are willing to cheat and deceit, even yourself, in order to get rich. The biggest threat to a balanced lifestyle is this demonic urge of paper chasing.

How can you have balanced lifestyle when your life scales are always tilted towards hoarding more money to fulfill your limitless obsessions.  People want to afford cheap stuff with expensive price tags not even for themselves, but just to brag. They want to feed their starved ego and satisfy expensive tastes with garbage food in golden bags.

Its impossible to imagine a balanced lifestyle, for the ones absorbed in running the rat race. They are willing to put themselves through whatever it take in order ensure financial supremacy, or display financial security.

But when the hollow balloons of their ego pops, their entitled minds are the first to curse fate and turn to a life of misery, stress and hopelessness.

Importance of a Balanced Lifestyle 

This is why living a balanced lifestyle  is so essential. First of all it lends Perspective to whatever you do. Secondly you learn to manage yourself and everything around you through moderation. and thirdly you set worthy expectations and life goals for yourself which don’t necessarily revolve around money, that’s why  you stick to the things you do when the going gets tough.  A balanced lifestyle allows you to understand:

  • Your prime wealth is your health.
  • Your purpose on earth is more important that any amount of money you get.
  • A balanced mind can enjoy more in misery than a disgruntled mind in a palace.
  • Taking might make you rich but only giving makes you wealthy.
  • The finer aspects of life like compassion, gratitude, humbleness, thankfulness, chivalry, respect, honor play much more of role than money in your life.

Being and Doing Balance

Most people are chasing visions which compels them to act constantly. At times their actions bears fruits at others they don’t. Many get disappointed at these obstacle and quit, many get disheartened and drop their energy levels.

The problem with constant action towards goals is high expectations. You start expecting that you will always get equal results for equal action, this leads to your downfall as life is very dynamic. Yes action is really essential in order to accomplish anything, but if we always act with an eye on the consequences we will be disappointed sooner than later.

Mindfulness – The Mantra for a Balanced Lifestyle 

You are better off just being in the moment as you act, detached from the consequences of your actions.  This will magnify your focus and thus efficiency, which will increase the probability of desired results.  It will also help you by providing contentment on the journey before you reach the destination.

Your infinite obsessions are ever changing, they wont ever let you be satisfied. The dopamine rush always demands more and more. But all the cars the currency cant be taken with you. you can thrive in your work along with fulfilling human functions of love, care and presence.

The importance of which is under rated because of the fastness of life. Try to live each moment with utmost awareness.  Be mindful of all the micro aspects that comprise each living moment. You will find out there is so much more to life than the struggle you put yourself through to get to a phantom ideal which keeps changing.

The Magic of Moderation

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संतुलन means equilibrium or balance, it also translates to temperance which means moderation in thoughts feeling and actions. One of the most essential aspects for this modern generation of focus deprived, cell phone swipers who have imbalanced themselves to the degree of immediately running away from the same things they choose not so long ago is to learn to be more mindful, so that they can be more aware of the moment at hand any give it their complete presence rather than waiting for the next dopamine rush. As these onstant gratification ladened minds evolve the lack of attention bandwidth becomes a part of their identity, things turn to people or tasks, the modern generation is as quick in running away when the going gets even moderately tough. What temperance helps you do is to believe in the beauty of your independent being and choose mindfully what you want to think, feel and do, it helps you invest energy in more lasting endeavours, it helps you form an identity so that you can be trusted. Otherwise your habit of running away feeds off your credibility and makes you a less trusted human. So before jumping into anything lucrative, a task, a relationship or any other opportunity practice moderation and temperance so that you are in it for the long run, because that's what makes the difference, if you involve yourself in temporal pleasures you will lose trust for yourself and exist with a tarnished self esteem , full of emptiness and sorrows.

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Life is not a competition of having more than neighbor, don’t work towards ego explosion, its a dynamo like trigger. which will occupy your being and deprive you of gratification, joy, bliss, happiness and inner peace. No matter how much you try to show off these aspects to the world through complicated rituals and flamboyant consumerism, these are things only you can enjoy with yourself.

Invest your energy in living a balanced lifestyle and see life smile back at you. Be more moderate with respect to the usage of your energies, divide them over things that fuel your mind, body and soul rather than exhausting them trying to chase things the society sets for you.

When you act in moderation and balance you define your own way of being and as result find contentment, otherwise you keep judging yourself based on what someone else thinks of you. A balanced lifestyle is a far cry for someone who believes a society with dynamic expectations  will allow them to find contentment with who they are and what they have.  Find the Magic in Moderation and you will be immune to social demands and define your own balanced lifestyle.


The Magic of Mornings – 7 Ways to Start your Day?

The decisions you make as soon as you wake up end up defining your day, which ends up defining your life. So it is essential to learn how to start the day before learning anything else.

The mystical powers of mornings cant be undermined, it is the time of the day when your awareness meets existence, your free will meets the flow of life. This is the reason everyone gets to define their day in their own way.

The majority who keep snoozing the alarm are simultaneously snoozing their struggles, the ones waking up with a spring in their step look forward to the prospects of countless opportunities that are veiled behind the clouds of laziness.

How to start your day?

Well actually there is no perfect way to start your day,everyone has to make their own. But there are few aspects which help you design your morning rituals in order to increase your energy levels and quality of life. These also help you be more productive and efficient, to maximize your organic potential.

start your day

As early as possible

The benefits of proper sleep can’t be undermined.. As mentioned in Sleep Shortcuts  you need to sleep at specific hours to complete rest when it comes to your brain and hormones which helps you with your energy levels through the day. Early rising is not only in accordance with your natural circardian rhythm, sleep cycle, but also gives you alone time in the morning, without the disturbances of people around you, to connect better with yourself without any influences.


Set an early morning wake up time and see how your body automatically re-arranges its sleep patterns.  Take baby steps and learn hacks to control sleep cycle by reading Sleep Shortcuts. 

Jump Start, When you snooze you lose – The  first few seconds when you wake up set a trend for the rest of your day.  They not only indicate the kind of life you live, something you want to avoid, or something you look forward to, but also  determine the direction it will go to, the one you decide or the one fate decides for you. When you jump start your day, you send a very strong signal to the universal energy. This optimism laden signal brings you more energy and fortune smiles on your positive attitude to add to it with some cosmic magic.


Don’t use an alarm clock, let your body adapt naturally. You might fail a few times and miss your time, but if you use an alarm, you keep alive the option of snoozing, to start your day with intent the decision has to come from your inner core.

Meditation and Affirmations – Man is a social animal, but a solitary being. This means you are blessed with free will, which sets you apart from everyone around you. So you don’t need anyone to approve what you feel about yourself, you have define it individually. For this an inner awareness through meditation  and an outer expression of your beautiful self through  affirmations is a must. Meditation means a lot of different things to a lot of different people, the basic ethos is to connect with your inner self, as a distinct part of the whole.


Just notice your breathe for 2 mins as you wake up while deep breathing.  Keep one hand on your chest and the other on your stomach, when you inhale the hand on the stomach should move and the one on the chest should remain still. Breathing being the bridge between the tangible and the intangible, outer and inner, signifies a lot and helps you with realizing inner peace and magic.

I believe written affirmations are really effective, make a habit of writing  I AM followed by 40 qualities you have or inspire to have as one word of action (I am grateful, I am  Caring, I am Loving, I am successful) for 40 days and you will see how it all comems to you.

Gratitude, Forgiveness, Faith and Hope – Being grateful for what you have will get you more  of what makes you grateful. Forgiving oneself rids your from dream crushing guilt and forgiving others liberates you from their control. Faith reassures your  belief in the goodness of life and Hope helps you chase the extraordinary. Directing your attention towards these aspects early in the day, recentre’s your scope.


With eyes shut, Envision yourself as an insignificant particle of this cosmos. Slowly expand your being from where you are to the far corners of the universe. As you do, align yourself with the energy of each realm, the immediate realm around you, at your home, in your neighborhood, in your city on your planet, Expand to the entire solar system and float among the planets then the stars then all other dimensions.  As you expand, be perceptive of the awe inspiring amazingness which makes life and its multiple facets possible, be grateful for it, and from their will arise forgiveness, faith and hope.

Music and Motivational Video –  A motivating piece of content early in the morning and work wonders for you. It is said that everyone who listens to positive videos and music earlier on in the day, involves him or herself  in increasing the goodness of the planet.  Rather than just rushing through the morning and the day, these people are more mindful and add positive energy all around them, which is little of paying back the universe for the gift of life.


These are some of the channels I like:

Motivational Hub

Be Inspired


Make your BED

Finally a small but significant part of your morning,  make your bed. Other than physical aspect of cleanliness, it emits a vibe of clarity and discipline, completing the task of sleeping isn’t over till you make your bed, and whats best is when you come back home at night you get a well made bed to sleep on.


Spread bed sheet evenly, tuck it at the corners. Fold the blanket, arrange the pillows, smile while you do it thinking about this article.

Warm Water, Lemon and Honey

Squeeze some good health into your lives early in the morning,  there are many  good effects of water in your system  early in the morning, along with lemon and honey its an elixir.


Warm Water, Squeeze lemon, add spoonful of honey, lick the poon, drink from the glass, one sip at a time.

Do share your inputs on how you start your day. What do you have first thing in the morning? Do you have any other morning rituals which can help others?


I hope you start your day well and invest time in being the authors of you story.


Hybrid Humans – Adapting to a Digital Lifestyle

As man’s interaction with technology gets more intimate we come to the understanding that a new species of Homo Sapiens has come to being.  They look like us, they talk like us, they speak like us, they are among us but they think differently. As the transitional generation of humans passes on the torch to the fully hybrid ones, I forsee even more amalgamation with technology.

The ones trying to avoid this digital revolution (check out Darwins  theory) are fighting a lost cause, the scale of interaction has long surpassed a state of withdrawal. Reading through this article  you will find out why you will be a fool to think about avoiding technology and why learning to manage it is a better aim.

All we can do now is to adapt to a digital lifestyle by inculcating good digital habits in ourselves and the people around us so that we,as humans, remain the masters of our work rather than losing out completely to technology..

Digital Diffusion – The New Networks

digital lifestyle
Computer circuit board in the form of the human brain Credits Huffingtonpost

As an Urban Yogi it is easy for me to believe that there is a network of energy which connects all of us.  The causal energy governing all lives is also referred to as spirit, and is mentioned directly and indirectly in almost all religious texts.

This intangible energy helps us connect with other humans and align with some without even saying a word, based on the energy they emit..  This is why we seem to form an automatic  alignment with some strangers who are in the vibrational frequency  while we get bad vibe from others.

In the modern world such energy has been represented faintly by electrical energy and now is being represented by the digital network which affords you a digital lifestlyle.

The modern way of life is a diffusion between meditative and  cybernated worlds. Although meditation is a far wider concept which helps you connect to your innermost self but try moving your head around this.

When you shut your eyes you can be anyone or anywhere you want, modern technology helps you almost to do that through virtual reality, you have more scope of memory through the digital network and google.

Imagine the Possibilities of a Holistic Digital Lifestyle

As mentioned by  the modern world visionary Elon Musk in a podcast with Joe Rogan  the biggest problem now with  the digital interface is the slow input times. We either have to type or speak to access the information which is a very slow process when we compare it with how quickly our brain works.

The solution is a neural link in your brain, a device which will help you access the network through your thoughts.

digital lifestyle
Picture Credits CIPD

Imagine the possibilities of a holistic digital lifestyle  where you just have to think about the topics you are interested in and being able to access terrabytes of data, as text,video and audio about it through your mind.

Imagine  ordering your Uber  with no need of taking out your phone, imagine communicating a message without needing to type, imagine watching a video by shutting your eyes, imagine self ordered groceries through Amazon by automated analysis of biological needs.   Imagine no need for books but still learning lessons, imagine saving your specific hybrid self in a hard drive and uploading the same on a different body, no death.

As new networks develop all these fantasies seem possible. Imagine, thinking about the modern digital lifestyle 15 years back, it was a fantasy which is now a reality.

ARTificial Intelligence

Picture Credits 1insurer
Picture Credits 1insurer

It is inevitable that we are bound to come up with a version of machines capable of thinking for itself.  It will mostly be a hybrid human, if you notice around you this hybridization has been initiated. All of you are part machines, in different proportions.

Over the last 15 years there has been more evolution than the previous 500 years. The rate of evolution is getting quicker and it will gather further pace with artificial intelligence.

My take on it is, we need to understand this digital diffusion is unavoidable now, but lets not lose our human-ness in front of technology. There are amazing possibilities which beckon yet lets not lose the specific traits which outline our species.

Lets try not to let our ARTisitic side die in a scientific world.  Lets meet the intelligent machines with the fullness  of our humanness. with traits such as Love, Compassion, Empathy, Humility and Gratitude. So that we end up defining our digital lifestyle.

Dehradun : Lessons from The Valley of Good Vibrations

“Mountaintops inspire you but you are matured only in the valley.”

Everyone raised in a valley grows up  looking at the larger than life mountains.  Through  which trickle  down many streams and a lot of  warmth and security, which transcends into confidence.  Along with this the  omnipresent view of the mountains  instills you with humility. because of their sheer size.


We are naturally gifted with natures gifts

Humbled and confident there is a spark which separates every valley dweller.  When you reply with “Dehradun” to an  informal inquiry regarding your hometown, you see the subtle expansion in the iris of the inquirer, maybe from magical experiences of the past.

Living in abundance is second nature to valley dwellers, the  natural diversity  at their disposal makes them wealthy beyond all riches. Most times this feeling is subconscious, they might consciously feel like beggars but deep inside they know more about the little things that matter.

The activated sense of perception  is not  an acquired  talent but  learnt from growing up in these blissful surroundings.


The Trek to Mussoorie

As a child Mussoorie, the queen of the hills on the lower Himalayas, which enclose my hometown of Dehradun,  always appeared to be a distant goal, a

The mountain top served as a long term goal to  be accomplished.  (Accomplishing this the first few times  through automobiles was a hard task because of mountain sickness).Later it became more achievable when I entered the bunking age (tried it just once, was diligent  at school that way).

But what I realized when I made my first trek to Mussoorrie was how the feeling of reaching the top inspired me to keep going on even when there was no gas left in my pulmonary tank.

The path went through an amazing micro valley, full of amazing views of the city, fresh water streams, waterfalls, flaura and fauna which included laughing hyenas echoing across the valley.  But all of this was not noticed the first time. As most of it was  about surviving the trek and achieving the goal of reaching the top.


The first trek was calf numbing and needed a day to recover from ,with reaching the top being the only takeaway.

The next time the  distance was still the same, but I noticed more things along the journey. I was aware of the birds chirping this time, the laughing hyenas made me realize that I was supposed to be scared along with tired through the first trek, and rather than only looking up I was looking around.

As these treks continued, I started exploring more along the journey, to the extent of taking a dip in the icy stream on a cold December Morning.  We reached the top each time but with every journey our minds matured.

The degree of exhaustion was inversely proportion to the number of treks but the enjoyment multiplied manifolds with each trip.


Life Lessons from a Trek up a Mountain around Dehradun

With every climb, the top of the mountain was the inner aim but each new journey was more fulfilling than the previous.

Everything about the journey was the same, but what changed was my perspective. As it matured,  I became more aware of the little things which were ignored the previous time.  The time in the valley taught me to notice more when I make the climbs to the top.

On our journey through life we have to climb many mountains, we have to achieve many goals. The first few times we try to do anything, we are so consumed at completing the task at hand that we overlook the experiential value which the task contains.

In our obsession with completing the task we overlook the micro aspects that  lead to the ultimate goal. But as we mature through life, especially through our valleys, not Dehradun, but the times when we feel down and introspect, we tend to get better at enjoying the ride rather than completing it.

Be Mindful of the Micro Sensationsdehradun

In your quest for glory or accomplishing any small part of your story, take sometime to enjoy the experience , the art will only get better as you get humbled by time. But through the valleys in your life you will learn lessons which will make you more mindful every time you start a new climb, which can be starting a new relationship or business or a new job or any other endeavor you want to be a part of.

The view from the top of the mountain will be much better when you have enjoyed the journey to it.  But first you will need to develop humble confidence through self awareness and then take out time to climb some mountains.


Money Mindset – The Valueless Rupee

Its not the the Rupee that is suffering it is you. If you believe only money makes you significant you are valueless. At some stage, sooner or later, everyone who is driven will make enough money, whatever be the currency.

Everyone  who is passionate and focused will achieve financial success, but solely measuring success based on money is not justified. There is no currency for how someone makes you feel and also impacts the world through compassion and selflessness.


In the process of making oneself rich, one loses their true identity and integrity,  letting go of their real self to put up a mask of greed to earn more, but if one  digs deep down inside to recognize their true passion and works on it, eventually they will be wealthier than everyone around them ,  Its all a matter of patience,  but even when you forego greed and are patient, people around you wont be.


The problem with the people around you is that they look at you  with a vision of how the society looks at you. The society only looks at tangible aspects, they are happy seeing someone as rich who owns a 50,00,000 worth car without noticing the 50,00,00,000 debt they have to pay and easily ignore the people working on causes which can impact 50,00,00,000 lives just because they have no financed car to show for it. A really high stress burden to bear just for showing off to a society which will always find a loophole.


Pic source https://brokenbelievers.com/2016/03/14/the-corrosiveness-of-social-anxiety/

It is to be noted that if everyone goes the way, of the crowd especially in India, where humans are conditioned to slavery, no  man/woman can stand out,chase his dream and be successful without being the odd sheep. Social resistance feeds on your dreams indirectly through the people who care for you.  It is the bitter truth but the most detrimental people for your dreams, are your father, mother, brother, sister or partners.

Their fear is draped in care. But it is not even their fear, it is the fear of the society which speaks through them.


In my own experience the ones who are used to expensive borrowed toys wont ever understand the value of high frequency souls who vibrate to uplift energies around them . On the contrary they will try to use  the energy of these people to  harvest resources or shut them down because of their lack of vision, integrity and values.

So if you have hopes out of your bosses at work, recalibrate these hopes upon yourself.  You are your best bet, and till the time you truly internalize this you wont dig deep down and find your purpose on this planet, and design an action plan to fulfill the purpose.  The fulfillment of your purpose will coincide with the universal energies blessing you with  wealth beyond your imagination. Even if it is not  as tangible as an expensive vacation on black money, you will be able to get more fulfillment out of it because of your intangible wealth, your values.


A Case for Money

Imagine making all the money in the world and acquiring all the beautiful things you desire, what next?

The endless pit of your desires cant only be satiated with money. as easy money brings with a lack of value. Though it might be important for sustaining oneself but it is not worth sacrificing your values for.  Yes, money tends to make people forego many traits that make them human. On their paper chase at most times they end up sacrificing traits that make them human. This is the main problem with the majority, otherwise people pursuing purposes will always end up with enough money at the end of the day.

The ones making a case for money and tangible wealth should understand I am not against it but it should not be the end all of life.  What are crores of rupees with bad health ? What are 20 jaguars in the parking lot with constant stress of work? What is a vacation to the moon with a disgruntled partner?

Spend 20% of your energy for sustaining yourself and 80% on realizing and actualizing your true potential. You will see the cumulative contentment in your and the lives of those around you will multiply manifold. Along with your coffers are bound to grow, not immediately but eventually.


Pic Courtesy http://www.gcmtechnology.com/difference-between-rich-wealthy-people/

Never serve money, never be owned by the rupee, value yourself, let it serve you.

Empower Enrich Enhance

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