Nightmares to New Perspectives

We all know the feeling of waking up with a pounding heart, maybe a drop of sweat on the brow, semi recollecting the nightmares that  just traumatized your unconsciousness. A force of nature you have no control over, as it captures your sleeping imagination and takes you through a whirlwind of almost real emotions.

The aftermath can be a sleepless night, which turns out really bad for your mind state and under eyes the next morning.

The HAT Trick of nightmares

Imagine waking up from your nightmares at the exact same time,  for three consecutive nights. This Hat trick can trick the smartest of us more than Mohammad Shami did to those last three Afghani players.  At that point you try understand the parts of it which you loosely remember, without success.

I decided to fulfill some of my 10-2 delta sleep for better health and mind frames some 4 nights back.  The grappling with the bed lasted a little longer but I was off to sleep by 10:30.  A sudden jolt shot me out of sleep, and at 1;27 AM I was exorcising my pillow from the demons I thought had got into it.

The next night a similar story, even after using books, scented candles and eye patches. The third night even Eckhart Tolle audio books couldn’t prevent the brain games.


Most of these aspects in life are unfathomable but I could make bits and pieces of sense out of whatever the nightmares hinted at. though they are really personal for everyone, I through my suffering figured out how to nullify them for everyone.

So in the morning I called my sister for an official green tea summit at our dining hall. and said, ” From today onward’s we have to set intentions, the quality of our gifted brains has to evolve more and for that we have to work on these aspects:

  1. Whomsoever in this cosmic domain is worthy of anger, hate or ill will from our side, we have to send that person love and good energy.
  2. If we see our mind going out of track and wishing bad or complaining about someone who is wronging or has wronged us, we have to have the mindfullness to stop and replay point 1. Wish those people well and move on.
  3. We will consciously base our life on positive energy, and that means even with the ones we know have done us wrong, as they are capable of bringing out the worse in us. This side of ours will never harmfully impact anyone else more than it does us.


The world will offer us a lot of baits to turn bitter, this bitterness swells up and harms only the person it is inside. The point is to prevent yourself from walking this path. We are all at different levels of awareness and this element of negativity can make the best of us dance to its tunes.

The smarter ones can find so many more reasons not to forgive, forget and move on. But this resentment does nothing but burn up your own positive energy, one which can be used to add so much to the world.

Your nightmares are such a personal thing, that even if you are at your communicative best you cant make another person feel what you went through. So it is best you deal with it by enhancing your inner working, the ones few people are aware off.

Your liberation from this web of the world will when you practice the free will to forgive, have gratitude and bless even the ones who do you wrong.




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