Music- Vibes from the Valley

Music is the glue that binds the multitude of pieces humanity has divided itself into. It connects your mind, body and spirit to the soul of the universe. And when both vibe in unison the result is pure and perfect harmony. This harmony creates a bubble of freedom,happiness and celebratory bliss around all who participate in its inception.  Uniting all as one perfect singularity.


Everyone who feeds of this common pool of auditory energy is on the same elevated plane of thought and existence. This alignment is beyond the limits of social and geographical  distinctions.

Most lives are spent chasing stability, the enlightened ones are spent chasing a metaphysical connection, a deeper meaning, a bigger purpose. When the frequency of your spirit resonates with the frequency of the universe the resulting sound of blissful brilliance contains all answers. Though your connection with the brilliance of this sound is ephemeral, the melody echoes across eternity.

Music therapy


The therapeutic value of sound cant be over emphasized. The reverberations of the perfect note can help you transcend the monotony of every day struggles and elevate your spirit to the zenith of existential relevance.

The wide spectrum of sound enables the provision of a melody for every situation. Whatever you feel is accentuated  when you supplement it with a suitable tune.

This therapeutic value of music ranges from enhancing exultation to subsiding sorrow, from fostering friendships to healing hearts, form pruning pain to diminishing diseases.

“Dehradun Drum Circle” – Vibes from the Valley


I was lucky enough to find myself at one such event celebrating music and life in Dehradun. Called the Dehradun Drum Circle, the most beautiful aspect of this amazing celebration of sound, which mirrored the most beautiful aspect of the valley,  was its simplicity and spontaneity.

In a world where theoretic complexity, strategies, power struggles dictate most actions, it was pleasantly surprising to find something contrary to the current cash oriented culture.

With music at its core this little event was a big step towards the liberation of the beautiful valley which has been succumbing to the paper chasing mentality.  The little valley has been famous for its warm hearts and cold winters. But slowly greed has crept in and lead to a change in generic attitude.

Amidst all this, these spontaneous celebrations of life have almost perished. The first event of the “Dehradun Drum circle” symbolized what the town has been deprived of over the last decade. A free for all event with more fun and less strategical planning.

The variety of percussion instruments which individually sounded  ordinary but together created magic indicated what can be done if we work together.

These instrument sounded similar irrespective of who played it. They didn’t change the sound they produced depending on the color, the status, the age, the religion or caste of the person playing it.

It was great fun seeing people come out of their shells and get involved with the rhythm of life. At most times people care too much about whose watching, what they will say and how society will react to their actions. Music helps create that euphoric setting where people let go of their acquired inhibitions and give in to their more natural self, one which wants to have fun irrespective of whose watching.

I hope my beautiful city in enamored with many more such events where people focus less on who and how many people are watching and more on  the real purpose of music, CELEBRATION OF LIFE.

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