Moving Beyond the “Shortcut to six pack abs” syndrome –

Shortcut to six pack abs is one of the most searched and researched  items online. Minimum effort for maximum aesthetic gain is the order of the day, in a attention craving, comfort loving society.

The youth want to the shortcut to six pack abs as if it is open up a treasure chest of riches for them. They are willing to go to any extent just to look good in someone else’s eyes. But even when they achieve it and don’t see the cave to their riches open, they are as clueless as the Casper like makeup wearing girl who doesn’t get attention at a party.

The saga doesn’t end at cluelessness, all the shortcuts they take, puts them at direct risks of injury,  external and internal. They either burn out muscles or liver, on their over trained over supplemented bodies.

Most of these chiseled physiques are like fine crafted glass, with minimal mobility, strength, endurance and energy.  The physiology is weak but their psychology is weaker. Anticipating praise and appreciation they never allow themselves to just relax and be. They end up triggering an  attention deficit hyperactive disorder.

So before researching shortcut to six pack abs, just research on the following words, exercise programming, over training, ill effects of steroids and why you should not anyone else judge how good or bad you look?

Here is something specially resourced for all the ones suffering from the “Shortcut to Six Pack abs syndrome”

Shortcut to six pack abs

It’s impossible to do 10 days hard work in one day similarly, the development of your core, the reduction of your body fat, takes time if done naturally. The ones looking at shortcut to six pack abs are going against nature, which always is a recipe for disaster.

Do have a look at this video in hindi if you want to develop a strong core

Shortcut six pack abs is a myth made by brands and celebs to take advantage of your greed, laziness and lack of work ethic.

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