Manipulating the Mind: From Mediocre to Magnificent

A sky full of stars to the mind are so far,

Logic deceives, your starry eyes only see them shine at a few light years

Shut your eyes, look inside and you will find them so near.

Your mind is the source of magic and malice, the core of brilliance and bullshit and the centerpiece of the puzzle of your life. From it originate tremendous thoughts, successful schemes, productive perceptions, inspirational  ideas, cutting edge concepts  along with destructive designs, notorious notions, cunning conspiracies.

If you express yourself and don’t hesitate  there is no end to the magic your mind can make.


This most valuable tool on earth defines the quality of your life. Health, wealth and success are all  variable consequences directly related to your mindset.  Spending time in optimizing your thoughts is an investment which will  give you everlasting returns.

Some kings ran  empires to the ground as they didn’t nurture their mind, while few beggars built castles and fortunes by optimizing their opinions to create succesful thought patterns and  designs.

Overcoming your own resistance

The degree of your progress depends on the intricacy with which you shape your thoughts. While some are content with mediocrity others are always on the lookout to think better and move forward.

I am writing this part to myself as well, as the next few lines have to be repeated to oneself time and again.

As humans, being at the top of the food chain, with your super smart brains, all of you are naturally conditioned to have this superiority complex. Nature blesses you with this beautiful ego, an identity which makes every individual unique, which empowers you to have full faith in your belief systems. As these belief systems take years and years to develop it  become an inseparable part of you.

But you fail to understand that the pseudo confidence from your belief system is a shackle as it prevents you from thinking with more than one perspective. To enhance your super computer you have to allow your ego to be defeated. Otherwise your current mentality of mediocrity will sustain forever.

Its always good to believe in something, but when you think in the long run, the evolving nature of this universe is the biggest indication that you need at times to let go of your beliefs and have the flexibility to adapt to the changing world.

Fighting with oneself

Situations will arise where you will have to manipulate your mind into believing things that go against your belief systems. You will most certainly have to go against what you think is right, because your current belief systems are incapable of taking you beyond where you already are.

Once you break the shackles of the systems that govern your mind by default,  you  open up a new world to yourself. As your perceptional paradigm expands you start noticing that the key to getting what you desire is in your own hands, yet you waste all the time, doing what you think is right.

Evolving with Flexibility and patience

Flexibility and patience are very important traits to initiate and sustain self mental manipulation. The fight against your mind can only be won over a period of time. When you go against your beliefs you will question your existence, it will be a bitter pill to swallow. But with patience you will understand that to move forward you have to leave some of the past behind.

It appears very simple in text but applying these things practically is the biggest test a human has to go through. Hope you all have fun breaking the barricade that rigid thinking creates and move into a higher way of thinking.

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