Living a Life of Ultimate Freedom

When you actually appreciate yourself you don’t need permission to be inspired, you see through self imposed restrictions, and finally give yourself the freedomg from self sabotage, to express unconditionally, absolutely and to grow without limits.

As you live an inspired life through this shift in paradigm, you dissolve your need for external validation and through this realisation also provide others freedom from judgment, so that they can express themselves without fear


The Path to Freedom

There might be some divine intervention, some major suffering which will lead to this shift but you can intentionally create the same, in this moment, just like in any moment, you are free to accept and let go of any belief life might have made you accept in the past.

The inability for a human to grow out of beliefs is because one’s limited conditioning is so deep that it feels it needs someone’s permissions to change, and validation to endorse change.
But who is the someone? This someone actually represent the mind made social authority which has the narrowest, limited vision, which may or may not exist.

So most decision making for an individual is based on approval from a phantom authority which can’t think beyond the fear and lack conditioned beliefs of mind. Good luck trying to impress that and good luck trying to release yourself from this imaginary cage.

The Chain of Freedom

Once you see through the hollowness of a validating authority, you never make decisions to seek external validations yet make them with unhindered freedom. You allow your absolute being to unfurl to its truest potential, you allow yourself to be the effortless expression of cosmic intelligence, an instrument of God.

You also do the society a major favour by releasing those around your from your judgement and unconciously empowering them with a sense of freedom, and the chain of freedom continues.

This sense of freedom is contagious, and is conveyed through being, rather than words. Being around an aligned person automatically aligns everyone around, renders them free, whole and realised.

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