Himalayan Zen – Climbing The Mountain of Wholeness

Inner peace is available to you at every moment. Yet clouds of conditioning often blur the clarity of the sky, which might hide, but can never leave you.

Himalayan Zen is an effortless way to shed all these clouds, to reconnect with your inner wholeness.

In the ideal situation, climbing the mountain of wholeness is as simple and effortless as just being.

But in the modern world with a mind which is conditioned for survival, fear, lack and inadequacy, humans make it difficult to discover the bliss and joy which is their inherent nature.

This is the reason going against the effortless principles of Himalayan Zen, for the modern human, a journey of wholeness has to be made. But where is the mountain of wholeness?

Where to Look for wholeness?

People try to look outside for other people, experiences, objects, methods, which might relieve them of their overthinking and make them feel the eternal bliss and joy, which they once felt, which got hidden over time. But all such external attempts are temporary at their best and a waste of life energy at their worst.

So Climbing the mountain of wholeness is a journey inside. A journey which requires commitment, persistence, dedication, and the ability to navigate any circumstances that might arise.

The Himalayan Zen Way to Inner Peace

The Himalayan Zen Way requires you to dare to go beyond your mind. If it is not testing your faith, your predetermined way if being then it will do you know good.

Climbing the mountain of Wholeness requires a certain level of Openness, Curiousity, Kindness and Dedication. These traits help you move and sustain your journey towards climing the mountain of wholeness, if it was easy, everybody would do it.

The mind always seeks familiarity in thinking patterns, this might appear comforting even if it might is depleting to your life condition and life energy. To break these shackles you need summon your inner energy, take a leap of fait beyond fear and…

  1. Explore your inner experience,
  2. Challenge your assumptions about yourself and the world
  3. Experiment with behaviors that are outside your comfort zone.
  4. Relieve yourself from the accepted negative bias towards life.
  5. Expand beyond the socially acceptable conditioned way of living.
  6. Free yourself from Confining Ideas about yourself and the world.
  7. Turn towards every new Experience with a freshness and no previous perspective baggage.

A Rebirth to Joyful Spontaneity

The Himalayan zen way is not just another process to make life less difficult. It is not anothe self help method to carry old patterns of thinking in a new way.

It is more revolutionary, to the extent that it requires the death of the old you, to ressurect as a new you. Now let’s deconstruct that heavy statement.

The mind with its conditioned patterns, identifications, and separate entity and ego, will always protect itself, and any attempts at transcending normal thought process will be made to appear like death.

That’s why many people keep clinging on to thought processes which don’t serve them, even when they are aware about their issues and bad habits. Letting go of this negative pattern of thought is made to appear like death by the same mind, which tries to protect itself.

So it stays alive, but this aliveness comes at a cost. It costs you your peace of mind, your frwoth and Ultimate liberation.

This is the reason why the Himalayan Zen way helps you climb the mountain of wholeness, makes you reconnect with who you are beyond your roles, and from their let go of limiting beliefs and traumas and fears and live a life of Joyful Spontaneity.





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