Harnessing digital addictions- Share with care

Back in the day Viral was just an ailment, feared by all, wanted by none. But in the modern world of social media and 30 seconds to fame, going viral is the mission of most people’s life.  The unforgiving addictions of wanting to know all and wanting to be known by all has slowly but surely phased itself into society. It is high time that we accept and find ways to live with these addictions rather than running away.

What started off like an adolescent abnormality has turned itself into a world wide epidemic. The absolute irony of people posting pictures of their digital detox on various social media handles typifies the extent to which we stand addicted. The addiction is here to stay, so we can either enslave ourselves to it everlastingly or turn this unavoidable addiction into something which serves the common good.

Digital from teether’s to tombstones

When virtual profiles are groomed more than the self, when image editing software’s are applied more than soap and oil, when chargers are packed before toothbrushes, and when self worth is measured by the number of virtual approvals one receives, then it is safe to say that yiu are enveloped by a digital blanket, one which cant be avoided, only accepted. A blanket which is thrusted upon you when you are born and which lasts till you pass away.


This digital blanket has made itself a daily part of our lives. It has bought with it enumerable problems and possibilities. People from remote places, even ones living remote lives in bigger places, suddenly get a chance to a establish an identity in front of a wider audience.  The get noticed, acknowledged, appreciated, liked, retweeted, shared quick brigade is all a consequence of the digital Renaissance. Without realizing what they are sharing people just want to make their mark on the virtual world, wanting to be noticed.

Lets go Viral- Of selfies and pouts

When grown men and women cant control their urge to indulge in the virtual world, their younger counterparts cant be expected to do the same. Social media is as big a part of a persons life as waking up, going to the washroom and having breakfast. Cuz most of you are on social media all throughout, even while undertaking the above mentioned activities.

You can fool yourself and the world for a while but you will have to accept it sooner rather than later that social media is an unavoidable reality, one which has slowly made itself a vital component of existence.

So with that in mind people can use it in cheap attempts to fast track their way to empty fame, misguide others by depicting life as only a series of happy selfies and pouts, or utilize it to put a smile to someones face and get them out of their gloom.

The need to be admired

Man is not a solitary creature and everyone needs that pat on the back or that like on the status. Who are we kidding, compliments are always welcome. Yet, one should be mindful of what one is doing in order to get complimented.

Projecting a false image,  imitating a superstar, depictions of brashness,vulgarity and violence, might get you the momentarily relevance that your empty soul craves, but they make you part of a confused identity-less majority. You can satiate your admiration vacuum by doing something much more constructive than making empty attempts of going viral.

Harnessing the addiction

Most of us are addicted to social media, it forms a a vital part of our lives. So rather than resenting or being egotistical about it you can harness this addiction and use it to satisfy your need to be admired by actually doing something admiration worthy. Be mindful of what you share, share experiences which will help someone, a thought that might act like the glue to someones broken heart, an idea that would help fix someones jigsaw.


Use what man has created to benefit himself in actually benefiting the race rather than making yourself famous. If you are good at what you do no one can stop you from going viral, if you are an empty vessel, you might get a few appreciators but your hollow life will never become full of joy.

Be mindful, share to inspire.

Have a good day.






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