happy birthday

Happy Birthday Srishti

happy birthday

Because 23 years back I got the beating when you started the washing machine when no one was looking,

and we always knew what the Rock was cooking.

Because Kobe might be good but you are the best,

and enacting Barnie Stintson is not a good idea when you are going for a test

Because you spent time shooting jumpers and hooks

when the rest wasted it on books and looks.

Because you came to my rescue when I was neck deep in the mud pool

When we were returning home celebrating the rainy day holiday at school

Because you dared to win and come down the roof with the rope ages ago

and we never found out where in the world was Carmen Sandiego?

Because you were a part of the crimes in our rakhi robbery

and you had a secret crush on Colin Mochrie

Because every time we played you would cheat like a maniac to win

and you did the best impersonation of Shang Tsung when you said “Finish Him”

Because you think you’re Johny Drama and I your baby bro

and together we found that paper soaps could be made at home and sulfuric acid did make ants grow.

Because you were always like the elder protective bro

and I always got second hand books and clothes

Because you deserve all the respect for your hard work and persistence

and we’re running out of time to appreciate each others existence.

I am privileged to have had you by my side as we grew,

and hope that I am successful in putting a smile on your face with the few words I dedicate to you.

happy2Happy Birthday cosmos. 






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