guts over fear

Guts over Fear

Life may make you feel that fear rules you, but look again, fear fools you. It wont take much to make this fear disappear, believe in yourself, guts over fear.

guts over fear

Fear paralyzes your present and traumatizes your future. It depletes your efficiency and subjects you to mediocrity. You want to rule the world but you cant,actually you can but you are too afraid to.

Everyone is born with the same basic skills, but fear, either your parent’s or your own, prevents some of you from turning these skills into specializations.

One thing is for sure, basic skill or specialization, you wont stay the same for all of your life. What you have to ask yourself is who decides what shape your life takes? Fear would be a major influence in this decision. Its up to you to either totally surrender this decision and all your dreams to fear or overcome it using your spirit and be the architect of your own future.

Don’t be a chicken, even birds fly through their fear

Fear has the ability to impair action, which is detrimental in certain situations where action becomes necessary. Take for example the migration of birds. If birds from higher latitudes don’t make their annual migratory journeys towards warmer climate they will freeze. If they are too afraid to take flight at the right time they risk their own existence. Similarly if you are too afraid to take flight at the appropriate time, you risk living a life of discontent, which definitely isn’t a life worth living.

Your desire to live should overcome your fears of pursuing uncomfortable objectives and entering unfamiliar environment. Get rid of your chikenitis and don’t be afraid to give yourself a complete shot at glory, failure doesn’t make you appear weaker, inaction does.

guts over fear

Don’t let fear disable your destiny

Fate might have great plans for you, but what are great plans without action? Your destiny is disabled by your incapacity to overcome fear. You are destined for greatness, but fear wont let you fulfill your true potential. You need to have the guts over fear to allow yourself to achieve something worth remembering, something which will make your name live forever. As you would soon perish from the face of this earth, but your legacy immortalizes you. Don’t be victimized by fear because it will jeopardize your legacy.

At the end you have just one life, you would definitely want it to mean something, fear wont let you. Be more than average,.  Dig deep down, find the courage to slap failure in the face and be the legend that you were born to be. Fulfill your destiny.

guts over fear

Mind over matter and guts over fear, Will make you more than average, and Eminem deserves a cheer.




What better way to pay homage to someone who sprinkled some creativity into my life than by utilizing one of his song titles to help someone overcome fear and do justice to his/her talents.

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