Ganesh Chaturthi – Faith, Fat, Fanatics and Facts

Ganesh Chaturthi is widely celebrated around India. It marks the arrival of Lord Ganesh, the God of wisdom, prosperity and new beginnings, to Earth from Mount Kailash.  It is pretty strange then to see people missing basic wisdom to understand the significance of this deity and often using this festival to indulge in unhealthy and imbalanced practice for self and others.

Ganesh Chaturthi is a Classical case of faith meeting business. Shops taking advantage of blind devotion. People justifying their unhealthy indulgences based on self serving interpretation of religion.

Here are some bitter sweet realities.





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So keeping the above information in mind spend Ganesh Chaturthi with inner sweetness rather than outer one. Make better connections with yourself first, then share it and restore faith but avoid getting lead away with all the brands and shops selling you items. It is easy to get blinded by faith and disturb oneself and others on the pretext of worship. The rate race of being the best God pleaser wont get you anywhere.

Also remember that God, the energy that governs the cosmos, is with you and within you for all 365 days, so you can look at elongating your sense of disciplehood of Ganesh Chaturthi to the entire year.

We can’t please God by over sacrificing for few days and then expect the energy to take care of us for the entire year, so many people start creating a havoc on the final day of Ganesh Chaturthi and get back to malpractices and intentions immediately as they bid farewell to Ganesh.

This gives the idea that Ganesh Chaturthi is nothing more than a business investment for them, whereas actually faith is much beyond this give and take.

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