Fabulous Life

Four Fundamentals to a Fabulous Life

A fabulous life has a different definition for everyone.

For the ones measuring life in terms of money a fabulous life is defined by material richness.

For the ones in service of God, a fabulous life is built on complex rituals and penance.

For the ones chasing power, a fabulous life will involve having control and authority.

In modern times we have people wanting to be famous, for them social recognition is the measure of being fabulous.

You define your own fabulous life depending on the depth of your perception. The perception is altered from person to person, and also for the same individual it changes over a period of time. So what might be a fabulous life at 18 years of age would not be the same at 28 and again at 38,48,58.

Though these definitions are different but the process to be followed to realize this sort of life is same. For anyone who is serious about achieving their definition of a fabulous life, these four fundamentals are essential:


The ones who can see beyond the obvious will automatically find the strength to achieve it. The ones who cant envision what they want, are wasting their time on the planet, just like soccer players with no goal posts. They keep existing with no definite targets.

Imagination helps you create an action plan to attack what you are after. The degree of your imaginative powers will help you think beyond the status quo. The further away you get from conformity the closer you get to your fabulous life.


Someone with belief will act even on the one stupid idea he has all throughout his life, while someone lacking belief will take his thousand good ideas with him to the grave.

Belief gives you the strength to take the first step towards your vision, belief helps you when you face obstacles and belief gives you the energy when you think you have nothing left in your tank.

Your abilities and talents are like candles in the rain if you don’t have belief to exhibit them,


Luck might hand you some success, but persistence will ensure that you are successful in the long run. Persistence involves putting in the long hours even when you cant see any substantial result.

If you can work hard on your ideas for long enough there is nothing in the world to stop you from achieving them. Yes you will face disappointments, but if you can persist beyond this pain, you are guaranteed the paradise of a fabulous life.


The process leading us to our definition of a fabulous life is reversible. You cant just sit on success. Once you have hit your goals, you have to keep going forward, you have to set new benchmarks in order to inspire those around you. By doing this you are not only helping the world, but also yourself so that you keep working hard to set inspirational examples.

This exemplary nature of inspiration will ensure that you keep working on newer ideas with belief and persistence. The willingness to inspire is a blessing only those receive whose potential has yet to be fully maximized.

Chase your Fabulous life 

All definitions of a fabulous life can be realized if these four fundamentals are worked on. It doesn’t matter if you are money, fame, power or mental peace, if you follow these basic principles, you are bound to be fabulous.

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