Some food for thought – 6 ways to a happetite


FoodWhat you eat not only determines what you look like but it also conveys a lot about your persona. Till a certain age you don’t get to decide what you eat. So you eat what is served.

Then,after a certain age, when you get the opportunity to consciously decide what to eat, you avoid it. Partly because you think its just food so why waste time, partly because you don’t want to go against the normal pattern of the household and partly because you think its all about instant gratification of the taste buds.

Either you completely ignore what you are eating or base your eating decisions on taste. The former displays your ignorance and the latter your stupidity.

Soon comes a time when you suffer as a result of your ignorance and stupidity. Due to your lack of responsible eating you are recommended to forego major portions of your diet. Then starts a long trend of regular vacations in the hospital, expensive tour guides in white coats and a staple diet of taste bud traumatizing medicines. And we are happy to partake in the precautionary procedures. The ones we led ourselves to.

Our generations has an affinity towards responsive action rather than preventive ones. You only look for drastic cures, once something drastic happens, rather than making a little effort to prevent them.

What you eat reveals a lot about your personality. Your lack of decision making, irresponsibility, lazy-ness, and lack of self control all become evident by your eating habits.

But luckily its never too late to make a change. Here are some tips on how to enhance your lives through proper nutrition, in the quickest way possible. These are the 6 ways to a happetite:

1. Proper proportioning

Frühstücken wie ein kaiser,. Mittagessen wie ein könig und abendessen wie ein bettelMann.

This German saying is ideal for someone starting off with diet control. Eat your breakfast like an emperor, your lunch like a king and your dinner like a beggar.

You don’t have to wear a crown through breakfast or go on the streets for dinner. What this implies is that you should proportion your meals properly. Breakfast should be the heaviest meal of the day and dinner the lightest. Something we all know but never apply. Oats, nuts, milk, eggs, fruits, cottage cheese, wheat bread, curd are some good alternatives for breakfast.

2. The tongue is too small an organ to base your entire appetite on– Fries, bacon,cheese, pizzas, chips, burgers always test your resolve. You just cant get a hold of your tongue. You give excuses to yourself, YOLO,POLO and what not to justify your bad eating habits. But when you end up in the operation theater 10 years down the line, you will understand that all your excuses sum up to nothing. A little moderation can help you avoid enormous pain and permanent damage to your health and appetite.

3. Healthy can be tasty too- We mostly avoid healthy eating because of the myth that it is bland and tasteless. But with an ounce of creativity and some research you can add flavor to the healthiest of foods.

4. Balance and not austerity– A balanced diet allows you to satisfy all the senses. The extremely austere ones which are available all over are difficult to follow and impossible to sustain. You might cut everything from your diet for a month and see yourself losing weight but then next month you will end up weighing double. Setting impossible targets and following strict diets is like pouring ice over someone having diarrhea. It will only worsen the situation.

5. Patience– The state you find yourselves in now is a consequence of years of unhealthy eating. You can expect to cure it in a months time. Patience is a virtue you would need most. Starting with spending time while eating, to sustaining your diet for long enough for it to have an effect, Don’t get disheartened if you don’t see immediate results, there are no quick fixes and the ones offering these are lying.

6. Small sacrifices now prevent big ones later– Subtle changes to your diet now will prevent dramatic alterations later. If you can control the urges compelling you to indulge in taste based eating, you will go a long way in being free to chose what you eat in the long run. Don’t overdo indulgences, that’s how you would be able to enjoy them throughout life.

Greatness is not defined by a single moment, it is the consequence of a way of life. What you eat is a significant component of your way of life. It wont take too much for you to live a life of greatness. Overcoming minor urges is too trivial a sacrifice in your pursuit of greatness. Love yourself enough to know and make the difference.

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