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Fitness Mantra: Train, Eat, Sleep Amazing

Whatever we do after a while we tend to be a little rusty at the onset. So I thought writing after a while it would be ideal to keep it simple and write about a Fitness mantra which has helped me stay fit. This fitness mantra is not as complex as some of my initial posts on the website, yet(or that’s why) it will help people struggling to achieve better fitness.

You might be at different levels of fitness, some of you might have just started off with a fitness activity being sick of your friends talk about sprouts, eggs, chicken and tofu all day. While others must be struggling to repeat the extraordinary results of the first few months of training. Still others might be stuck at further refining a well toned physique. The fitness mantra remains same for all.

Everyone wants that amazing health change, but very few are able to back this want with necessary amazing action. To achieve anything extraordinary you have to let go of everything ordinary. Improving your health requires you to be a little extraordinary, because your ordinary habits are the ones which made you unhealthy.

The fitness mantra for an amazing health change involves training, eating and sleeping in an amazing way. Yes you might be doing it almost right, but almost right is not amazing.

So depending upon your level of fitness, find your amazing levels, you will need to sacrifice a little, indulge a little less, but the rewards you will get will surely be fulfilling.

Fitness Mantra 1: Training Amazing 

The amazing-ness doesn’t lie in the complexity of your workout plan or the size of the dumb bell you bench press with. It is more to do with your intensity. Even if it is as simple as walking in the evening, the intensity with which you approach this has to be amazing. If you can take care of your intensity while approaching your workout, your workout will take care of you.

Fitness Mantra 2: Eating Amazing

Everybody knows eating sweets, doughnuts, cakes, is not amazing yet you do it. Everybody knows eating spinach, broccoli, sprouts, eggs, chicken will lead to amazing results but these don’t give your tongue the zing that other food does. Eating amazing is less about realizing what is good for you, everybody knows, and more about giving up on taste bud based eating without spoiling your mood. Your celebrity Nutritionists might conjure up the best diet plan, but it will be of no use if you don’t follow it for long, and you can yourself make the simplest of diet changes and sustain it to see spectacular results.

Fitness Mantra 3: Sleeping Amazing

This actually is the simplest and most ignored part of your quest for better health. Yes you all have a million friends, yes your smartphone develops magnetic properties just as you are planning to sleep,  yes you all have strange working hours, yes you need to network at odd hours, yes you have to stand in long ques to withdraw money, but to be amazing you need to prioritize sleep. Amazing sleeping implies 7-8 hours of daily sleep. How you manage to do it will make you amazing.

So long story short there is no fitness mantra at all. Its about executing what you all know. If you want amazing results be ready to put in amazing efforts.

Have an amazing day.

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