Dream- Vouloir c’est Pouvoir

Vouloir cést pouvoir is a French adage simply meaning  “where there is a will there is a way”. If we dare to dream we will be surprised at our own strength of purpose. If we dare to dream the universe will conspire. If we dare to dream, they will come true.


The fear-social pressure conundrum

In an age where slavery is openly accepted and promoted, the power of the human will has diminished considerably. Where people lack belief to follow their own dreams and sell their souls to the few who do. Where the society judges you by the amount you make at the end of the month and not by what you do to earn it. Where the number of degrees you collect is more important than what you actually can do. Yes slavery still exists, just that it comes in a sugar coating of suits and ties. And before you get to combat the slavery being promoted in the society, you have to fight the war against the ultimate master, fear.

It is fear that prevents you from taking the first step in earnestness towards any endeavor. It is fear that incinerates your self-belief and guides to sell yourself to the comfortable 9-7 slog. It is fear that makes you give up on your aspirations. It is this fear which makes you pay attention to society when it tells you to take the safer path. It is the fear that makes your choices.

Sugar coated slaves

With the mammoth pay packages and severance schemes been thrown around it is fair to argue that some jobs are worth it. But ask any entrepreneur and they’ll tell you, no amount of wealth is worth more than their freedom. 95 % of the world works just to pay the bills at the end of the month. The bills vary as per the lifestyle. 4 % people are lucky enough to find a job in alignment with their passions. The rest follow their passions, living an abundant life of freedom of time and money. They make everyone else believe that life is a struggle, and it is mandatory to have a well-paying job to survive. This makes 5% rulers of their own destinies and 95 percent slaves of fear and the one percent who run the world.

Well to tell you the bitter truth, life is not a struggle and it is not mandatory to have a well-paid job. Your own fear supplemented by social pressures might hoodwink you into believing that regular income settles all problems. But till date I have not seen one person who is perpetually happy with his job. This is what happens when you do something that you HAVE to rather than something you WANT to.

Vouloir cést pouvoir

“First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.” Mahatama Gandhi knew a thing or two about following passions and chasing dreams. If you have a passion pursue it, you might fail at first, be laughed at but test your will, it is beyond what you think it is.

The ones who dare to dream and follow up on it, as elaborated in Change- Overcoming the monsters within, end up doing what they want and consequently doing justice to whatever they do. This leads to certain happiness and may lead to prosperity (the bags full of gold kind) depending on your expectations and a mote of luck. Happiness alone is enough reason to follow your dreams.

A frustrated mind, which is forced to work against its will, takes frustrating decisions while a gratified one makes decisions which keep the happy loop going

The significance of following up on your dreams and passions can’t be over emphasized. It either helps you create something significant or choose and efficiently follow through on your career. The fruits that you reap of not giving up to your fears and social pressures are infinite. You don’t need to find time for your passion because you choose work which is your passion. You don’t need to be stressed about deadlines or worry about completing your work, the energy of following through on your passion will make you efficient beyond the ordinary. When work seems like pleasure and you find time for the more important parts of your life, you will obviously be content.


Imagine Immensities

The mind is propelled by fear it won’t justify your plans, the callous society doesn’t promote work it sells jobs like insurance plans.

There is no point in struggling all your life cursing the work you don’t really like to do, life would be more exhilarating if you undertake passionate pursuits.

Fear will pull you back and it has the world on its side, you can choose to help others realize their dreams like a slave, but is this the real motive of you being alive.

In the camouflage of social beliefs this modern slavery is a lie, just dig deep down within and you will find the WILL to defy.

And once you’ve tamed fear and allowed your passion to ignite, the universe will support your cause with all of its celestial might.

When your dreams come true and you are being applauded perched on the throne, you will realize that while living your dreams you made others believe and follow dreams of their own.

Imagine immensities and put your heart into it, life is defined by how many hearts you’ve touched before you’re through it.

In the next few posts I will celebrate a few ordinary men who have become extraordinary by virtue of their choices. People from everyday life who dint get bogged down by the fears in their head, the worries of their family or the pressures of a diffident society. I hope their stories can get you in alignment with your dreams and help you see the best in yourself. Have a good day.

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