Did Healthy Hanuman need a Health Club?

The unilateral dimension in which health is propagated leads to many quitting even before giving themselves a chance of getting healthy. The gym has become synonymous to fitness, it is professed that to ensure a healthy life it is mandatory for you to visit the gym. Although getting to the gym adds wheels to your journey towards fitness, but it is not the end game of fitness.

Even before gyms existed, Hanuman and Hercules were both specimens of extremely healthy individuals. They never did a barbell curl, or used a hack squat to sculpt their aesthetic physiques. Even our ancestors had long and healthy lives without going to the gym.

Yes lifestyles have changed and the gym is a good option to mute the stresses of work and focus uninterruptedly on being healthy. But opposed to conventional wisdom the gym is not the only way of getting healthy.

The inertia of laziness

Inertia of Laziness is defined as the force preventing you from getting out of your comfort zone and progressing towards a healthy life.  The very first step towards progression is the most important as it requires for you to overcome all these forces preventing you to move.  At most times the complexity of the solution adds to this inertial of laziness and prevents you from taking the first step.

If you force a lazy person to directly climb a hill, 90% of the time his will will crumble at the magnitude of the task. To overcome the inertia of laziness one has to indulge in micro efforts and then turn them into major ones.

How the health industry promotes pain as a precursor to being healthy scares many even before entering the gym. The heavy dumb bells, complex machines and exercises and sacrificial diet plans  are enough for people to stick to their comfort zones and drop all plans of initiating healthy change.

Healthy hercules and hanuman

Herd thinking will want you to go to the gym, but you have to take some time off and ask yourself if you really need to. Fitness is not to be interpreted as going to the gym. When you make that relation you are inclined to forego your plans of healthy change all together.

Envisioning yourself lifting heavy weights and doing complex training will make you lose interest and quit your plans even before starting. You will feel that the pain and sacrifice you have to invest is not worth the returns.

Rather than accepting what everyone says you should look at variable ways of staying healthy. Healthy doesn’t always mean big bulky biceps, six pacs and shirt tearing physique. Not everyone can be a bodybuilder. Healthy means to be able to undertake all your daily activities efficiently for a long period of time.

Baby steps to a healthy life

Rather than chasing generic health goals, set realistic and achievable short term goals. Invest your healthy time in activities which you enjoy, the gym can be a part of it and not the whole. Devise a strategy which allows you to sustain your plan rather than something complex which you wont be able to follow for long enough.

Again the answer lies in being realistic with yourself and customizing strategies based upon your specific preferences. As mentioned above, the initial bit is most important. Once you start seeing the mental and physical results of investing time on your health, you are bound to increase your activities through free will.

Rather than taking a giant leap which cant be repeated you are better off taking baby steps which you enjoy. Start now and you will see yourself gradually falling in love with the healthy lifestyle.



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