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Core Workouts – From your bed to the bar

Core workouts are the basis to the stability of your movements. The core comprises of a complex series of muscles which is not limited to your abs and includes all muscles other than your arms and legs. These muscles are recruited for all activities and movement.

Along with this core muscle development also initiates some fat burn which will lead to weight and inches loss. So engaging in core workouts is not only beneficial in the long run but also has some short term aesthetic benefits.

Core workouts – Overcoming Aesthetics to prevent Injury

Once your love affair with six pack, biceps and triceps ends, you start understanding the finer points of your fitness.  The aesthetically appealing parts are what get you to the gym, but if you want to be fit in the long haul it is the core you have to focus on.

A weak core will sooner or later lead to injury. These injuries will be as a result lack of proper form and stability. These can take place anywhere on your body.  To prevent this from happening you have to regularly engage in core workouts to strengthen these muscles which support all other movements.

This will help you train without injury for longer periods which is the key to a healthy lifestyle. Regularity  is the key and many people fall victim to some injury and give up on their journey to fitness. Engage in some regular core workouts to prevent this from happening.

Pre-Beginner, Beginner and Intermediate Core Workouts 

Here are some core workouts for people who are starting off, who have basic fitness and the ones who are at slightly higher level of fitness.

Pre Beginner Core Workouts

These simple exercises  will help you if you have never tried any core workouts. From the comforts of your bed you can start developing a strong core.

Beginner Core Workouts

These exercise require something to hang yourself by, a bar at your home, at the garden or at the gym.

Intermediate Core Workouts

These exercises are specially for the people who want to take the next step in developing their core.

Guts over Fear

The best time to start your core workouts was 3 years ago the next time is today. So check out these exercises and choose the ones that suit you.  Perform movements slowly and make the mind muscle connection before progressing.

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