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Dinsominiac Delight

Deep into the night, when darkness and cold unite,

Some resentful souls chill their bones in fright,

While others in rhythm, sleep, following the normal pattern of their life,

Wonder then, what would be the insomniacs plight,

Being one myself I consider this period the Dinsomniac Delight.

The brain flushes more blood than any other time of the day.

Attracting enumerable ineffable thought its way.

Borrowed words do justice to a mere fraction of these, others are too spell binding to express,

Bearing beguile thoughts lacking expression make me feel a simultaneous sense of effusive haplessness.

Grateful to have been granted the perception to notice, cursed to lack the full bouquet of expression to emote.

But I cant outrun my instincts, so an attempt to augment “the dinctionary”  to promote thoughts that my eclectic alter ego provokes.

An unrestrained mind is the apposite disco for Lucifer to pop lock and drop thoughts,

The temperate one ,moving at the speed of life, never loses the plot.

The curse of creativity demands artists to look beyond the obvious,

Into the infinite randomness where they cross paths with both magnificence and things obnoxious.


The journey will teach you how to bare with the ugly so that you can celebrate the grandeur of the elegant.

Stop shivering at the chaos, learn to live with the elements.

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The universal concordance of learning at will

Sometimes the ginger-garlic chicken soup turns out gingerless and skinful, but more delectable than any other soup ever concocted. The ability to account for variable change is acquired  with time by having a learning mentality. The infinite universe has a lot more to offer than the recipe book, among others. Being constant in learning with every passing moment is doing your due diligence to the universe. It not only helps you move at the speed of life, but helps in fine tune your skills, making onerous tasks effortless. It enriches you with the ability to make the best out of limited resources in the fastest amount of time.

The universe empowers us with senses so that we can empower ourselves further using these and in due course of time assist others in doing the same. Just like the cosmos has been selfless in bestowing us with gifts in the form of talents, we have to take this process forward by complimenting nature’s altruistic tendencies.

“Just like beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, learning lies in the mind of the learner.”

My dog was taking classes today, teaching me the powers of persuasion through her eyes. I lost some money on the chew sticks which she hypnotized me into buying for her, but found out how to look into my Boss’s eyes during my appraisal.

This is but a mere spec of the infinitive knowledge sharing powers of nature, only to be comprehended by the ones enriched by the proper senses. We all have gifts,special gifts and then we have the power of choosing how to use them. We can fine tune them for efficiency or let them lie dormant, till someone helps us spur them into action.

It is again obvious, the ones growing up in bucolic environment tend to channelize their senses sooner than their urban counterparts. This is solely because they get more chances to interact with nature.

Being born and raised in a similar setting has given me the opportunity to first understand and then share my understanding of the rhythm of life.

As the story unfolds, you come across chapters untold,

Being under-prepared, your demeanor is bewildered and scared.

Google cant teach you how to live , Virtual support is all that your virtual friends can afford to give,

The ubiquitous clues from nature wont be auto embedded in your soul,

The subconscious has to be fed by what you chose to notice and what your consciousness beholds

You overlooked the obvious and now the unforeseen future makes you tremble in fear,

Luckily I have felt the same way and shed the same tears

But I did look outside the window while life changed its gears,

Knowledge is a waste if we don’t share and you don’t have to worry cause I finally got myself writing and I will be just here.

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Spontaneous neural emmisions

The usual end of day upswing with the creative juices overflowing onto my keyboard….A combination of good reading, a crazy workout regimen and some musical garnishing from across the world sets the tone for the most beautiful slumber that seldom happens, so I type instead.

The 9 dedicated hours bartered for better bread and the above average attention span that compulsively notices more than the obvious, are the other, less eventful, daily bits in the life of this inchoate polymath. Far away from the ostentatious big city lights, the heavenly Himalayas offer a conducive platform to galvanize me to what I am really capable of being.

With knowledge feeding the mind, exercise and proper nutrition feeding the body and a mix of family, the surrounding sanctity and music feeding the soul, the decision to come back home has done justice to life’s essential triad. Initially, I resented how the lack of opportunities in this town was impeding my gregarious nature, but it took time to recognize the underlying benefits. The serenity of this place gradually disseminates into peoples identities, providing their garrulous and erratic personalities with a much needed solidarity. I was lucky to have gotten through my initial resentment to reap the fruits of my patience.

It’s close to midnight

Something evil’s lurkin’in the dark
Under the moonlight
You see a sight that almost stops your heart
You try to scream
But terror takes the sound before you make it
You start to freeze
As horror looks you right between the eyes
You’re paralyzed

‘Cause this is thriller
Thriller at night
And no one’s gonna save you
From the beast about to strike
You know it’s thriller
Thriller at night
You’re fighting for your life
Inside a killer
Thriller tonight, yeah

These lines might be the sub conscious reason behind my insomnia. Anyhow they are salutary nonetheless, as typing is better than snoring any given day. The dedicated 9 hours beckon, compels me to sing a lullaby to the anti slumber devils and sleep after they do. More on universal edification, why Indian politicians are digging deep mining for gold cause a sage dint dream about Gold in a crocodile pit and why Kanye had to hire a stadium to propose Kim, when I make this a perfunctory practice.

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Every once in a…

Every once in a while — often when we least expect it — we encounter someone more courageous, someone who choose to strive for that which (to us) seemed unrealistically unattainable, even elusive. And we marvel. We swoon. We gape. Often , we are in awe. I think we look at these people as lucky, when in fact, luck has nothing to do with it. It is really about the strength of their imagination; it is about how they constructed the possibilities for their Life. In short, they didn’t determine what was impossible before it was even possible.

Fail Safe-Debbie Millman

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Ridiculous ludicrosity

As life finally manifests itself into a more sense making scheme of events, I get an opportunity to be grateful for the utter normality in my life. The balance which everyone craves subliminally has taken its time to make its enchanting presence felt. The gift of moderation that I am bestowed with divulged itself seeing me replace my ‘dementedly dominant and dominantly demented’ way of being by a more responsible research-oriented-pilgrim approach towards life.  An amazing equilibrium of mind body and soul is a result of sacrificing the big city flash by the small town serenity.

My subliminal prowess aids me in exposing the lunatics of the music industry who hoodwink feeble minds into giving impetus to their empty art.

Although Sex Sells..Hideousness dispels…

As we read more we learn more , as we learn more we notice more, as we notice more  our brain starts itching with interrogations.

The not so recent MTV VMA awards presented a fitting example of the wave of imbalance that is debauching our generation. The gift of expression was meant to embellish the spirit of life rather than pushing the already distraught cohort beyond the tipping point. The depiction of talent has taken such a bewildering form that it takes away from the actual talent than adding to it. More than half the performances were pure bliss to the audible receptors. The perfect rhythm and melody tarnished by the acts. It made me wonder.  Are these artists actually worthy of the Demi God status that they are bestowed with?  And are they doing justice to their fans? I believe that conveying good messages with such abominable performances is worse than not conveying messages at all.

For the artists, I understand denting the universe is essential, but they are so consumed by this conception that they are willing to sacrifice billions of people by misguiding them. They have to realise the concept of responsible influence. Aiming and corrupting minds in the camouflage of fun and entertainment appears to be the order of the world.

We are born with choices, but it’s easier to get influenced when an entire community roots for retards among them. I have seen many a vivid pictures in my life, but never have I witnessed famous people (with millions of fans) appreciating utter lunacy from other artists. Standing ovations symbolised honour for soldiers returning from battle in Rome, now anyone who can act like a Lizard on stage is considered worthy of one. Some of them would actually be eligible to compete for top awards at asylums and rehabilitation centres.

Sometimes I feel that some of these artists are compelled to project such ludicrous images. But doesn’t the power of influence come combined with a responsibility? Shouldn’t they actually care more? Leave a comment if you agree to disagree?

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