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6 common contradictions in our daily lives

Some good in the bad or some bad in the good?

Perspectives fluctuate as you evaluate what is good and bad. You are so consumed with your conceptions that you fail to analyze these contradictions. What makes people decide between two things? Why do people think differently about the same thing? Why do our choices vary?


Some are so focused on the bigger picture that they forget living the smaller one, Some are over indulgent in the moment, trying to juice too much out of it. Some see the fear while other the fun. For some climbing peaks is easier others cant even imagine climbing a stool. The diversity in perception leads to so many contradictions.

Contradictions exist in virtually everything you do. But at the end of the day you have to chose what efforts are worth the pain? As there is some good in everything bad and some bad in everything good.

Here are 6 common contradictions:

1. Work– If you are working in an organisation you are helping them realize their dreams while sacrificing your own. You get a negligible portion of the profit that you make for the company. As you are made to a number of small jobs other than what you are hired for, you look forward to weekends and lose interest in time. The allurement of a stable life prevents you from changing your often apathetic situation.

But when you work in an organisation, you get to mingle with a number of people, who help you in a number of tangible and intangible ways. You have a fixed source of money, irrespective of whether you are performing at level 10 or level 1. You don’t have to worry about anything other than the job that you are assigned, unlike the entrepreneur, who has to worry about everything from toilet seats to top level management.

Some good in the bad or some bad in the good. You choose?

2. Friends– Good friends are like anchors in your life, they remind you of the person that you were and how far you have developed. Giving you a reality check when you cant automate one. Friends are the lemon grass in your tea, the spice in your soda, the strawberry in your smoothie. Life would be bland without friends.

At times the same friends lead you to dark alleys, you would never have gone to alone. These friends hold all your secrets ready to be spilled at the first fight, friends are who you indulge in the sad habit of gossiping with and you are so engrossed with friends that you often miss out on relatives. The power of influence that friends possess is capable of distracting and deterring you from your goals.

Some good in this bad or some bad in this good. You choose?


3. Fitness– The right addiction, preventive health management, stress reliever number one. Yes fitness is the new facebook. The benefits of being fit are unimaginable. You cant live forever but staying close will get you as close as you would get to it. Other than saving a large amount of hospital bills and time which would otherwise be wasted on unhealthy activities, fitness keeps you focused and channelized.

But fitness has its flaws too. People tend to get over possessed by the fitness bug. Indulging in health supplements and steroids which are not always beneficial. Nutrition companies market magic pills and supplements which have more side effects than benefits. At the gym you are only one injury away from permanent damage. The risk, even if its minuscule always exists no matter how good or experienced you are.

Some good in the bad or some bad in the good. You choose?

4. Food– Are you eating to live or living to eat? Food is a natural therapy.Food improves moods. Taste is one of the most important senses and good nutrition a universal necessity. What you eat defines how you appear and how you feel. With countless flavors and fragrances on offer, the scope of taste becomes infinite. We have too many dishes to savor for one lifetime. If you eat well and eat what you adore you tend to be happier. The ones eating good nutrition tend to remain healthier. That’s how good food can be.

Overeating leads to obesity. People eating just for flavour tend to be a little rounder than the others. Something tasty is not always healthy. People tend to develop a habit of over eating which lasts them a lifetime.

While the ones chasing nutrition have to sacrifice on taste to some extent. A process which is again beyond the purview of perpetual sustainability. The day the taste buds start craving you end up reversing the whole process of healthy eating and tend to eat unhealthier.

Some good in the bad or some bad in the good. You choose?

5. Solitude– All you got to do to find inner peace is to take yourself away from the noise. Solitude helps you learn more about the most important person in your life. And you can help someone else if you can help yourself at first. Solitude makes you more comfortable in your own company, this gives you clarity of thought and superlative focus.

Solitude also eats off valuable time that you could have spent improving someones life. An overdoes of solitude can lead to partial or complete depression. A lack of interaction with the world can alter your thought process. At times you fail to recognize the importance of co existence and become more selfish.

Some good in the bad or some bad in the good. You choose?

6. Alcohol and recreational drugs– To some these elixirs might appear bad for their potency to alter behavior, to turn men into maniacs. It creates an infinite loop of going beyond the obvious high, chasing which one doesn’t realize when he gets addicted. Addictions in a few cases have led to people completely renouncing responsibilities. These are the evils, without even mentioning the acidic effect of both to the body.

But when we observe things a little differently, these act as a social lubricant  in an otherwise shy society, where people feel to communicate and emote freely. It activates your senses beyond the tipping point of awesome a, providing a momentary relief from this sometime stressful and often mundane life. Some believe that these magical potions render a new perspective, assisting in finding solutions and relieve stress, empowering the mind to think beyond the obvious to make sense of situations beyond the obvious.

Some good in this bad or some bad in this good. You choose?

Contradicting_signs_in_Songpa-dong,_Seoul_2004-07-06 (1)

All roads lead to the same heaven, you chose which ones to tread on. So the destination is the same, your choices make the journey unique.  Enjoy the absurdities, celebrate the chaos, we only have but one life.

Have a good day.


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6 ways to cope with a bad day


Bad day

There would be no dull, if there was no bright, there would be no wrong if there was no right. There would be no happy if there was no sad, and how can you expect good if there is no bad. The principles governing our cosmos make it impossible for us to avoid the dull, wrong, sad and bad part of it. As much as you might try to avoid these, they somehow creep into your lives, and when they do, you don’t know how to handle them.

No matter how strong you build your walls, nature has its ways of getting through. We cant avoid it, can only adapt.

You are so busy trying to avoid discomforts that you forget that you can actually learn how to live with them. So when you think you are completely secure, the perfect storm awaits to get you out of your comforts.Discomforts are unavoidable(they will find a way into your well guarded lives), rather than planning on how to avoid them, you are better off learning how to live through them with minimal damage.

All you have to do is to keep your head above the water


It is impossible to live a life without a single bad day. If you don’t know how to swim you will fall into the water one day or the other. I know you all strive for that perfect problemless life, but you should be well aware now that perfection is beyond the realms of possibility. You can have a period of magical days, weeks, months, but then creeps in that one dark day. The day that you so wish to avoid. The day which not only spoils the present but is also capable of denting the future. Although you might feel bullet proof, but when misery hits you, it would be more like a bombardment than a bullet.

Here are a few ways which might help you keep your head above the water and come unscathed from this type of a day:

1. Don’t run for the Woods, be a Tiger– When calamity strikes, the easiest option is to run. But no matter how fast and furious you are at running, calamity will overtake you soon. Its effect will be magnified because of the time you wasted running. Don’t try to ignore the bad day, accept it and face the pain the same way you enjoy the pleasures.

2. Curb the emotional splurge urge– Venting out your emotions not only adds to your miseries but conducts the negativity to others. This adds to the overall gloom. Try not to sensationalize your misery, it will only get you sympathy and an excuse to stay miserable.

3. The magic of altering your perspective- Stuck in a single plain of thought prevents your from seeing through the temporary obstacle in front of you. If you are willing to be a little flexible, you will be able to realign your perspective, and the problem would no longer remain the problem. We see bad because we prevent ourselves, even temporarily, from seeing the good. On a bad day, this gains special importance. When the cosmos seems to conspire against you, it is magical to see the world without keeping yourself at the center of it.

4. Ice bucket challenge– When you seem to be having a bad day, a sudden shock becomes the need of the hour. This will both divert attention from your issues and lead you to see the world in a better way. Sudden shocks include consciously doing anything outside your comfort zone, these can range from an ice bucket challenge to anything adventurous.

5. If you surround yourself with pokeyoupines, you will be poked sooner than later– You have to chose who you share your circle of influence with. These people are the ones who are the first to know about your day, without you telling. Their response to your situation adds to your misery or clears it altogether. We are better off surrounding ourselves with a few clowns who turn your frowns upside down than many friends who just notice and at max empathize.

6. It may be possible to beat down the body, but its impossible to beat down a free spirit– Yes we all have bad days, but how we respond to these define our lives. Its not worth surrendering years of hard work to one bad day.We can either choose to succumb to the worldly randomness working against us, or we can take our blows gracefully and wait for a better day. If you are ready to wait for your turn, it is a fact that good days outnumber the bad ones heavily. It is for you to decide if you want to let go of all the good days just because of that one bad one.

Sometimes all you need to do is cling on

bad day

Don’t bash yourself too much over the sudden turn of fate, just clinging on till the storm ends.

Even superman has days when his suit doesn’t come out from laundry. He doesn’t wait for it to dry, he improvises. Rather than losing yourself to the negativity of a bad day, you can improvise.  Fooling your own mind to look beyond the obvious problems.

It is inevitable to avoid bad days. I found that out when months of hard work at the gym was flushed out due to one bad Ayurvedic supplement. My folly was that I wanted to replace the chemical with the natural. Not everything goes according to plan, but we either waste time whining or survive to fight another day. I hope you choose the latter because I did. Hope you have a good day, and even if you aren’t, its ok, adapt to the bad one.



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Words – If you utter rubbish you become utter rubbish

Words have the power both to bake and burn

They say actions speak louder than words, but then they have to say it in words. Words are the most exchanged commodities in this world. Words are priceless. Words make the world work. Yet, after millions of years of communicating, some of you still struggle to put them to good use.

The words you utter can be like water, they can be molded as per where you are speaking, they can be like the wind, can offer respite like a gentle breeze or distress like a turbulent gale, they can be like the earth, integral to all human activity, and like the fire, which can help you bake your cakes if used wisely or burn them if ignored.

Utter Rubbish- How you waste words


If you utter rubbish you become utter rubbish. If you constantly speak and listen to rubbish, that’s how you become. Disregarding this gift that we have been bestowed with, can be detrimental for our personalities. If we don’t focus on utilizing it properly then sooner rather than later the words we use wont matter at all.  The ones indulging in one of the following habits need to be more mindful in while dispensing words:

1. Complaining– Yes you have freedom of speech, but if you are enslaved by your miseries then you you don’t deserve to express yourself. Harsh? It is impossible to have a life without obstacles, that’s the beauty of it. There would be no good if there was no bad. But at most times you magnify your woes by complaining,relentlessly. Not only adding to your own misery but adding sorrow to someone else’s life too.

2. Gossiping– Just because you can speak, doesn’t always imply that you have to. Gossiping, once considered an old age disorder, is something that everyone does. Talking about someone behind their back has that guilty pleasure about it which is very exciting. But people speaking behind someone else’s back to you, would be speaking behind your back too. Yes we have too little time to discuss anything worthwhile, but endless hours to gossip. Once the truth is out, gossip mongers run out of business, and are ignored by the community. Running out of words all together.

3. Seeing the tinge of dust on the plate of Gold you find– Some people are gifted by the power of noticing the blotch in beauty. You can put the purest form of beauty in front of them, yet their words would only find the minutest anomaly in it. When you only use words to find out the worst in whatever you notice, you are being ungrateful for the beautiful gift of expression. See the best and say the best. There is a little magic in everything.

4. Excuses– The ones who do nothing, give excuses. The ones who excel in the art of the blame game seldom take responsibility for anything. It is always someone else’s fault, some external factor, some wicked twist of fate, that prevents them from fulfilling their potentials. Sadly excuses come with an expiry date, soon enough your irresponsibility shines through, and your words become dust.

5. Lying– Words wasted in lies, might solve short term struggles, but more often than not lead to further troubles. The false call for wolf is a classic example. Don’t waste words lying, soon people would stop believing you, even when you say the truth. Seldom would you find yourself in situations worse than when your words have no say.

How to make words worthwhile 


I believe that our ephemeral lives grant us a limited numbers of words for each life time. You can either abuse them, through the ways mentioned above, or make them and yourselves worthwhile, for the little time that you spend on this planet.

Words can help us contribute to a situation, while you usually waste them taking away from it. Here are a few ways to add to magnificence of the reality that you dwell in:

1. Appreciate– No hesitation in appreciation. Don’t refrain from noticing the best in people. places and things. Once noticed, don’t hesitate in sounding it out. The art of complimenting has been limited to the insignificant social media likes. Insignificant because, a girl wanting to be someone else gets more like than someone displaying pure art.

2. Share Wisdom– Wisdom is worth nothing if it is kept to oneself. Knowledge needs to be shared. Words expended in sharing wisdom not only assist evolution, but also save you from indulging in the above mentioned utter rubbish.

3. Be Honest– Yes, the world needs to be taught honesty. While lying is more rewarding in the short run, but there is nothing more important than stating facts and being honest whenever you open your lips.

4. Inspire– The most beautiful way of using words is by inspiring people. Usually actions inspire more than words. But the people who take actions can reach out to many more, if they use words to supplement their actions. People fulfill their desires and ambitions and think they have reached the pinnacle of existence. But you have achieved nothing if you haven’t inspired another person to brighter pastures. Living for oneself is existence, even immovable plants live for others.  Do they live worthier lives than uninspiring humans?

5. Entertain– Well putting a smile on someones face is a major task, knowing the amount of stress everyone is in these days. Words, aiming at pure entertainment and fun, without any intended malice, are the need of the hour. Happiness spreads in a progression, words give you a chance to be at the start of one such movement. The power of words cants be over emphasized.

6. Silence– At times it is worthwhile to savor reality in stillness, without expending words. Silence scores over wasting words in utter(ing) rubbish.

Somebody cares- The wonder of words

Somebody cares

Although I have spent around 1000 words in expressing the importance of speaking mindfully, but each one of them is worth the effort. Maybe someone somewhere needs that one sentence to get influenced for the better. My inspirational aspirations have compelled me to value words and saved me from indulging in utter(ing) rubbish.

If you want to be heard, you might want to improve what you say. Not just when everyone is listening, but when some are not. I hope the ones who managed to reach this part depart with a smile on their faces. And that is the wonder of words.










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